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  1. Ok. I know, weird question....but does anyone know of any good light reading that has a setting in Jamaica, like "How Stella got her Groove Back" or something. I want to bring a book but when I read a book it kind of takes me there wherever the setting is (I guess that is the idea) and I don't want to imagine I am in nyc or something when I am already in paradise. I know a weird thought...I know its a longshot but maybe someone has some ideas...Thanks.
  2. Aaaw thanks Billysbride! I think that is what I will do. She did send me the order of it but no wording of the actual vows, she said he uses traditional vows. And the more I think about it I sort of do want to say the "for better for worse etc", you know you just hear it on movies etc and it would be cool to say it for real. Though who knows what traditional vows she means. I think that I am out of luck getting the wording beforehand at all. It will be a Jamaican minister so I am hoping/thinking he will have some beautiful spiritual words so I may just use the vows that the he uses. I just don't want to miss out on anything spontaneous, wise or beautiful etc that the minister might say in his awesome Jamaican accent by making him read what I get of the net ( I can't think of anything personal). Although there are some awesome things I found. Though I think I will add a sand and or hand ceremony for sure. I tried to write my own personal vows but it just sounded so cheesy (I can't seem to express it on paper) and I figure I can just tell him those thoughts sometime during our honeymoon in private. Thank you sooo much for you encouragement and your kids are beautiful.
  3. I really need help. I leave in 5 Days! I am working on my own vows. I saw other bride's ceremony script postings and they were great. The WC at my resort hasn't sent an example to me, even though I asked. Are these scripts posted ones that you brides wrote completely yourselves or did you just add a reading/sand ceremony here and there to what the officiant sent. If you did write it completely yourself was the officiant receptive to that. I made my own (15 minutes long when I timed it) and my fiance said "OMG. You are gonna make that old man read all that?", he has a point. I was practically out of breath, but then again speaking is what they do... So I was wondering if I should just add a sand or hand ceremony and just the actual vows? It is just frustrating when I have no idea what the wording will be like. Brides who posted their scripts, could you let me know how it works, like were the scripts you all posted what was said or what you wrote and will be said. It is just us two so I don't have anyone else to read the blessings/readings that I chose. Please give me insight. Thanks.
  4. I have the same thing on my hair flower and it sticks up also and was wondering too.. My hairdresser here at home placed a bobby pin on one of the petals but under another petal so you couldn't see it at all and and it layed really flat and perfect. I am just trying to figure out how to do this myself, because you could see it when I tried it. I am scared to alter the backing with a hair comb because I don't want to mess it up, but it does seem like that would work better.
  5. So Helpful everyone. I would like to add for the people who will be drinking more than they should, some rehydrating electrolyte tablets (got at outdoor store) to put in water the next day and alka-seltzer hangover, Chaser etc. I have been testing these out (a little really) and find really helpful. Although best not to over do in the first place of course but so tasty and free!
  6. Ok, I have a dumb question. I have never really thought about weddings, vows etc until now that I am getting married, so my question is, who reads these things? Is it the bride and groom, or the officiant and if it is the officiant, do they get offended if you tell them what to read? I am getting married in two weeks and we aren't the romantic types either but I don't think I want it to be a 5 minute ceremony either.
  7. Number 1!!! I don't usually love this style (I don't know what it is called, mermaid-like maybe) but number one made me change my mind. I love it. It is gorgeous! So is two but one is just like WOW, like the previous poster said it shows your curves better.
  8. Blushing bride, I haven't thought about wearing a garter BUT now that you mention it may be pretty cute and sexy for the wedding night. I mean I will probably be wearing some really unsexy undergarments like spanx and padded bra etc under my dress and want no reason for him to be going under there to see any of it...LOL. But I think I may need to get one. Why not I think the grooms, although they don't know or talk about it will appreciate us making a "wedding" with some of the traditional stuff even though it is "just us two" and supposed to be like eloping and signing papers etc. Don't ya'll think so? Well, thanks for giving me one more thing for my shopping and to do list. HAHA! What about a veil? How many of you will be wearing a veil? I can't decide. I sort of want to but just not sure...
