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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by allison&kevin Has anyone used the hotel DJ? I am sure someone has talked about it, but don't recall where?? Allison - Here is a post specifically on Ivan/DJ Doremixx from the Royal. Good luck planning! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t42645 Michelle
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by aerazo Michelle - your photo of you and your hubby on the beach is gorgeous! Can you please tell me who you used as your photographer? Did you use a Videographer too? I'm getting married at the Royal on April 23, 2010 and i'm so excited! Hope you had the wedding of your dreams! Adriana Adriana - Thank you! We got Cesar with Funever Photos (through the resort). He was awesome! We chose not to use a videographer and had a friend video the ceremony instead. We plan on making a slide show to music once we get the digital copies of the professional photos from Funever. Best of luck to you and your fiance!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by JoLo908 I just had a guest call and say they are still debating and making their final decision regarding our June 27th wedding.... can someone tell me, are there even swine flu cases in the RM?? Joanna - I strongly believe that there is no reason to worry. We just got back last Wednesday from our beautiful, swine flu free wedding! The article below is from 5/8/09, but it's all I could find. Only indicates 3 confirmed cases in Quintana Roo and I know 1 was in Chetumal, which is 200+ miles south of Cancun. Hope this helps...and best of luck to you! http://dangers.cancuncasa.com/?p=50
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by kimmy44 Hello brides & grooms! How is everyone's planning going? I went dress shopping the other day and I was so set on what I didn't want, no strapless and nothing with a puffy skirt! But then my mom & sis started making me try on those styles and darn it they look good! So I'm down to 5 possibilities of all different styles (even a lace dress and I usually hate lace!) and I'm just wondering if former brides who wore real wedidng dresses were uncomfortable & hot? I was really set on the evening dress style but now I'm torn... Kimmy...I just got back and I had a "real" dress with a train and all, although I didn't get the extra poof underneath. I was a little warm under the skirt at the reception (when I was dancing), but I wouldn't have changed anything. What's nice about Mexico in April and May is even though it gets to the low 90s during the day it's usually in the 70s at night with a nice breeze. I just lifted up my dress a little while I was dancing...classy!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by SDbeachgirl Michelle, Your wedding and reception sound really nice! I can't wait to see photos! It sounds like the type of wedding/reception that I would like. Who was your guitarist? Did you find an outside vendor? Were you able to hear the guitar well with the waves in the background. i had heard that sometimes string instruments are not good for beach weddings. I love the guitar and think it would be beautiful. Was the garden setting for your reception private? Is there a minimum number of guests that you must have in order to reserve this space? I think we should have at least 30 or 40 guests...but at this time it is so hard for me to know exact numbers. I think his name was Max although I didn't get to talk to him at all. He did have a microphone so we were able to hear him over the waves. I've watched the videos and he did a fantastic job. We really wanted a live guitar player over a CD player. The garden reception was private, although I'm sure any passer-by could have come up and crashed it! We didn't even notice anyone walking by. I don't think there's a minimum number of guests. The main reason we picked the garden is so that we didn't have a wait between the ceremony reception. We took one group pic and sent everyone over to start drinking! Quote: Originally Posted by allison&kevin Michelle- Thanks for your reply! So you did not have any reservations at the Blue Parrot beforehand and just got the WC to help you plan once you were there? That is a good option. Thanks for being so helpful! I had talked over email with the party planners months ago, but decided instead of having a private party to just pick up the tab for our guests...that's what the WC helped us figure out. This was more affordable than the open bar option they provided and it saved us a little bit of money.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by SDbeachgirl Hi All, I am new to this forum and have been reading through this thread for the Royal Playa del Carmen. One of the earlier posts mentioned a loungy reception on the sand. Does anyone know if that is still an option? If so, is there a minimum number of guests required? I'm having a small wedding (30-40 guests) but it sounds so nice? Any info you have on the different reception choices for a party that size would be helpful. We had 40-ish guests in the garden and loved it (see my earlier/lengthy post)! When I get my pictures I'll post them to the forum. Good luck!
