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  1. I am so sorry to hear about all of your troubles My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. My hope is that is will clear up pefectly for your big day!! It's good to know they are going above and beyond...they truly do care about their guests and that is great:))) Thanks for the kind words about the pics!! Stay strong!!!!!!!
  2. Yes, it was by the dolphin pool....worked out perfectly!!!! I would definetely recommend it especially because the beach is rite behind you and the way the pool lites up at nite, it's amazing!!!
  3. Ladies! If you would like to see my resort photographer pics and a ton of our guests albums, feel free to visit Walgreens.com - Online pharmacy & drugstore, prescriptions, health information, photo center, and click on Photo: Login: lonnaandmatt Password: dreamstulum09 *be careful because the login is case sensitive as well as the password, you must use the number zero when typing in. You can get an amazing sense of all the pictures of the resort, our room (the honeymoon suite) cocktail hour, ceremony, reception, trip to the ruins as well as our trip on the Mayan Adventure. You can also get a sense of WHAT AN AMAZING TIME we all had...maybe a little too much fun) I figure this is easier than posting them seperately. I'll hopefully get to my review early this week!! Lonna
  4. Hello Ladies! Just got back from Dreams today!! My wedding on Saturday was perfect:))))) I have been waiting to say this, but all of you were correct, it is absolutley wonderful when you get there!!! AMAZING!! I am literally speechless at how much I enjoyed the wedding/vacation etc. I will get to my review soon I promise!!! I was also able to watch Lindsay's wedding from my balcony on Tuesday....it was georgeous as well!! Lindsay's dress and wedding looked amazing:))) Talk to you soon!!!! Lonna p.s. I could never have done this without the help from all of you:))
  5. Hi Ladies! for those of you who have had an outside reception and had paper lanterns, which size did you get?? I'm finishing up the last minute details here....I leave next Thursday...ahh!!!!!!! Hope everyone is having a great day:) Lonna
  6. Hi girls! First off, sunbride, have a great time!! The next time we chat I'll be married!! Aghh!! Lindz, we need to meet up for a drink!!! How much did you girls tip D.J. Mannia and Landy? I know I've seen this a million times, but if someone wouldn't mind sharing that would be great. Also, let me know what you think about this...my ceremony is at 6:00, and we have d.j. mannia, so basically, if we did cocktail hour at 7-8, we wouldn't be done eating dinner until like 8:30-9, and have to be done with d.j. mannia at 10:30? I think that's not long at all...so, I'm thinking of a cocktail hour before the wedding? From 5:00-6:00, wedding at 6:00-6:30, and rite after group pics, the guests can head to the reception and begin eating rite away. I'm not concerned about eating honestly, I'm sure I'll get it in at some point..that way, we could get moving with d.j. mannia, etc. Let me know your thoughts, and if anyone can weigh in on how much photos, reception actually take, please let me know!!! Thanks!!! Lonna
  7. Hi Ladies! For those of you who recently got back.....about how hot was it at night??
  8. Same thing just happened with me!!! Landy said I cannot have Seaside grill because I only have 30 people!!! Therefore, they have moved me to the Dolphin Pool Terrace??Thoughts anyone?? At least we don't have to pay the private fee or pay for a dancefloor. I'm thinking of having the cocktail reception on the beach then moving to the pool terrace....I did call Landy out on this, as well as the back and forth with the bonfires. Remember how after the closing they said bonfires were out...then, someone went down rite after and they were on....and now of course, they are back off!!!! so annoying!! I'm now just getting excited to get down there and enjoy it instead of waiting and worrying..I know it will be great no matter what:))
  9. I am a bit annoyed..I just received a message from Aurora that she cannot confirm SSG for me until 2 weeks out..However, I did inform her that I have MULTIPLE E-MAILS saved from Landy and everyone esle I have been in contact witht that they originally stated that I would know one month in advance..as per the wedding guide. They really need to called out on their inconsistencies..I'm honestly thinking of printing all of the pages on this thread so I don't have any inconsistencies with prices when I arrive!!!!
  10. HI Ladies! Me again... June 20th is closer than we think!!! Anywho, I am thinking of including "cash" or a mock gift certifciate for each guest to go to the ruins as part of their OOT bag. Do they have gift certificates there, or how much cash do you think it would be for one person to get into the ruins with cab fare? Also, would you recommend getting gift certificates to the gift shop or anywhere at the resort?? Any suggtesions would be great:)) Thanks!! Have a great evening! Lonna
  11. Hi Ladies! Okay, so now is almost my one month mark, so I apologize in advance for starting to become annoying, and for asking questions that I should know the answers to and or where to locate them:) sorry sunbride!! But, can you tell me again how to pay for the wedding when we get there and or any additional services that we will purchase? Credit card? check? cashiers check? I recall that some of you mentioned the exchange rate, etc. For those of you who were just there, or anyone, if you could let me know that would be great!! Also, I confirmed $5 a bow...that was the price in the 2008-2009 wedding guide I believe. Also, how did you pay d.j. mannia? and what is an appropriate tip for him? Thanks!!! Lonna
  12. Ladies To those of you who are directly affected by the flu this weekend and next, my heart goes out to you and I wish you the best weddings ever!!!) My date is June 20th...and I'm already feeling the heat from my family. I spoke with my TA and she recommended waiting 2 weeks from today, to make any decisions as far as "cancelling" god forbid.....and then to develop a plan b. The thought of "Plan B" is making me sick... Also, just to let you know, she said that she received an e-mail from DT, and that they are giving refunds for people booked up until May 16th..and Apple is giving refunds until May 6th. June brides keep your fingers crossed!!! Sunbride, you are rite, myself and my family cannot believe this is happening!!!!!!!!!!!! I really look to all your support and kind words in this upcoming month preparing for our big day!!! Take care all) Lonna
  13. Hi there! My reception is going to be in the ballroom as well!!! What are your ideas for decorations?? Have you seen any pics of it? Lonna
  14. Neen! Congrats! I'm so glad to hear it went well for you!! You looked amazing!!! so excited for your review!!!!!!!!!!