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  1. Does anyone know if men can wear sandals in the a la cartes? I know they have to wear long pants but haven't read anything about footwear. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know about some free gifts that you get when booking a group with Sunquest? We've received the 16th person free incentive but I thought I'd read about free luggage or something like that? I couldn't find anything on their website... Anyone have any information?
  3. Thanks for the review. You've put my mind and heart at ease! Can't wait to see your pics!!
  4. I am in desperate need of a size 10 J Crew Juliet style silk chiffon dress in light aqua. Can anyone help??
  5. Well nothing new about the resort to report BUT I just mailed our documents for the wedding! Hopefully they make it safely to Jamaica, and on time!
  6. Thanks everyone. I think you're right, with the flowers and the beach background it will all go together...sand and water, I never though of it that way but it's so perfect. Kiki- our groomsmen are wearing short sleeved chocolate brown and my fiance is wearing long sleeved white (or a little off white). All have the same natural linen pant. Just an idea.
  7. Help! I bought my BM dresses before my wedding dress and they are turquoise blue. Then I bought my dress in ivory and I'm afraid the colours don't go together. I live in a different city from my BM so we haven't been able to compare them. Does anyone have any pics of an ivory wedding dress with blue BM dress? Thanks!
  8. I'm getting married at the RIU Palace Tropical Bay in April and not sure which photography/video package to pick. The most basic photo pkg is (24) 5 x 7s, with same digital negatives. Do they only take 24 pics? Or do they take a bunch but you only get copies of 24 that you choose? We are getting the video service for sure and they have a pkg with 24 pics and video for $600...or for $640 you get 100 images on CD, the DVD and 10 5 x 7s. What did everyone else choose? Were you happy with the package/pictures/video, etc? Did you have to tell them what poses or picture you want or were they good with telling you what to do? I am not good at "posing" and need all the direction I can get! Thanks!
  9. Bellemiche - Can you tell me how they had your group sitting for the dinner? Our group is about the same size as yours was. Do they have everyone sit together? Thanks for all your help!
  10. I wonder what nights they have the beach parties on now? We are getting married on a Wednesday and I think we will have the beach cocktail reception but if there is already a beach party happening then we'll just join that. I don't know if Ashleybride2b's question was for everyone but I'll throw in my two cents We chose the RBTP over RIU Negril because of the free wedding! That was the main reason, the package prices we were quoted were also lower for RPTB and then when it was going to get renovated that just made it even better. I'm pretty sure we can eat and "play" at all the other RIU resorts in Jamaica but because we're a Palace the guests can't all eat at RPTB. I could be wrong on that but its what I understood... One other thing - I booked hair appointments for me, two BMs, my mom, MIL, my sis and SIL. We had to put down a 50% deposit so $318US. You get 5% discount on all for booking online and the bride gers 10% discount. The salon is at the RN. And at this point they said they could not come to our room to do hair. Hope some of that helps!
  11. Thanks for the info! I have started conversation with Keneika too and have booked the steakhouse for our dinner - not private though, we only have about 30 people with us. I was wondering about a private area to continue the celebrating (love how that sounds!) and she told me this: I could arrange for you to be on the beach for 1hr( cannot exceed this time) and you may have a band there as well. You will have to rent tiki torches if you wish to do this. You can also have a cocktail hour, presently the cost is US$250.00( PRICE CAN BE CHANGED WITHOUT NOTICE). Please be advised that the cocktail hour is done outdoor at the wedding location site or on the beach..Included are alcohol and non-alcohol cocktail...To rent tiki torches it is approximately US$15 each ( prices are subject to change without notice.) I thought this might be nice for everyone to visit before the older guests head to bed and the younger ones head over to RIU Negril to the Disco. I will also try to add info if it's different from anything you have. I really appreciate the pictures. There are some new reviews on Trip Advisor now with pictures from after the renos. Good luck!!
  12. This is the price list I received from Paula and this is what she said about services: "Renova Spa is located inside the Riu Palace Tropical Bay, where we offer massages, body treatments and facials. However, all our salon services ( waxing, nail treatments, hairstyles and make ups) are done in the neighbor's hotel salon, at the Riu Negril." RPTB Renova Prices.pdf
  13. I was just checking out pics of this resort on Trip Advisor - OMG the pool is AMAZING!! You lucky girls!!
  14. Hello fellow RTB Brides! What is everyone doing after their dinner? Are you having an organized dance? And would you arrange for everyone to travel to RIU Negril to go to the night club or would you be able to dance in one of the various bars at RTB? We don't want to have anything to structured (thats why we chose a DW, keep it simple) but I don't want everyone to finish eating and sit there thinking "Now what?" Also, is anyone planning on organizing any group activites? I think we're going to do a group deep sea fishing trip but that might be more of a guys thing and I'd like to plan something for the girls too...Catamaran trip? Any ideas? Thanks!!
  15. I really didn't think it would get booked up until, maybe December. Because there is only one flight a week from Calgary we thought the plane would get filled up long before the hotel. I think we've got it all figured out now though. Any new guest wanting to book are flying out of Toronto...with Signature. We're with Sunquest out of Calgary but Signature was still booking packages. We've got 25 guests plus us booked right now. There were a few people who would be going if they could fly out of Calgary but I don't expect them to fly to TO first. At this point I don't expect any more guests unless they release some rooms at the last minute. Anyways I'm done stressing about it now. The "need to be there" people are booked. I can return to spending hours researching hair, jewellery, gifts, flowers...all that fun stuff!
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