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  1. They are real flowers....they were very reasonable in MX since they were in season. I think it was only $50 for my bouquet.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by chan_porty Thank you so much for the review. This place looks great. How many guests did you have? Approximately how much was it per person for the all inclusive resort? How much did it cost to have the ceremony and reception at Karen's place? Hello, we had some guests come from Toronto and it was I believe around $1300 per person for double occupancy through our travel agent. For Karen's place when we booked (unsure if this has changed) it is $1500 for exclusive use of her restaurant and for her planning services, well worth every penny. You pay per person for the meal and ours was $30 per person but you can do a cheaper meal since you get to select your menu. Then you select bar options; open bar, bar included in per person price, i'm sure there is also an option for if you want guests to pay as well. Karen will coordinate flowers, marriage commissioner, photographer, dj, and any other services you require. You just tell her what you want, prices ect. and she will do that for you and charge this to you on one bill so you don't have to pay a million deposits. My advice is to contact her and ask away any questions you have as prices may change based on your number of guests. Also we had 46 guests and that was a great amount for the restaurant. I think she said they could do to a maximum of 70 guests. Here is her website: www.karensplacebucerias.com Good Luck - I think you will be very happy if you decide to go with Karen. it's a lot more intimate than having a resort wedding plus you can have a sunset wedding and most resorts don't offer that in their packages.
  4. Just found this on preloved dresses in NY: New With Tags Mikaella Wedding Dress | one of 4903 gowns for sale | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com $99....pretty good deal!
  5. ****BUMP**** Still for Sale....LOWERED price to $899!!! (as stated above)
  6. I have just lowered my asking price for this dress to $899. Please PM me if you want more info. It was only worn for a few hours for our ceremony and pictures. The dress is in pristine condition!
  7. Okay so I have a confession to make...somehow along the way I shrunk a 1/2 inch without my knowledge...that being said, this dress will now fit to 5'3 and under! I have received 4 inquiries about this today so it's probably going to go quick...if there are any last minute takers from BDW forum I will try to give you priority
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Island Bride actually if you could possibly post some more pictures of the dress on you to help me get a better idea or email them to me Crewsy9@yahoo.com. Thank you! I'll see if I have time to send you some this weekend. Also the dress can be altered to a sweetheart neckline. I've seen some pics of that online. It would take away the three straps on the back though which is in my opinion one of the best parts of the dress. Anyhow i'm not sure how many more different pics I have. I definitely don't have too many of it bustled. What kind of angles are you looking for? Let me know. Thanks! Jenn
  9. Here's an idea....wear SPF 60 and stay in the shade. You will still tan but it won't be as dark. If you are tanning at home first you will have a good base going. When I was in Mexico it was 4 days before the wedding and I constantly applied sunscreen and didn't lounge in the direct sun without my high SPF. It's better to be less tanned than to be red or have major tan lines IMO. Plus you can undo your straps when you're lying on your back. Don't stress!!! You'll probably be too busy to be sun tanning anyhow
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by vdaybride I dont think it is all that bad for her to be matching the party. If she came with a color taht clashes with the party... then you should worry! AGREED! What if she was wearing bright red? Then she would stand out completely and really and truly you are the one who wants to stand out correct? At least she isn't wearing white
  11. I did favors only...which was a donation to a local children's charity. My guests were a very giving group and loved it! I think it's really up to you. My guests did not want OOT bags when I asked for opinions since they were all pretty much over-packed with their own things to begin with and didn't feel they needed anything else. I did print out an itinerary for them for the wedding day but that was pretty much it. I think it's sounds like fun to put together OOT bags from what i've read on here. It's like a hunt to find all the neat little things to put into it. However, I say If it's more stress than good then maybe nix it and give really nice favors. If in doubt ask for a few opinions from some of your guests!
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