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  1. I brought my Aunt to be our Photog...we did not have to pay an outside fee since she was a guest. This was not an issue. The resort photographer's website and reviews are laughable...buyer beware! We are talking the worst pics I have ever seen!!! I did lots of research and talked to a few girls on Mr Iberostar's site that went with the Resort photog, and eeww! Trust me they are terrible! That is sad if that took away the option to go with someone other than their photog...they are awful, awful pics! Read this review: Resort Photography
  2. For our AHR we had a Taco bar, burritos, a nacho bar (huge hit!) and rice and beans. Our cateerer did a buffet with service and a bartender. We provided the alcohol- Corona, Fat Tire, Coor Light, Miller Lite, Sangrias,Margaritas and of course tequila for shots. As for the Tequila, We bought some really good stuff in Mexico. It was amazing! people loved it! They thought the theme was great! The food cost us $12.99 a person, they also provided set up, full linens and glass wear/silver wear. It was a bargain and the food was amazing!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by toshalea BBtB: Did you have any children at the reception in the Los Virtales rm? I was wondering if they still charge you $6 per person/per hour for the minors who can't drink? It is a charge only for the adults. We only had one minor. You will put it in writing on your final list sheet.
  4. I too am looking for a DIY place to ge a couple of albums. If anyone has actually gotten theirs yet, I would be very curious on your thoughts. Also, what is the cost? I have not got my pro pics back yet, but should get them soon and looking to get this ball rolling. Thanks ahead of time.
  5. Ruin the dress? Honey, my dress was black at the end of the night. The next day we woke up at the crack of dawn and I wore it in the water and the surf totally cleaned it. I wore it again at our AHR, and people couldn't believe how perfect it looked. Don't listen to any of them...just nod and smile and then do what you want. It is your day. But definitely trash the dress! The beach is the perfect place. It will just get clean. And if you don't plan on wearing again, then who cares, trash it! Get your monies worth! I sure did! These aren't even my pro pics...I haven't gotten those yet. My dad came on the shoot with us and took these.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by noelynn Thank you for all the information! Very Helpful to confirm with recent brides. :-) No problem...I am happy to help.
  7. Hi Honey, It sounds like you are under a lot of stress. I would say the best thing to do at this point is call or send an email to address all of your concrens. It sounds like there are some gray areas and you are paying a lot of money. I would also at this point, if you cant book another place, just try to stay positive and make the best of this. You are renting this property so just try to not worry about him lurking and keeping track. If you plan on going over 3 hours, tell him that and plan on paying the $200. It is better to have the time than worrying about it on your big day. Square everything away now that way you can relax and have the time of your lives on the biggest and best day of your life. This is a once in a lifetime deal. Just my two cents. Good luck! You will have an amazing wedding!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by noelynn Thanks for the website, I will check it out. I picked the steakhouse as well. We are having 27 people. Do know if there were any extra charges for reserving the resturants? Thanks For the wedding dinner, I think it was like $18 a person when you have more than 10 people. The first 10 are free. But it doesnt cost anything on top of that to reserve dinner.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by noelynn Where was your dinner at? Also, where did you get your sandframe from? Cute idea. Thanks, Noel holidaybaby5@yahoo.com Our dinner was at El Rancho, the Steakhouse at the Maya. Here is the link to our sand frame. Sandframes - home1 Their site says they are not taking orders right now, which is so wierd. would just email them to see what is up. They are really good with responding. Thanks! Bess
