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  1. Well said Marie!!!! I had no problem telling people from the beginning that we were not having a "free" wedding. It may not cost as much as getting married at home, but it is far from free....and I have the receipts to prove it! The brown chairs are fine; however, for pictures they do not look as nice as the white folding chairs or the brown chairs with the covers and sashes. I opted for the white folding chairs at $5 each.
  2. We had our semi-private dinner at the ROR's Mammee Bay Steakhouse. I made the reservations in advance with the wedding coordinator. There was not an extra charge for the dinner, we did the free package. We worked with the assistant wedding coordinator to arrange the tables how we wanted (t-shaped) and to place our favors on the table and to decorate the area. Another wedding dinner was at the same time (I believe they are always 6:30 pm), but it was still private enough for our guests to enjoy themselves. If you search this forum you will find the pictures that you would like to see. Good luck
  3. I was there last month and the beach party (show with fire dancers and the bar) was on Saturday.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenna in Jamaica and that is disappointing about Michael. I really want nice pics. you should post yours!! We do not have the final pictures yet, just the low-res pictures with their copyright wording. Our pictures are beautiful, but not very creative. We had to contact Michael about a problem with our order after returning home. The tone of his email was not customer friendly. The bright spot was his staff...they are great.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenna in Jamaica Thanks for the info! Where you able to pay for the cake/flowers with credit card or cash? I'm nervous about carrying that much cash...since that is how we have to pay for the photog. You're welcome. We had to pay a deposit for the cake and flowers before leaving for Jamaica. We paid both with a credit card and could have paid the balance with cash or credit. We met with Norma the day we arrived to pay the balance for the flowers and cake.
  6. My husband was set on having the traditional cake; therefore, we purchased a traditional (black) rum Jamaican cake from an outside vendor. It was 2-tiers and decorated with flowers in our colors for $250. It was delicious! Norma with Lee's Tours & Taxis coordinated our cake purchase for us.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by amqueens Great review! Which vendors did you use for your flowers and cake? Thanks for all of the details!! Congrats! I worked with Norma from Lee's Tours & Taxis to find vendors for the flowers and cake. I do not know the name of the bakery she used for the cake, but it was delicious and less expensive than the bakery suggested by the ROR. I used Shangri-La for the flowers. Also less expensive than Tai Floral, but a little more than Jan's Flowers. I've read good reviews about Jan's and contacted her before going with Shangri-La. She is very professiona
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Maureen Congratulations! Thanks for the great detailed review. I'm sure it willl help future brides. I wish Riu would go back to their old restaurant reservation system (by phone). The biggest complaint is always the reservation system. I used to work for Liberty. It is their policy to send documents out all at once after final payment is received by everyone. Even now that I don't work for them I typically send all documents out together for a group. It seems to be standard procedure so if any of you future brides don't want this you may want to ta
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by isaidyes Thank you sooo much for posting this review! We are leaving in 17 days and I'm starting to get nervous and excited all at the same time. Don't worry....you'll have a great time. The most stressful part for me was getting there and getting settled the first day. All of our guests were tired from the trip, but were ready to go the next morning. Just work out as many of the details that you can before you go. We didn't decide on the wording for the ceremony until we were there. We dropped off the wording but Nikki did not receive it until the day befo
  10. Snicks - Here is the contact information for Shangri La Flowers: (876) 974-3498. I do not have a web address for Shangri-La. Good luck.
  11. Sorry....I was interrupted and did not get to post as planned. I just posted it in the wedding review section.
  12. We stayed at the ROR from 30 November until 7 December. Our 24 guests stayed from 1 December until 5 December. The stay was incredible and we have zero regrets about our choice of resorts or our decision to have a DW. Our guests loved the resort and could not stop thanking us for having our wedding in Jamaica. Three of our guests had cruised to Ocho Rios in the past and stated they would never return. They left with a different opinion of Jamaica after attending our wedding! Travel Arrangements – Liberty Travel This was the most frustrating part of our DW. Our TA was really nice an
  13. Thanks for all of the well wishes. Please see the wedding review section for my detailed review. Thanks again and happy holidays!
  14. I did not use Jan's Bridal & Flowers, but others on this site have and seemed very pleased with her work. I contacted Jan's and was given an excellent price and the customer service was great. I decided to use Shangra-La and was pleased with the service (although the price was slightly higher than Jan's, but much less than Tai Floral). I do not think you will have any problems with Jan's. Good luck.
  15. Sorry.....the number for Shangri-La Flowers is (876) 974-3498.
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