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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by MegaShay I finally found mine and I LOVE them! These are for the beach ceremony: And these are for the reception: I love the reception shoes. I would love them even more if they were in purple. Where did you find them?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by tguerre I really like those shoes. I wanted to dye them a different color though. I thought that all Touchup shoes were dyeable. Is that true?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by milejilo i couldn't decide so i'm doing two shoes ceremony reception where did you find your reception shoes?
  4. I love Number 3. It's beautiful. You are beautiful in it. It is not too formal at all.
  5. From what I've been told at the bridal shops. Maggie Sottero is very particular about now selling under MSRP. With that being said, I am considering calling to one of the shops that is having a trunk show to order my dress. You are guaranteed to get at least 10% off. They will sell you the dress and send to you. Be careful that the shop is selling the price at the MSRP though and not higher!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by RoryS My nephew is in the National Guard and is going to give his sister away. The wedding is in June at Dreams Puerto Aventuras. He gets home in April from Iraq for leave before going back in July. Does getting a commander's approval guarantee he'll be able to go? How long does it take to get approval. I don't want to mention this yet to either my niece or nephew until we can get more details. I'm sorry, I'm not sure. I will ask my friend.
  7. Ok, just watched The Bachelor for the first time last night. FI and I couldn't believe how staged everything seemed. Jason seemed really fake and like he was acting.
  8. My friend, by the way, she's in the Air Force, told me today she is permitted to go to Cancun. She said it just requires her commander's approval.
  9. One of my bridesmaids is in the military. She got word last week that the active military and Department of Defense employees is restricted to go to Cancun area. She said there has been a restriction in part of Mexico for some time but it has just expanded to Cancun. The restriction is due to violence and drugs. I'll let you know when I find out more. As far as she knows right now, if this ban is still in place during my wedding, she will not be able to attend. She is supposed to be asking her boss the specifics.
  10. Hello and Welcome!!! It's great to see you're from Pittsburgh! Me Too!!!!!
  11. From one PA bride to another WELCOME!!!! TOO BAD YOUR NOT FROM PITTSBURGH THOUGH! :-)
  12. I went and got my waxing Friday. I got my armpits, legs and a modified brazillian wax. Everything went great! The modified brazillian hurt in the front but other than that it was good. So far I didn't have bumps or irritation.
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