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  1. My wedding colors are orange, red, and yellow. Is it rude to ask guests to wear one of those colors? Anyone ever done this and has a photo?
  2. We are not sure what to buy for our bridal party gifts. We are all very beachy people and we want to get them something fun and special. Also, do we bring them to the island or do we give the gifts at home?
  3. They have the freeze dried at Save-on crafts is anyone is interested.
  4. Hello all. So I am going to be bringing my own flowers for bouquets. We have a few members in our bridal party and don't really want to spend so much on real bouquets. I was thinking of just doing single flowers (I found this pic and thought it was really pretty). I also thought of each girl carrying a large shell with a plant in it. For the guys, not sure if a regular bout or leis would work. My FI likes leis, but we are marrying in Jamaica not Hawaii. Does that matter? Image Gallery Set of three Succulents in natural seashells $24.99 Our bridal party is wearing yellows, oranges and reds so we can play a lot. Any advice is loved. Thanks Sarina
  5. I am in love with the flower girl pail idea. I am not sure what to put in it for her to throw. I have heard sand, which is bad if it is windy, shells, but they could hurt (plus I would have to collect them while there), and flowers, but I don't really want to spend the money on petals (I was told I can't do fake). Any suggestions? What are you all doing?
  6. I am still deciding where to go for HM, but will def be using one of the 2 websites. Thanks for the info
  7. So a lot of confusing stuff going on in my head right now. I know I want to use real touch for my hair flower and bouquets. I found really nice already made calla lilly bouquets and single orchids. I like the orchids best and would love a big bouquet of them, but can't find one. Here are my questions. 1. Will it look weird to have a different flower in my hair and in my bouquet. 2. Also, the place will be using Jamaican flowers, which are bird of paradise, another tropical one and a type of orchid. If I used calla lillys, will it just look super crazy? Thanks.
  8. Can you show a photo or the back so we can see the kind of clip you used?
  9. I am getting married in Jamaica 7/18. I chose MB and Half Moon. It is perfect and I am willing to help anyway I can. We checked out most place so let me know if you want to chat.
  10. I am a bit confused. How does this work. Like if I am going to a specific place and want to do something, how do I register. Sorry, a bit new to this.
  11. I am a bit confused. How does this work. Like if I am going to a specific place and want to do something, how do I register. Sorry, a bit new to this.
  12. My fav is orchids, but I am willing to look at anything tropical too. Thanks.
  13. Anyone looking to sell their real touch floral bouquets after the wedding? If you are looking to get them back, that can be worked out too. Thanks. Sarina
  14. I am looking to save money on flowers since we are having 5 people in our bridal party. I was thinking Silk was a good idea, but they are so expensive. I saw the website AFLORAL.com and am wondering if anyone has used them. The ones I like are latex, not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Also, they are so much cheaper that I am not sure if that is bad. Thanks. Sarina
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