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  1. I used the onsite photographers! I posted some of my photos earlier in the thread. But they turned out lovely.
  2. we had our wedding there, pictures to post, but our group was super loud and rowdy and we had a wonderful time! We cannot wait to go back!
  3. we also had our wedding there May 2012 I will attach some pictures for all of you, some are the professional photos they took of our wedding and others are snapshot from our camera. Let me know (PM me) if there is anything you would like to see a picture of, I probably have it since I have over a thousand pictures from our trip!
  4. I just used this company for may wedding May 7th, 2012. DO NOT use this company, they are worthless, and not only that they cost me and my guests hundreds of dollars due to their mistakes and poor information. This is the review I posted in the review section of this site: From the very beginning we had nothing but trouble with this company. They refused to listen to what we wanted and continuously tried to convince us to go to Mexico, despite our very clear opposition to the location. They made countless booking errors, cost us hundreds of dollars in irreparable damages to both our wedding and our guests due to mistakes in booking and countless errors in information. (They booked several of our guests for the wrong dates and then refused to answer calls and emails requesting they fix it.) Every time we couldn't do something we wanted to for our wedding (specific flowers etc) they said "you should have gone to mexico, they would have done it" But when we got to our hotel the people there were shocked we were told we couldn't have everything we asked for, and quickly allowed us to customize our wedding. and the icing on the cake? all the monitary gifts our guests sent us through their website for our "Honeymoon Registry" was taxed a 10% handling fee, and get this 2 days before the end of our honeymoon (after 5 emails asking for a response) we were finally told that we wouldn't get the money at the resort but that it was being mailed to our home, - 2 weeks after our wedding! Despite the fact that it had been purchased 2 weeks before we got married. This is of course after being told countless times before our wedding that we could use the money any way we wanted to at the resort on our honeymoon. This is the worst company I have ever worked with. You can never get them to call you back and they never answer emails. Every single one of my guests had complaints and problems with my travel agent Brittany Schiffler and complaining to the "customer service agent" Amber Hughes did absolutely no good. The information they provide about fees and rooms and wedding packages never stays consistent. RUN don't walk to another agency!! Save your $50 (you get what you pay for!!) -it will end up costing you way more money and tons of heartache. Seriously search the web and you will find the horror stories that I missed before I put my wedding into these horrible hands! My review is not even the worst I have read. This is a horrible fraudulent company, and I promise you can do better with anyone else.
  5. I have pictures of my wedding if you want to see them!!
  6. I know several people who have been to this resort and they said it is stunning, not perfect, but definately a great vacation spot. Here is why you are confused. Palace resorts is the company that runs this resort, the Hard Rock just bought the property but is letting palace still manage it. the result, is below. Here is the review I posted on the review section: This resort has the most beautiful property I have found. It boasts incredible ammenities, promises brides everything and anything they want and The staff onsite are incredible. Once you get there it is a fabulous experience. However... Right now this company is in the process of changing from Palace Resorts to the Hard Rock enterprise. Because of this, misinformation, poor communication, or no communication at all is guaranteed. I have had my rooms blocked off and my wedding booked there for over a year. Today 30 days from my wedding I have yet to be contacted by a wedding coordinator by palace resorts, which is promised to be in their terms of service, done within 2 -4 months before your wedding day. The contract also says that you must pay for your wedding in full 45 days before your wedding. I have been asking for pricing information, a contact from the resort, and a wedding quote since December of last year and the resort is all but refusing to return any correspondence. The 3 times the resorts has acknowledged my emails or concerns went as follows: 1. Through my wedding travel coordinator, and once through the Face book page when I posted how horrible their service has been. Both times they assigned me a coordinator. The first time they assigned me to a woman named Renee Foreman, who scheduled an appointment with me and then never called. 2. 3 months later after a particularly frustrated rant on their facebook page (which they deleted, even though it did not contain anything remotely inappropriate) they assigned me to another agent named Maylen Ortega, who called me an hour before our actual scheduled meeting time, planned the whole wedding with me on the phone and told me she was going to mail me a quote that day. That afternoon I emailed her to check up on this and change a few things when I got a return message that her email was no longer valid. I called her phone and it was disconnected. I called and emailed someone new every other day for 3 weeks, then today I find out she is no longer with the company and they didn’t bother to assign me to another coordinator or contact me, even though I have been calling asking about it for 3 weeks. I cannot believe it is so difficult to tell someone how much they plan on charging them for their wedding! This is the most disorganized and unprofessional company I have ever been in contact with. I highly suggest you take your money to someone who values it and your patronage because this company is not it. This is a summarization of all the complications with the planning it leaves out many details and it does not include the fact that we were told to get married in state before we leave by a judge because legal ceremonies there end up causing all kinds of extra fees and charges and complications. It doesn't explain that you cannot pick specific colors or decorations for your wedding at ALL, they are cookie cutter weddings, some people are ok with that (myself included) but some brides want more control. Anything extra outside of what is listed on their packages is ridiculously expensive for example: A DJ for your wedding will cost you a minimum of $1600 for 3 hours. Don't expect to have anything resembling a traditional wedding if you go here.
  7. Hi!! Yay!! I am so excited! You will definitely see us there!! We bought our plane tickets today, we arrive on May 8th around 1pm. My wedding planner from destinationweddings.com has taken it as her mission to get them to contact me, if they don't this week I will definitely call the hotel so thanks for the tip. What have you decided to do for your wedding? where are you getting married on the beach or in a gazebo? Did you pick a theme? So far we are doing the complimentary theme with a few add-ons because we are right on the beach and my bridesmaids are wearing different colors. How many people are coming to your wedding?? So happy to find someone going though this mess too!! -Jacqueline
  8. I am having the same problem!! I have been planning my wedding with destinationweddings.com for over a year but no one with the resort will contact me to plan my wedding and it's for the beginning of May!! I am super frustrated because the lists they give you just don't paint a clear picture for cost. we have over 20 guests coming and they don't seem to care at all. -Jac
  9. JJ512

