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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Kits55 Did you order your book from BRI? If so, has it come in yet? I am unhappy with the proof of an album that our photog sent us so I'd like to create my own completely. He told me he will change one or two pictures and the cover but that's it. Um, hello..I thought it was OUR album, not his?! I am dying to see some DIYers albums! Hi - didn't order one yet, but it is fully designed. Just haven't gotten around to placing the order. I designed it in Fotofusion - it just needs to be proofed and uploaded. Will update once I get around to it. We are in t
  2. Recently returned from being married at the Wynn! My package did include a rehearsal, but if your wedding is small and you don't have attendants, I don't think it's necessary. We had only a MoH and BM, and our rehearsal was less than 20 minutes, including the initial consultation with the minister. IMO, if it's just the 2 of you, then you can probably correspond by email to figure out the ceremony order. Even if you have attendants, I think it's still possible. More than a MoH and a BM, though, you might want to consider paying for a rehearsal. The wedding coordinators do a fabulo
  3. I'm going to chime in with a disclaimer that although I am not a pro photographer, I am a serious dabbler. The first comment I would make is that there is a huge difference between edited and unedited pictures. Like a previous poster pointed out, I'm surprised that he is even offering unedited pictures, because of this difference. I think his reluctance to show you the other 420 photos in the online gallery comes from the possibility that he doesn't believe that those are represent his best work, and photographers generally don't want anything but their best prodcuts to be shown - it gives the
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by TammyB I think that's great advise, however I must say, that I haven't seen too many photographers that will do this. Yes I have seen them post those type of photos on their blogs, but they credit it the workshop. I just don't want our forum members to feel they have to worry about this, because these types of photograhers are few and far between. As a relatively "serious" amateur photographer (that is nowhere near pro) I'd have to concur with this viewpoint. I thought the original post was somewhat alarmist and somewhat distorts the value of the images obt
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Gail does anyone know what kind of book they post pics of after from dry erase board -just photo book? Any ideas on how to incorp theme as mentioned in doing this. I love the idea. maybe do it at cocktail hr?? I am doing the dry erase board and was just planning on making a photobook with one of those press book services (Blurb, Shutterfly, MyPublisher, etc)
  6. I've noticed quite a number of threads from ladies who had their BD shoot in a hotel or other on-location shoot. My session will be in the photographer's studio. Just wondering what the advantages are to using a hotel vs. the studio? I just assumed that a studio would be better, since the props are already there, and the lighting/setup etc. would be better. Ladies, what played into your decision not to choose the studio setting?
  7. Hi Islandbride - I consider myself pretty nifty when it comes to makeup skills, but I am still hiring a pro to do it for me. I've tried mineral makeup in the past, but haven't liked it very much because I have oily skin and it doesn't last on me or starts to pill and look even worse than my regular skin. Bare Minerals specfically leaves my face looking shiny (I need matte products myself). I have bothersome skin, though, so I'm sure you will have much better luck with it than I did. The only thing I would caution you about is that lots of mineral makeup (not sure about Bare Minerals spe
  8. Not sure if you want a photobook or a real album, but I'm planning on DIY'ing a flush mount album with Black River Imaging. The thread I started on this subject is here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t39471 Mpix.com also offers an "assembled album" that seems to be close to a flush mount.
  9. Do you have a picture of it that you can post? How much does it have to be let out, and where is it tight? I would take a look at the seams, if they are visible. This is the material that the seamstress will have to work with, and will give you an idea of how much the dress *can* be let out. Generally speaking, I've been told that if you let out every single seam to the max, you can usually get around 4 inches, which is quite a lot, so I'm sure getting it to fit won't be a problem, unless the dress is really, really small on you. What might be a problem is that the fabric where the stitc
  10. I did buy a gown preservation kit for $169 to have my gown cleaned, preserved and shipped back to me after the wedding (convenient since it includes UPS charges to ship it to them directly from the hotel and I won't have to deal with packing it in a suitcase after the wedding). After that, I am undecided. FH and I do not plan on children, and passing it on to nieces who might want it is iffy, especially since it looks like they are all going to end up being taller and bigger than me (The dress is a street size 0-2). And ladies, don't forget that if you gift it to charity, you do
  11. Everything looks like soooooo much fun! I bet you had a blast. and I <3<3<3 the cake! LOL
  12. Yes, we did not specify "Adult reception and Ceremony" on the invites because we felt that to do so would be rude. We also wrongly assumed that everyone on our guest list was aware of invitation etiquette - that is, if a name isn't called out on the invite, they are not invited. I mean, it's a pretty basic rule that I never thought anyone would misunderstand. At the end of the day, though, it isn't that big of a deal. My only concern is about the ceremony and reception - I've already let the offending guest know that the kids are welcome at all other wedding-related events - just not the
  13. Didn't think this would happen, but an RSVP I received last week indicated that one of my guests, a good friend, ignored the lack of "and family" (the invite was addressed to Mr & Mrs only) and wrote in a total attendance of 5 on the RSVP. I don't mind the kids being around for the weekend or for our after-event parties, but FI and I decided that the ceremony and reception would have to be adult only. They live way out of town in a diff time zone, so it's not like I can tell them in person - going to have to handle it through email or some such. Sigh. It's not like they don't
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Bridget810 I should also mention that I run on the treadmill at least 3 times a week immediately after shredding for about 30 minutes; I hear that running after strength training makes you burn more calories. I'd say that "Shred" isn't technically strength training - I'd classify it as "aerobic toning" - the weights used and the pace/# reps is too high and the weight size too low to really be considered pure strength. I've been lifting weights for years (used to date a bodybuilder and am used to lifting heavy) and due to the pace of this workout, the highes
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Mel&B Just make sure you don't judge this video by level 1. Levels 2 & 3 are much, much difficult! Thanks for the recommendations on the other videos. I previewed the other levels and yes, they do look tough! Gonna try level 2 a couple times next week!
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