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    Wedding went sour/Everything must go...

    Thanks so much ladies...I really do appreciate it. Â OOT bags, sand ceramony stuff, bubbles, JA garter, and guest book is sold....
  2.  Sad to say I never got married he basically told me at the last minute he couldn't afford (sucks huh). I was very hurt now I'm moving on and don't wanna take this stuff into my next relationship...sooo I'm selling it all. All of the items have never been used, some of the prices can be negotiated. Just pm me with ur offers, but I am trying to get as much as possible, but also trying to get rid of the items too.    Here's what I have for sale: (1) Bride Bouquet (real touch flowers-floramatique) $80 (2) BM Bouquet (real touch flowers-floramatique) $45 each (1) JR BM (real touch flowers-floramatique) $35 (2) mother bouts (real touch flowers-floramatique) $10 each (1) Groom bout (real touch flowers-floramatique) $10 (2) Groomsmen bouts (real touch flowers-floramatique) $10 each (1) ring bearer bout (real touch flowers-floramatique) $7 (1) Guest book $5 (1)best man bout (1) Tiara (turning a little) $10 (1) Signature guest book plus stand $10 (3) sand ceramony bottles $8 for all (43) bubbles $7 (2) fuschia and royal blue, tan sand $7 all three (50) OOT bags $20 for all JA Garter $10 (25) chair sashes $20 for all (1,000) rose petals $10   (1) anjolique 654 sz 12 (dress has been altered im 5'2 it was taken up a little in the bust $500 obo (because of alterrations paid $875) (1) mens ring (dont remember how many carats lost recpt) $200 obo i really will take half Cake cutting set $25 message in bottle favors giving them away free because it has our name on the outside, but u can cover them with another sticker, but if the guest open the message it does have our name on the message I suggest u put a little super glue so they can't open..they are really nice. (11) pink and (11) blue   Just PM me with any questions or email me agoosby004@yahoo.com  p.s. everyone must pay their own shipping even the free stuff   http://s419.photobucket.com/albums/pp278/agoosby_004/Wedding%20Stuff%20for%20sale/  Â
  3. Soon2beWed09

    ROR chairs...

    Ok I know ROR provide chairs for ur wedding but do anyone have pics of them Not the one's u have to buy but I hink someone told me they are brown...
  4. Soon2beWed09

    ROR Coordinators

    So let me get his str8 they are suppose to call? I leave in 4 days and they haven't rcvd a call or email...I mean i got answer to a email questions thas it...
  5. Soon2beWed09

    for sale

    She is getting married this weekend thats why she hasn't responded back to anyone...She's selling her items because she cancelled her DW and now is having a tradional wedding..give her time she will respond...
  6. Soon2beWed09

    Who is watching the MJ Memorial?

    I watched it, it was so beautiful and I hope his kids go o a good home...
  7. Soon2beWed09

    What triggered your bridezilla moment?

    This is a fun thread I'll let you know in about 2 weeks...
  8. Soon2beWed09

    I got my letter!!!

    Congrats girl I''m trying to crack the LPN boards..then off to my R.N. Big ups to u!!!
  9. Soon2beWed09

    Looking for Fuschia chair sashes!!!!

    I found someone on Ebay that sells them for a $1 a piece which isnt bad but she want $16 for shipping..not cool...Thanks i'll keep looking too
  10. HEllo ladies I need to find Fuschia chair sashes ASAp everywhere I could think to order them are sold out my wedding is in 23 days..I saw someone on here selling them, she said she will sell them to me, but havent heard from her since. Do anyone know where I can buy some or anyone who's selling them?
  11. Soon2beWed09

    for sale

    Has anyone heard from her? I emailed her she emailed me back, but nothing after really want the sashes and my wedding is a couple of weeks....
  12. YAY!!! ur wedding was so beautiful...I love the swine flu..pic..lol glad everything turned out great and u had a wonderful time...
  13. My wedding is in July too I'm also buying fuschia sashes too, so if anyone wants to buy mine let me know too .
  14. Soon2beWed09

    for sale

    Im interested in 25 sashes and one of the BM dresses will PM now...
  15. Soon2beWed09

    I passed my boards!

    Congrats!!! I'm sitting again for my boards for LPN in August