  7. We used DJ Doremixx (Ivan) for our wedding at the Royal PDC. We were so happy with him and so were all of our guests! My FIL wasn't sure what to expect with a DJ (he's old school and thought he'd be spinning rave music or something), but Ivan had a great mix of quiet, slower music when everyone was eating, 60's and 70's tunes for the baby boomers and plenty of hip hop and rock for us! I had prepared a reception playlist on my iPod with songs for our first and last dance as well as any other songs he wanted to use. He knew exactly what to play and when to play it. They also provided fun party favors like balloons, masks and neon bracelets that they passed out while we were dancing. They were a big hit! If you have any questions please let me know or you can email him at ivan@doremixx.com. Thanks again Ivan!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by allison&kevin Thanks for the great review Michelle - much appreciated! Can I ask you average price/head at the Blue Parrott and what it included? Sounds like a possiblity, but I would need to budget for it. So glad your wedding was fantastic! Allison - All we did at the Blue Parrot was pay for everyone's drinks on Friday night. Since we didn't have a rehearsal at the Royal we decided to do a "rehearsal party" at the BP instead of a dinner...half of us are staying at an all-inclusive anyway! We considered doing a private party at the BP with open bar, etc, but opted for just picking up the tab instead. My biggest concern was opening a tab at the bar. I wanted some control over what was put on our credit card. Anna (the concierge at the Royal) helped us figure that out after her call to the BP. When we arrived they had a big table reserved for our group. We had a waiter that was super nice and handled everything for us. I told him who was in our party and could order drinks (I've been to the BP several times, but have recently heard some bad news regarding overcharging for drinks). Overall we paid approx $25/per person for 20-ish people for 3+ hours of drinking, but most everyone was drinking beer. I hope that helps! As for staying longer, 8 days/7 nights was perfect. I do have to say I wanted some home cooked food though! Good luck with everything and let me know if you have anymore questions!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by EmenGeeRoxx Congrats Michelle! I need to see pics of this swim up suite. I think I need to get that and host my own party when I am there How was everything on 5th avenue? Was it quiet or were all the establishments open? Trentlaw you are gonna have one kick ass party! Can't wait to hear all about it!!! Here's a look out our sliding door! 5th was quieter than what I'm used to, but everything was open! We didn't do any excursions (lame!), but from what I was told everything is back up and running. Coco Bongo is not open...not too happy about that. Schools opened back up on Monday.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by IvanG Hola Michelle I just want to say hello and thank you for your preference in our services. Ivan...I am so sorry I got your name wrong in my post! Thank you for everything...you did a fantastic job and everyone was to pleased with your choice of music! We all especially liked the favors you gave out.
  11. Hey All! Alan and I are finally back and we had the BEST TIME EVER! Leah - It was so good to meet you! You looked AMAZING! Here's my review of the Royal (sans swine flu comments...so over it!): 1. We arrived on Wed 5/6. The reception (Armando) knew exactly who we were and whisked us off to Anna, the concierge. We were welcomed with champagne and Anna told us right away that they would be upgrading us from a beach-front walk-out to the swim-up suite...yay! After discussing the details of the resort (which we already knew since we stayed there last year) we were off to our room. We walked in and we had a letter waiting for us with champagne, fruit and chocolates! 2. The swim-up suite was awesome! We had about 16 other guests staying at the resort and it was the perfect location for some tanning, swimming, volleyball and the swim-up bar! 3. We met with Lilia on Thursday morning to go over all the final details of the wedding. I also met Zulma and had heard so much about her (all good)...they were all so sweet and cute! We confirmed with Lilia when the photographer would be arrive on Saturday, the cake, the flowers and I gave her all the favors and decorations that I wanted to be set out at the reception. 4. Friday night came around and we had planned a "rehearsal party" at the Blue Parrot. Anna was so great in helping us coordinate this! We had 20-ish people coming to the Blue Parrot and we wanted to pay for the tab without starting a tab at the bar (so random people wouldn't put drinks on our tab). She called the Blue Parrot and organized with them how many people would be coming, at what time and who we needed to speak with. It worked out perfectly! 5. WEDDING DAY! Pre-Wedding: I had my appointment set for 1pm on Saturday. Alicia did my hair...I brought some photos for her to go off of. The back (low bun) looked beautiful! The front was a little too slick looking for me...but with the wind and heat it ended up holding all night so that's a good thing. I also got lilies to put in my and the BM's hair...they looked awesome. Lilia brought all the flowers to my room just after my hair was done. They were perfect. I asked them to add some light purple roses that were in the BM's bouquets to my bouquet and it turned our beautiful! All the girls were in my room getting ready when Cesar (the photographer) showed up. He was AWESOME! He took well over 1000 pictures for the 5 hours we had him. He showed us some of the pictures to make sure we liked what he was doing. I can't wait to see them! We had a full moon the night of our wedding and we were lucky enough to get some photos on the beach. 