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  1. I am stressing out!! I cannot find a TTD dress!!! My issues are:I'm on a budget, I can't find anything, and time is running out. Does anyone have a dress that they are looking to sell? Size 8 or 10 I live in Queens, NY. Help me!
  2. Hello! I am also looking for a TTD size 8. I am having such a hard time. I also have a limited budget! :-( So, if you still have that dress..let me know.
  3. Save all the money you can. Sounds like a good set up to me.
  4. I just did the same thing! I can't even remember what the catalouge is for!
  5. Hello ladies! Well, I have locks (dread locks) and I am definitely putting them up! But, I have been thinking about my make up. And I have been wondering if the make up people at Riu were any good. I am more than likely going to bring my make up with me, but I'd like for someone to make me up.
  6. Yep, I met my honey online. I tried a Christian website and had little success finding anything worth the energy. Then I got an email from yahoo personals. I hesitated to get on there, but I gave in and it changed my life. I kept passing my FI profile by. But, funny thing...I kept coming back to him. I finally worked up enough courage to say something to him. He responded and we haven't seperated since. We both knew, right away, that we were meant for eachother. My life since then has been one heck of a ride. He proposed in a hot air balloon and we are getting married in Jamaica! I'm so in love it's crazy!!
  7. Hey May Ladies! I'm getting married on the 28th Riu, Ocho Rios Jamaica. I am so excited! It seems like a while away, but honestly it is not that far away. I seem to get a little antsy about things, but my FI keeps me sane (sometimes ). I'm just ready for it to get here!!
  8. We don't plan on making a site visit. It would be nice, but I don't think it is necessary. With the forums, the on site coordinator, and the travel agent, I am confident that things will work out fine.
  9. The bottom line is, it is your wedding...people just have to deal. If they come...they come. If they don't...they don't. But, they sure can forward all cash gifts!LMBO
  10. Yay!!!!!!! We're getting hitched May 28 at ROR..cannot wait!! It's really not that far away, when you think about it. There is still a lot to be done. If I could clone myself I totally would!LOL
  11. Thank you ladies! This is very helpful. Keep the links coming!
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