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  1. Hi ladies, I dont post much, but I am a June 09 MP bride. I just got back from a stay there and it was amazing. You will all love it! They were doing a photo shoot for a beach ceremony set up while I was there. I took some pics to share with those of you who are wanting the beach. Here you go...
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennifer43 Oh my goodness...I didn't hear anything about that. I received an e-mail from her on Monday I want to say. Can you PM me the information you have too? Thanks! This is the email I got.. This e-mail is to notify you that I Katherine Rivera am your new Wedding Sales Coordinator, Elizabeth Stinson is no longer an employee of Palace Resorts. I will be your main contact from now until your on-site Wedding Planner has been assigned. I can be reached at krivera@palaceresorts.com or to 1-877-725-4933 ext. 6507. I am a great coordinator available to assist you. I am currently pending the group contract and group deposit deadline date is in August 29,2008 .Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thanks and have a great day! Kind Regards, Katherine Rivera Wedding Sales Coordinator-MIAMI Tel: 1(800) 635-1836 ext. 6507 Fax: (305) 375-9508 Email:krivera@palaceresorts.com Website:Palace Resorts Website:Le Blanc Spa Resort- Close to Perfection For more information about Cancun,Please visit Cancun.travel | The Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau Webpage The information in this e-mail is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the addressee. Access to this e-mail by anyone else is unauthorized. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on it, is prohibited and may be unlawful.
  3. Hey girls! Did you get the email about Elizabeth no longer working at the Palace??
  4. I just received my contract for the room block, im so excited!!!! I had a question for you 09' brides. When she sent me the first set of info, one of the promotions was kids 12 and under stay free, ( with parent in same room). When she sent the contract, it was not on there. So, do kids stay free or not? Thanks!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by ashrose Congrats! You aren't alone in Elizabeth not responding... if you aren't getting the answers you want/need from Elizabeth, you can call her boss, Carolina Lopez. She is very nice and wants to make it right for you... when I talked to her two weeks ago I warned her that there was a forum where there were lots of brides not getting responses to their email in standard business best practice time (48 hours) or not getting responses at all. She was conerned, at that time, that so many of us were not getting the service we needed from the wedding reservation girls. I hate to get folks in trouble, but its not just one bride who is having problems, it seems to be more common than not. So the more we call and mention the forum, the quicker I believe, we will get the results we are seeking. Here's her contact info: Carolina Lopez Weddings Manager (877) PAL-4-WED ext. 7554 Thank you so much! Does Carolina have an email? I ask because im in California and they are in Florida right? Its a little easier with the time diff. to communicate by email. Thanks!
  6. I dont have any pictures of me in the dress, its not living with me so my FI wont see it. But here are the pics on the model. It by Monique Lhuillier, the style is "Kimora". When I get it altered ill post pics of me in it.
  7. Is the WC the person who confirms your date? I have confirmed mine, June 12th at 6pm. Im sooo excited! I have been in touch with Elizabeth Stinson, but she does not respond to my emails?? I am looking for information about doing a room block. How soon does this need to be done? Who did you girls contact to get information?
  8. Did any of you or are any of you planning on not having a bridal party? Is it ok for just you and your DH to stand together, or do you have to have someone stand up for you? Thanks!!
  9. Does anyone know if you can do your private reception set up on the beach? Thanks!!
  10. How did you all get price quotes from the photographer your using? Did you email each, or is there a thread somewhere with estimates? Thanks!
  11. For those of you who set up a wedding website,( personal not from the knot), like www.soandso.com. What site did you use? Thanks!
  12. Im getting a little frustrated. I requested my date 5 days ago and have not heard if I got it. How long did it take you to hear? It says 24-48 hrs.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by cutierosie "All the beaches in Mexico are considered as public, everybody can freely walk along the beach strips of the Mexican territory. However most of the hotels located on the beach would not allow you to use their facilities if you are not guest of them or unless you do some comsumption at their restaurants or bars." See Cancun Beach - Cancun Beaches - Cancun Beach Resorts - Cancun Public Beaches I am considering a beach wedding and have done research regarding this, MP is huge and you can do a beach wedding on the sand, or in the lake terrace overlooking the ocean (if you want to wear high heels), I have posted previously pictures of the beach weedings for MP (i think). They generally charge 300-700 for the set up (and i think 10 per person) and you get to choose which set up you want. You can do this when you get your WC or in the case of someone I know she changed her mind from gazebo to beach when she arrived to the resort and they accomodated her. I don't know if for sure i will go for the beach wedding because I want to wear high heels lol The good thing about MP is that is huge, so you will be able to have many options...and they have a vendor that has beach set-ups, so don't worry too much. Im still trying to figure out how to navigate the forum, soooo many pages LOL : ) Would you mind posting the link to the post of pictures for the MP beach wedding? Thanks!!!
  14. Finally made it through the 61 pages of posts! : ) I found most of the answers to my questions, but there is one I didn’t see. Is the beach private? What I mean is for MP guests only? TIA!
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