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  1. You look absolutely AMAZING!!! Congratulations!!!
  2. I actually started juicing after watching fat, sick and nearly dead, not for wedding weight loss....but it was an added bonus I started off with just the green juice. It actually isnt bad after the apples, lemon and ginger, It is actually bearable, the most tedious thing is cleaning the strainer out so I could make another batch. Then I started juicing 5 oranges and 2 carrots for breakfast...lemme tell you...YUM YUM YUMMMMM!!!! The green juice has a better taste with a pear and a handful of cranberries. I didnt try to many recipes with beets.....not the best taste in the world **blech**. After awhile you learn how to modify the juices according to your liking. The main thing is to have more vegetables than fruits to get the most benefit. It was the best option for me because I take in minimum to no vegetables a day...I need to do better in that department.... We have a grocery store here that will juice just about anything for you, its called earth fare, check to see if any of your local health food stores offer juicing, that's the easiest way to try before you buy one of your own.
  3. Look at www.jointhereboot.com I bought my juicer off amazon for like $99! And the recipes taste great, for the first 10 days I didnt work out at all, I just juiced. Then I loved the juices so much I would juice breakfast/lunch and eat a no carb dinner. I would make 2 32oz juices and sip it all day going back and forth between my water and my juice! You feel so amazing afterwards, like so full of energy..but the first 3 days are hard
  4. Ok ladies, I felt the SAME way you did, I did Insanity and got into good physical shape, but my body didnt lean out...at all. So after the Insanity I did the Asylum (pounds DROPPED off), then one month before I upped my cardio and sat in the sauna to ensure that all any excess water I was taking in wasnt sticking on me. 6 weeks before I limited my carb intake and stopped eating after 6pm. 3 weeks before I juiced. So in two months I dropped 20 pounds. I am not really big either, and no one believed I dropped that much, but I am assuming that Insanity just put so much weight in my legs and calves that's where all the weight was. When I tried on my wedding dress it wouldnt zip up...I bought my dress in November for a February wedding. The dress was a size 6, the seamstress said she could take it out and there was enough space since it was only about 1.5" from zipping up. I told her there was NO WAY there would be any letting out of my dress! 4 weeks later it zipped, 6 weeks later it fit. Final fitting, it had to be taken IN 3 inches. Make a few dietary changes, limit your carb intake, and dont eat after 6. Those worked WONDERS for me. The juicing is optional, but I lost about a pound a day while I was juicing. I also take a Complete 30 multivitamin from Complete Nutrition. So dont be discouraged or dismayed, you ladies have more than enough time to make the changes you would like to. If not, the most important thing at the end of the day is that you are married to your best friend!
  5. At first we agreed on Italy, but with just coming back from and paying for our wedding between just the two of us...I told him to find somewhere else. So I gave him my top 4: Rio De Janeiro Hawaii Sandals Resort (any of them) Atlantis Bahamas as a group We have heard good things about Iberostar, if we go back to the DR next year that's where we will be staying, either that or the Riu! So much positivity for you in 2012, promotions, vacations, house....once the house is complete...time to fill up those rooms
  6. Where are you going in the DR??? My 30th is coming up and my hubby wants to surprise me with a vacation...most likely in June as well! I started back working out this week, my sister's birthday is in May so we are Celebrating in Vegas! So excited! Time to get back on it...honeymoon is over
  7. We did!!! I want to get married all over again...but hubby is against it!!! LOL!
  8. Thank you! Our photographer got some AMAZING shots of us!!
  9. I agree wiht TLSgee, getting my dress in the water actually made it come out cleaner...all the sand just needed to be shaken out!
  10. Trash the Dress, its a day after session where you get some amazing shots and you dont have to care about your dress getting dirty/wet...hence the term TRASH
  11. Thanks Bree, and thankfully everyone has listened, 3 weeks later...still not one photo uploaded!
  12. Sorry, just now seeing this! We saved a LOT LOT LOT of money by doing La Barcaza, all taxes are included and the Open Bar was amazing! The host on the boat made sure my drink was filled the entire time...needless to say i was useless at our going away dinner! LOL! Tips: make sure you have enough time with your photographer before heading out Three hours go by SOOOOO fast, I would book the boat for longer if its on/for your actual wedding day! The food was DELICIOUS we went with the mixed grill!
  13. My family loved the dune buggys, just be forewarned, you get really dirty, so pack/wear something you wouldnt mind not EVER wearing again
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