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  1. Hey! Im so happy you had a great time and all seemedperfect! You looked amazing - send me your photos so I can see the rest! Im sorry we missed by a few days... cant wait to chat! xo
  2. Awe thanks - Mark is my Hubby! I loved it - I loved everything about it and everyone one involved was amazing! Let me know how yours goes!!
  3. Hello!! I just came back on Monday and I would like to say that Michael is amazing to work with - he is very relaxed and accommodating to you and your wedding parties needs. My hubby and I loved working with him We didn't know if we should do a video too and opted not to and have more photos and get TTD session a few days later. Its funny because your family seems to want the video and we had my aunt my husbands aunt and a friend all turn their cameras to video mode and took video - so I am sure someone will with all your guests too! We also chose the smallest package as Michael advised that we can start with that and change it as we see more photos we want - which we are as he took SO many great ones. I would also recommend the gardens/mahoe (sp.) falls he took us too - I was able to do a TTD in the beautiful gardens with flowers and also the waterfalls they have there (smaller then Dunn's, but much easier and quieter) Let me know if you need anything! Good luck
  4. I also got the chairs with fushia ribbons - It was worth it and made the wedding ceramony look amazing!
  5. Hello Brides! Wow! wat a great wedding! I love the ROR and Chandlyn and Nicki are amazing! I wanted to knwo if any past brides know the Marriage Officer’s full name? Thnak you!
  6. Hello - does anyone know the Marriage Officer’s Last Name for the weddings at the RIU - Ocho Rios thanks!
  7. I did - but I went with Jan's bridal as it was MUCH cheaper for the same thing and my flowers were perfect!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by snicks Hi Cheryl... I am just waiting to hear back from Jan's. I did get a quote that was very very reasonable. As mentioned it came in much less then Tia Flora. I was hoping Jan could send me a few pictures of what she quoted me on. I will likely be going with Jan's. I have asked for white flowers/ orchids in my bouquet and tropicals for the bridesmaids. Did you like your bouquets Erica Hey Erica, I am glad you got a good deal too - I am getting married in 7 days - I am sure they will be gorgeous!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by isaidyes This is good to know. I never even thought that we couldn't pay for everything with Visa! Ugh, I hate travelling down there will all that cash I know what you mean - we are brining cash and I hate to travel with it too! Have a great time!
  10. thanks ladies! I was told ppl normally do them at dinner - I will be at the steak house for dinner then the poolside for my reception - do you think the "T" shaped table is awkward for speeches?
  11. Your welcome - what are you guys doing? Tai flora?
  12. I did that too - chose the free one and will add my upgrades
  13. Hello Yes for me it was like $70-$80 difference - Jan's Bridal & Flowers jansflowers@hotmail.com (email) and Jans Bridal and Flowers (website) Hope you get a great price!
  14. Congrats to you - I cant find your review - Bet everything was amazing!
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