    2012 Bride

    This is what happened to us too, my bridesmaid is from mexico and she told us she wouldn't go because her family lives in Cancun and was telling her that people are getting murdered on resorts, like nice ones as some sort of warning to tourists and that their g'vmnt is hiding it so as to not loose the tourism money!! I don't know if its true or not but she wasn't the only one who refused Mexico. Its too bad too because we just LOVED Riviera Maya!
  10. JJ512

    Hello ladies!

    Hi everyone, I am getting married in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. At the moment we have about 20 people coming down to celebrate with us and we are super excited! I am so happy to have this forum to vent to people who are going through the same excitement and stress as I am! My DW planner highly sugguested that my fiance and I get married at the courthouse right before we leave so we dont run into trouble getting copies of our marriage certificate, as she said it takes forever and you have to have them legally translated in the US and it gets very expensive. Hopefully someone can answer my question about this which is: if I get married a few days or the day before I leave, my last name changes right? so does that make my passport and what not invalid? will I have trouble getting back to the states? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks ladies! -Jac
  11. OMG!! We'll be bride buddies!! lol We're getting married the day before you! originally we were getting married on the 12th but we wanted our guests to stay for a whole day after the wedding before they left so we moved it to Friday. I am so excited! Thank you thank you thank you for the link! That helps so much.
  12. So I got engaged in November and we knew from the start that we were going to do a DW. I picked my bridesmaids in December as did my fiancé. At the time everyone was thrilled and swearing that they could make it to the DR. Now one of my bridesmaids is demanding a boat to take her from Florida to the DR in order to avoid flying because the FAA bothers her or something . And the other one is telling me she may not be able to afford to go, which is fine, I just need a straight answer either way. But how long do I accept the "gee we're gonna try but gosh we're just not sure†before I can ask that they commit to being in the wedding? My fiancé has confirmed all 3 groomsmen including BM and I only know my MOH is going to be there. And one of my bridezilla tendencies is a need for continuity. I want the number of bridesmaids to match the number of groomsmen and I want the dresses to match either in cut or color. That does sort of cause a time issue with ordering. How do I explain to my maids that I need and answer and what is an acceptable cut off date for a wedding exactly a year away? Thanks! -Jac
  13. Because the wedding has been a bit of a drain on our finances and I just bought him a nice watch, I am going with cute and sentimental. I am a huge Red Sox fan and since we started dating he has become one too. but the long running joke was that he wasn't a real fan until he marries into it. So I am getting him a shirt that says "Red Sox Fan married into it." -Jac
  14. My wedding is booked there for May of 2012. I went through destinationweddings.com. They have been helpful as far as the legalities and booking. If i ask my rep for help with travel plans or pricing info she replies almost immediately but when I ask about anything as far as decorations or dinner, or invitations I am pretty much left in the dark Also, I'm just going crazy because I cannot get any details about the actual wedding. I know they have packages but very little of the pre-made packages really fits with what we want to do. Has anyone actually been down there and seen it in person? I have heard it is amazing...
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