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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust Could a TA on here give me hope that a honeymoon in Bora Bora and/or Moorea in an overwater bungalow is affordable? We just don't have the 3,000 to 4,500 pp that I've been seeing. The lowest I ever found was 2,500 pp, and the reviews of the place were horrible (cockroaches, food swarming with flies, cold breakfast buffet). I know there are ups and downs of the whole Bora Bora thing. There's the nothing to do (but I will be honeymooning, so that takes care of the events), I've heard some travel agents say there is a musty smell due to the constant moisture in the bungalow from being overwater (you know what, for the experience, I'll deal), and bugs, which seriously don't bother me all too much. But cockroaches.... that bothers me, and I'd prefer my food to be warm and for the most part bug free. Is there even a chance for us? Yet, I would like it affordable. We'd be willing to wait until the low season and stay in the OWB for just a part of the trip. Hi! We just got back from our honeymoon! It was fantastic!! I don't know what hotel your TA is giving you quotes on, but I had no problems of smells or any type of insect at any of the hotels we stayed at. The only types of animals we saw were geicos and stray dogs which were both harmless. And I have read great reviews on many of the hotels on both islands. Yes, French Polynesia is expensive but it's worth it, at least to me it was. We paid a pretty penny on our honeymoon and stayed in Tahiti for one night at the Manava Suites Resort, Moorea at the Hilton for 4 nights and Intercontinental Thalasso for 5 nights. Our package included airfare from LAX, all transfers, one excursion on both Moorea and Bora Bora, American HOT breakfast buffet at all hotels and dinner in Bora Bora. Also, we did a ton of stuff! We went snorkeling, jet skiing, we rented a buggy for a day and took a tour of the island, plus 1 excursion included in our package (we missed the 2 excursion because we lost track of time and the shuttle left without us lol!). I don't know what your budget is or how long you plan on going, but i would go there again in a heartbeat! If you really want to go, I say go for it! PM if you want me TA's info or if you want to chat more. HTH
  2. Hi everyone!! Lincoln and Lori shot our wedding at Dreams Tulum on April 24th. They are both great and fun people to work with! I highly recommend them! Some of our pics are up on their blog if you want to take a look and they are also on facebook. I'll try to write a more detailed review when i get some free time. Thanks again Lincoln and Lori!!!!
  3. We used Ivan for our wedding at Dreams Tulum. Ivan was great to work with before the wedding and during. The music was great and everyone had a great time!! Thanks Ivan!!!
  4. Hi everyone!! I had my wedding on April 24th and everything turned out great!!! I will be writing a review soon!!!
  5. So everyone is freaking out!! No one has received any type of hotel, transfer or airline voucher. I have a receipt - that is all! People are beginning to think that my TA is a scam. I have sent emails and left a message with the TA. Everyone but 2 people have paid in full. I can't possibly believe that the TA is waiting for the other two people to pay in order to send out the travel docs! That would be ridiculous!!! I have always purchased my travel online so I don't know what the normal procedure for TAs are. What do I do??
  6. Girls have mentioned in the past that the WC will man the cd player during the ceremony. Have you brought this up with one of the WCs?
  7. Kamila Harris did my bd shoot. She is from Philly but comes into the city every now and then to do bd shoots. She did a great job on mine! I highly recommend her!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by taranyc Thank you Joanna. tt By the way, I love your save the date!! it's so cute!
  9. Cheri - We are having the guitarist play during our ceremony. I never gave it much thought as to how many songs he would play. I only care about the song I am walking down the aisle to. As for the cocktail hour, we are having the cocktail hour start around 6pm. Our ceremony is at 4pm so we are leaving enough time for us to have pictures taken before sunset and we are also planning on attending the cocktail hour.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by clinicalgal Hi Ladies! We are interested in organizing an excursion for our guests. Something along the lines of a catamaran that can pick us up from the resort and goes to an area with caverns. I'd like there to be food and drinks on board and for the excursion to last about 4 hours. I haven't been able to find any threads about brides planning something like this and recommended vendors... has anyone else seen anything along these lines or can advise me where to look? Thanks in advance! We are taking our guests on a catamaran/snorkeling trip the day before our wedding. We booked the tour thru paradise catamarans. They will pick you up and drop you off at the hotel and you also have the choice of food and an open bar. We booked it for 4 hours in the morning.
  11. Tara, I was told by the WC to let them know the dinner choices in advance. I am using ultimate package and am having the reception by the pool so it may be a different policy for the restaurant.
  12. Wow i just noticed that my ticker says 30 days!!! I think I am ready but I still have that feeling like I am forgetting to do something lol! I guess I'll start packing
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by barbiegirl_27 Hi Ladies, I just was wondering if anyone knows if Dreams will do cupcakes instead of a cake? I've read through the thread and didn't see anything mentioned. Just thought I'd ask before attempting to email Natalia! Thanks! I don't know, but it doesn't hurt to ask! I asked them to change the dessert for me and they did without any problems. Let us know what they say:)
  14. I know the warnings about mexico are not new. My BIL has submitted his packet for approval and it is all coming down to what the commander says. If he says yes, then they can go. If he says no, my BIL cannot go, my sister may still have a chance to go but there is something still unclear to me...maybe someone in the army can clarify this for me...my sister has said that if the commander denies my BIL, she will not be able to travel because if she does, as his wife, she will get my BIL in trouble. This does not make any sense to me as she is a civilan.
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