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    for sale

    All emails and PMs have been replied to. Please email me back at ilove.punch@yahoo.com Thanks ladies!!
  2. ilovepunch

    for sale

    Quote: Originally Posted by BlakleyBrideToBe I would to have one of the dresses. I'll PM you now! I did not get a pm but I did get your friend request. Let me know what dress you are interested in by emailing me at ilove.punch at yahoo.com. Thanks.
  3. ilovepunch

    for sale

    Quote: Originally Posted by DarcyJAde actually would you be willing to sell me 15 finger starfish? Yes, send me an email to ilove.punch at yahoo.com and we can work out the details. Thanks.
  4. ilovepunch

    for sale

    Quote: Originally Posted by deefalvey Which dress is in the top picture - the BM dress or the J Crew dress. I tried looking up the "avery" dress on the JCrew website and it wont show the pic. Thanks The dress pictured above is the bridesmaid dress. If you send me an email to ilove.punch at yahoo.com I can send pictures of the avery dress.
  5. ilovepunch

    for sale

    yes, I am. Just let me know what you are interested in. Thanks.
  6. ilovepunch

    for sale

    5 starfish necklaces (kohls) $10.00 each 5 bridesmaids dresses ivory all size medium $20.00 each *can also be used for reh dinners, bridal showers, luncheons, brunch. j crew avery dress ivory size 6 $50.00 white veil attached to hair comb $20.00 100 black chair sashes $80.00 100 fuschia chair sashes $80.00 25 satin fuschia table runners 7" wide X 110" long $125.00 50 1" sanddollars $15.00 3-4" white finger starfish (need to count to get a total, maybe 30) shipping is not included. send emails to ilove.punch at yahoo.com if interested.
  7. ilovepunch

    Past/ future TTD brides...

    I purchased another dress for about $50 just in case I decide not to wear my wedding dress. I cannot wait to do my TTD.
  8. I'm going to have my first at the end of May and then the last one about 2 weeks before.
  9. ilovepunch

    Help Needed In Tybee Island

    I'm not much help because we are still looking, but I see that you are in GA. Is it possible for you guys to take a scouting trip?
  10. ilovepunch

    Large-ish Beach Wedding?

    I think the 5pm ceremony is great. I know that you want a long reception, but you may want to check into that. Most beach cities that I looked into have a "curfew." Some have cut off times at 10 or 11 pm.