6. Ceremony: We had a religious ceremony in the gazebo and decided to do the JOP when we get home (we have one friend that is a judge and another that is ordained...online!). Pastor Kiko Flores was amazing. We hadn't met him until the ceremony, but he acted like he'd known us forever. He was very sincere and the ceremony was beautiful. We also got a guitarist for the ceremony and from what I remember (and the video I've seen) he did a great job! After the ceremony we had paid to have a champagne toast...that was worth it because everyone loved it! We took two group photos...1 in front of the gazebo and 1 on the beach. Let everyone leave to go to the reception except family and wedding party. Took another 30 minutes of photos. Then it was off to the reception! 7. Reception: We chose the garden for our reception. I love the beach, but also worried about dancing around in the sand for hours. The set-up was awesome. We had 5 tables surrounding the dance floor, bar in one corner, cake/guest book in another corner, buffet (RB2...) off to the side, DJ to the other side and we had a small/sweetheart table to ourselves. I was worried that we'd have to end by 10pm (technically those are the rules), but I wasn't told that when I booked the garden. We started the reception immediately after the ceremony at 6:30pm, dinner around 7:30pm after we arrived and did our last dance at 10:30pm. The DJ was there until 11:30pm...we had Issac and he was so great! We brought our iPod with a reception playlist including our first dance, my dance with my mom (the swine flu kept my dad home) and our last dance. Our cake was delicious and beautiful (we got the Tres Leches). 8. What else do add? We left too early and Funever Photos is just going to email us when the proofs are ready. Then we'll pick our 100+ photos to keep...digitals and an album. I'll post again when they're ready! If you have any questions let me know! Michelle
  12. Hi All! We are back from Playa del Carmen and I can't tell you how much this has been blown out of proportion. I think I saw maybe 2 people wearing masks. They are taking your temperature when you arrive and leave the Cancun airport to help stop the spread of the swine flu. As for the resorts, they are at about 20% capacity across the Riviera Maya and although some have closed due to nearly no one there, others are doing whatever they can to make the guests they do have happy. The Royal in Playa offered 50% off of all spa treatments and bottles of wine. All of the attractions are now open. We talked to our driver on the way to our resort on Wed 5/6 and he was so frustrated with how this is effecting Mexico. He said that the climate in Mexico City is totally different that the beach areas. Good luck to all of you leaving for Mexico for what I hope is a beautiful wedding in the coming weeks and months! Hopefully your travel is not still banned. But I will say that if you are considering canceling due to the swine flu...DON'T. We couldn't have asked for a better, more beautiful wedding! I am going to post my overall review of the wedding on the Royal Playa del Carmen forum. Feel free to ask any questions you may have! Michelle
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by jls62081 We are supposed to be getting married May 18th in Cancun (leaving May 12th). I am sooo upset about all this flu stuff! I want to just continue on and just go but my mother in law's work will not let her go back to work for like 2 weeks if she goes (same with my best friend). My fiance really wants his mother there and so it looks like we are postponing everything. I am soooo upset right now! I have been crying all day! I would think as long as she is going to take some maintenance tamiflu it shouldnt be that big of a deal!!! aaaahhhh! soooo upset! Janet Napolitano has officially reneged the US Government's stance on the swine flu. Hopefully your FMIL's employer will see the light in the next couple of days and change their policy before you come up on your "last chance to cancel" day. We leave on Wednesday and unfortunately some people had to cancel last week due to their cancellation policies. Sucks for me, but hopefully that won't be the same with you...I would suggest waiting just a couple more days if you can. Good luck! Swine flu no worse than regular flu, Napolitano says - CNN.com When a pandemic isn't a pandemic - CNN.com
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by mummergirl i agree it was seeming like it would be impossible to move the location and i'm honestly just SO done with it. so we are still proceeding as planned, unless now our stupid flights end up canceled because they are empty (wouldn't that be a b*tch?)! anyway, you have to keep your wedding as planned ... how else are we going to meet up for a drink on the beach? update on MOH: she got her doc to prescribe tamiflu, and he also told her that in light of the fact that there's swine flu now in philadelphia & bucks counties PA (where she lives) she might as well travel to mexico. that's exactly what i was trying to tell her ... thankfully her doc finally backed me up, and she'll listen to him! That's great! If only every doc had the same outlook...my MOH and dad would be on a plane.
  15. Soma - I got my girls a necklace and earrings to wear for the wedding and flip flops to change into after the ceremony that matched their dresses. I gave them to them at the bachelorette party so I didn't have to travel with them. They all loved them. I did add a small picture frame to my MOH's bag. Good luck! Etsy :: RESERVED LISTING FOR MICHELLE Four (4) Sets of White Coin Freshwater Pearl Earrings with Necklace on Goldfilled Chain