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by LDeeken Thanks so much, I'll have to check it out! I wonder if they would ship them to Mexico!! Also, did you get married by the minister at the resort? I'm assuming they use the same minister at the Del Mar and I was curious what you thought about him. I have read his script and it sounds awesome, but I just wondered what your experience was like. Thanks!! Leah Yes, we used the resot minister, Santiago. He was great! We wanted the ceremony to incorportate both religions, my side is Jewish and his is Catholic, so he just read from the OLd testiment. It was perfect! We loved him...the only thing that sucked was he ran out of there as soon as the ceremony ended, so I didnt even to meet him or thank him. He was there before the ceremony started, bur since I was the last to go on, so to speak... I never got the chance to speak with him. But everyone thought he did a wonderful job...it was perfect! Quote: Originally Posted by ~*Kathy*~ haha Bess, those AHR pics are awesome! Thanks Kathy...we had a blast! Quote: Originally Posted by toshalea BBtoB, Thanks for your help. I def see a theme and it sounds/looks like you guys had so much fun. I guess I am just nervous because there is a new WC, Mayra, and she doesn't answer my questions that well. Lily has been moved to the concerige desk. Eek, I wonder why they moved Lily, so was so amazing! She helped me one on one most tof the time...Tony did the Rehersal. I know Tony is pretty responsive, so trying addressing the emails to her. Or you may just have to send a follow up.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by LDeeken OMG your at home reception looks like it was soooo much fun!!! I love the bride and groom pinatas!! I might have to invest in those too!! Thanks, it was so amazing! The pinatas were a steal. $20 each! here is the link to the store. you just call and the lady will take your order. I got them within a week. It was a last minute decision, I am so glad I got them! You can order to your hair color. So fuN! We had planned orinally to fil them wit candy and beat them, but the lady said, no dont hit them they are too cute. She was right. We couldnt bring ourselved to beat them, we wanted to keep them. Wedding Pinatas - Pinatas, Sombreros, Paper Flowers, Banners, and Mexican Party Accessories
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by toshalea Any suggestions on how to decorate the Los Vitrales room at the Lindo? I know you can hire an outside vendor to do this, however, it's not in my budget. I know how I would do it if my reception was at home, I just don't know what to do there, what I need to bring, or what I can purchase there. We brought tea lights and shells, I gave them to Lily and she set them, up for the dinner, them over to the Los Vitrales Room...they brought the flowers from the wedding in too. She set it all up for us. Here is a link to some pics...50-58 are the Los Vitrales room. I would say for us it worked out great. We just went with their normal set up. We had the bar in there, the cake and dancing. We did the first dances and then had a balst! It was nice having the bar in there...we did lots of tequila shots. Are you seeing a theme here? Picasa Web Albums - bessbo2004 - Mexico Weddin...
  13. I thought I would throw up these pics so you can see what kind of party /AHR we had. It was so kick ass! 80's band...tequila shots, and then of course there was me, hubby and his hammered friend Tommy ending the night by singing Journey. We had the best time ever...can you tell? I just want to know how i got the mic? haha
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by jlj1176 I finally received my online slide show from Claudia Rodriguez. The link is below: http://claudiaphoto.com/slideshows/c...jennifer_will/ I think I am in wedding planning withdrawal.....now that the wedding and the AHR are over I want to re-do it all! I wish I was back in Mexico! Your pics are amazing! I am in total planning withdrAwl too! After planning a legal wedding, Mexico wedding, honeymoon to AU and NZ, and AHR, I dont know what to do with myself. I have been plannning for the last year. And to think we got to do all that for what most people pay for one day on a wedding! I am pretty happy about that...this is why you do a DW! but now that I am all done with the most amazing month of my life, Now what? Mexico was amazing, our party 2 weekedns ago was the best time ever! we had an awesome band, great food, and cake! Everyone said they had the best time! I want to go back and do it again. Well, I guess we can always start having kids. haha...soon enough that is. No rush. BTW, we got these great pinatas for our AHR and everyone thought they were so great. Oh and yeah, I wore my dress again,...so gald I did. I loved my dress!
  15. I worked with DW.com too and had the same thing happen with Mexico and the swine flu. DId you already pay in full? If not, I would say go ahead and lose your $150 deposit and cancel with them and rebook the cheaper route. That is what I wish we had done.
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