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  1. We brought our own decoarations and favors and the staff set everything up for us with no additional charge. They were great!
  2. Congrats! You will have an amazing time, can't wait to see pictures when you return.
  3. I am not quite sure how it works either. We have always booked our airfare and resort separately and have been to SMB twice now, just booked our third trip, and that has worked out best price wise for us. But I would suggest maybe contacting a travel agent and have them do the leg work for you to get more information about it. I know it can be difficult getting information from Secrets directly.
  4. We provided transportation for our guests who flew with us. We used Cancun Transfers. We had a private van for seven of us. It was only $105 round trip for everyone. From what I believe the transportation that is included is not private, which means you could possibly stop at many resorts on your way to SMB. This can add significant time to your drive. The cost of private transportation is worth it to us. We have always arranged private transportation for each of our trips to Mexico.
  5. They don't do any formal rehearsals but they have done so many weddings now that they have everything down pat. I was nervous too about not having a rehearsal but we had no issues the day off. The arbor for the ceremony on the beach is always there, not always with chairs, but you could always do your own rehearsal. I had put all our music on my iphone and just told Ceclia what songs needed to be played when and it all went flawlessly. She is always in constant communication with other staff members during the ceremony.
  6. We thought about planning activities for everyone but then decided not to plan anything big because we didn't want to take up too much of everyone's time since it was their vacation too. I would suggest doing a Welcome Dinner or cocktails somewhere at the resort. We did the Hibachi table at Himitsu and then all hung out at the lobby afterwards. It was a great way for everyone to get to know each other. Depending on how many guests you have, I would also suggest doing the bonfire on the beach.
  7. Hi Future SMB Brides. I have not been on the forums in awhile due to life activities just taking priority since our wedding. I am happy to answer any questions future brides have! We were married at SMB in December of 2010. And I have been to SMB twice now. I actually just booked our third trip there. We will be celebrating New Years 2013 at SMB.
  8. I just wanted to share some of my favorite wedding photos from our wonderful wedding at SMB. Our photographers were KD Lotfis Photography based out of Houston Texas. They were so fun to work with. I couldn't have asked for a better wedding. We also did a TTD session with them, that was so much fun.
  9. Hi Ladies! I wanted to share some of my wedding pics. I was married December 13, 2010 at Secrets Maroma Beach. It was the best day of my life. The resort made everything so perfect, I couldnt have asked for anything better. I hope all the other December brides had just an amazing time. http://www.kdloftisphotography.com/2010/12/24/christin-kevin-wedding
  10. http://www.kdloftisphotography.com/2010/12/24/christin-kevin-wedding Here are some of our teaser shots from our photographers from our wedding on 12/13 at SMB.
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