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  1. The beach bar is called the Seagrape which is where your beach party would be located. Misti what is your email address? The document I have explains what is included in the beach after party.
  2. OH and I was recently told that then Vendor fee is $75. This allows outside guests to arrive one hour before the wedding and stay up until 2am. I have information packages that the wedding coordinator sent me if anyone would like to see them just post your email address and I will send it to you:)
  3. There are two seperate beach functions you can have. 1st option: You have your dinner on the beach followed by a beach party = $55/person 2nd option: You have your free dinner at the semi private restaurant (mammee bay steakhouse), and then have a party on the beach = $15/person. (These prices apply to the pool deck areas as well if you'd prefer that) We are having our after dinner reception on the beach and there is no $500.00 setup fee. You can also rent out the plantation restaurant @ $500.00 for 2 hours or $1000.00 for 4 hours. For brides at renova spa there is a hair and makeup package - this is $173.00. You also get a 10% discount as a perk for having your wedding at the RIU when you book with the Renova Spa. Hope this helps:)
  4. Hey Ladies! Has anyone rented the DJ equiptment for their reception? If so what equiptment is included exactly? We have a friend that will be DJ'ing for us and needs to know what he's working with. Thanks so much:)
  5. Hi Mirelle Anne... Our wedding date is May 2011 and we are using the Sunquest Tour Operator. Our price is 1410 + 178 Tax(for travel out of Toronto). We recieved this quote over a month ago and put our deposits down in the beginning of April. A few of our guests live in BC and after doing some research we discovered it was cheaper for them to just fly into Toronto and then fly out with the remainder of the group! Hope this helps:)
  6. JJS2011

    ROR Reception Availability

    Misstrea76.. we were thinking of just renting the DJ equiptment as well. Do you know what the exact cost is for that?
  7. JJS2011

    ROR Dinner

    Thanks for the great information everyone!
  8. Is anyone aware of how it works if another wedding already booked the location of the reception that you were thinking of having yours at? Is it first come first serve or do they attempt to accomodate both weddings in this location? I am looking to have my reception on the beach and am worried that this will be a popular choice. Any help would be greatly appreciated:) Thanks in advance!
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    Newbie - ROR

    Thanks Everyone..I can't believe how informative and helpful this site is. This is a great resource:)!
  10. JJS2011

    ROR Dinner

    I am beginning to plan my Wedding at the ROR and am looking for some information. I have heard that the Steak House is the most popular option for dinner. If anyone has pictures of their dinner here that would be greatly appreciated. I would definately welcome any opinions and information regarding this restaurant as well as any others restaurant options for dinner. Thanks in advance:)!
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    Newbie - ROR

    Hi Everyone Just confirmed our May 2011 Wedding! Couldn't be more excited Name: Justine Date: May 5th, 2011 Location: Riu Ocho Rios Jamaica This site looks amazing and so informative. I am looking forward to hearing more helpful information from other brides!