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  1. OMG, my prayers are with that little girl and her family!
  2. So good to hear from you and know you are ok. Good luck with everything.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Maureen DJ's and Musicians=CASH Wedding Package adn reception costs+Credit Cards (expect an international fee) Flowers-if using Tai Flora through the resort can be credit card Thank you Maureen!!!!! You should be the wedding coordiator there... everytime I need an answer you are the one finding it for me!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you
  4. I completely understand how you feel and can relate. My brother won't come to my wedding because guess what…. There is no fancy Casino in Jamaica!!!! I just could not believe it... But at the end, people who will go will be people who will be happy to share that special day with you and your FI no matter when and where you choose it to be. Hang in there and don't let anyone change your mind. It is YOUR special day.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Andilea Hi! I was hoping you guys could fill me in on the "poolside reception". I was wondering what the $15US includes and the details of the reception. Thank you so much! Hi Andrea, You have to pay $15US/person to get an open bar for the night. Meaning they will se your own little private bar with a bartender.
  6. I asked Chandlyn about the DJ and she said that I can book him when I'm at the resort... so I don't even know if I will have a DJ or not!
  7. I am getting married in ROR in 15 days. I emailed Chandlyn on several occasions about extras for the wedding and I just can’t get a straight answer from her!! One day it is something and another day it is something else. So I’m turning to you fellow brides… can anyone tell me without any doubt that I can pay credit card for extras or if I have to pay cash for some and can pay credit card for others? Meaning… Flowers for the BM Aisle runner DJ Pool reception Chairs with sashes Extra bottles of champagne Thanks for all the help you can provide.
  8. That is very rude!!! Did you try to remove the comment? Try not to let it bother you and focus on the warm wishes you received. Hope your week will get better!
  9. Thank you Kayte. I send the originals yesterday. Hope everything will be fine!
  10. Thanks Maureen, I will send the original then. I did not think of it this way. I guess I was afraid they will loose everything!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Maureen Send notarized copies of your documents: Notarized copies of Birth Certificate (full name of the couple and the parents) Notarized copies of Passports or driver’s license Notarized copies of divorce papers (if applicable) Notarized copies of death certificate (if applicable) Notorized Documents stating name changes (if applicable) Notarized, written parental consents (if under 21 years of age) Thanks Maureen, I already have all my notarized copies but what I am wondering is do I send my original copies (from the notary) or do I have
  12. I send an email to the WC a couple of weeks ago... still no answer!
  13. I am getting married January 13th at Riu Ocho Rios and it is time to send my legal documents but I am all confused now. Can someone tell me if I have to send my original certified/notarized copies or do I have to send copies of the certified/notarized copies and bring the original with me? I looked everywhere for this answer and can't find it anywhere! I am desparately waiting for someone to answer me since my documents have to leave tomorrow to get there in time. Please help!
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