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  1. Hello ladies everything at ROR was perfect! I'm currently in Turks & Caicos for my honeymoon..I promise review and lots of photos coming soon... LOTS OF THANKS TO YOU LADIES FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP
  2. Thank you ladies for your concerns....I finally received a email response yesterday around 9:00pm....I to put in the subject line my confirmation #, wedding date and added please respond. She said she was very busy and apologized for the delay. I feel so much better. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks ladies.... I've emailed again still no response. I've been calling all week as well either her extention is busy or it rings out. I just dont understand
  4. For Brides that were married here How long did it take for Nikki or Chandlyn to get back to you? I understand that they contact you one month before your wedding date but I have not heard from neither one of them yet. I've emailed questions 3 weeks ago no reply, I even called and could never catch them. I have less than four weeks to go should I start panicing or keep the faith?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by roo66 Just thinking about my favourites : number 1 BEN 2 YOU ARE NOT ALONE 3 HEAL THE WORLD.OH AND EARTH SONG I wanted to share with you that in Jan 1988 my baby sister aged 13 died from inhaling aerosol gas.My mum had bought her a ticket to the concert in wembley.Kerri didnt know she had a ticket cos shed been naughty and my mum wouldnt reward bad behaviour.The concert arrived just a few months later and still tortured by her sudden death and filled with sadness that i was going and she wasnt.I bought 12 red roses and took 6 to the crematorium.Maybe eight nine hours later whilst michael was on stage i got to the front and gave the 6 remaining roses to a crew member who threw them up onto the stage for me.Right now the tears are dripping from my chin ive been unable to actually tell anyone today its just bought so many emotions back,im so sad xx sorry girls repeat post mods remove please if poss x wow your story gave me chills I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes...I'm so sorry for your lost... we are here for you.
  6. I searched the forum and didnt see a thread for this so I thought why not start one.... What was your Favorite Michael Jackson or Jackson 5 song? Mine was "PYT" (Pretty Young Thing) and ABC!
  7. I did not believe it at first...I was getting text messages about it I thought it was a very bad joke ..it wasnt until I got off at 42nd and Broadway that I knew the King of Pop was really gone...The amount of people that were there singing his songs and crying was unbelievible.... He will truly be missed....R.I.P Michael Jackson..
  8. User Name: Tiffiney01 Name: Tiffiney & Ryan Location: Formally RIU PV now RIU Ocho Rios Wedding: August 15, 2009 Dates: August 12 - August 19 Honeymoon - Turks & Caicos __________________
  9. Everything looks so beautiful... Congratulations again
  10. yes that was a great finale...if I got up this morning still shaking my head about George then you know it was great!
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