  9. Airampz, Oh my God. I want both of those dresses!!! That is exactly what I would want if I would have seen them. Usually I have an opinion, but I love both of them. I would have to see them on. OK. Did you only find these online or did you see them in person? Because all of the ones that I called about online or even asked about in the store (because the stores can order them too.) they have told me that itwould take several months and about 6 weeks for a "rush" then if you have to get it altered... I know, I was surprised too. So try not to fall in love with a dress until you know if you can get it on time. I did that. And I think wedding dresses pretty much ALWAYS have to be altered. Unless you are really tall because I think they make them that way so they can fit a wide range. Not trying to freak you out but I had no idea about these things. Maybe you have more options where you are. Though I would call around and go to some stores soon so you can see. That first dress, there was one at the David's bridal where I live that sort of looks like that. I am pretty jealous of those dresses though. And of course they do look different on, remember. Keep us updated.
  10. My sales lady suggested to me a long fitted slip and no undies? Or maybe something like spanks? But the fitted slip may bunch up and show, not to mention be hot? I am wondering the same thing.
  11. I am sure there are posts on this but couldn't find them. I am about to buy foundation for my wedding. I normally wear bare minerals but want something a little more for the photos (outdoors of course) but don't want it to be too thick so I can still use it later because I know it will be pricey. I am willing to spend a decent amount to look good in the pics if i need to. I know that spf etc. is not good for photos. I am looking for what brand to get. I have seen on other sites that HD make-up, Christian Dior, Mac etc particularly mentioned on other sites. What do you all think and what are you all wearing? Oh and what powder with whatever brand you recommend if any? Thanks.
  12. I think we all look like a goddess and I WANT THEM ALL (the earrings)! But I think six because the white would blend with the dress!
  13. Oh, and if you do decide maybe a few weeks or so before you could just gradually start wearing a tiny bit of mascara, lip gloss etc. just so you can get used to the way it looks and not feel uncomfortable that day and your fiancee won't be in shock. And he definitely won't know. I am doing this with my hair because I never "fix" it so I won't feel too weird and different. And am finding that it is actually fun and am liking it. And I will feel much more comfortable with him having seen me with my hair different than it normally is. Let us know what you decide.
  14. Good advice about the pictures, do a trial with someone who understands and is good and take some pics on your own with and without and you will see. And I bet if you do it right to "accentuate" your features like the previous post said that your fiancee won't even know that you are wearing make-up. He will just think you are extra beautiful because you have a bridal glow, the sun, the dress etc... And of course if you don't like it and it doesn't look much different in the pictures, great too.
  15. Hey Airampz, here is a link to my dress. David's Bridal - Chiffon A-line gown with split front skirt, satin cuff neckline and empire waist. I tried on a billion dresses and contemplated between two of them (this was not one of the two) for weeks and finally went to get the one I chose and tried this one on just to do it and chose it on the spot. It was just so simple and light. Though it may not be as beautiful as some of them, the fact that it is so simple will make me feel comfortable, which is important to me. I love it, but haven't seen it since I bought it several weeks ago because it takes six weeks to alter, I think because they are so busy because of prom/graduation season etc. So hopefully I will love it when I get it back too. Obviously the model is not me and I am not that skinny so it looks a bit different on me. It is very simple so I feel like I can wear a veil maybe without feeling too ridiculous Opinions I also got roped into buying a headband at David's bridal. Not sure if I will wear the headband, veil, or both. I planned on wearing a flower at first so I bought those too just in case I decided I wanted to wear that and could practice. Opinions? I wish I would have waited until I got the dress. But be careful if you try on dresses at David's because you get an assistant for just you and they bring you all of these dresses then put a veil and headband etc and just make you so exited and you feel so beautiful that you just get so into it and want to get it all. At least I did. I went to tons of boutiques and trying them on there was the best. Maybe because I was by myself?? It is so fun trying them on. Go to the store, you will have fun. My fiancee got his clothes at Dillards. He was initially going to get just pants and shirt. But they had Perry Ellis pants and jacket on sale and only one jacket left and it was his size so we took it as a sign and it looks awesome on him. I think I will feel a little better with him in a jacket at least for the actual ceremony only 10-15 minutes because I will be all dressy and he can take it off so we will have both looks. Stores are having sales on linen jackets/pants etc now and I heard (from other threads) they are really hard to find at other times during the year so I would maybe look quick. Keep us updated on the dress search. It is so fun.
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