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  1. I think the riu supplied the floor. You should definitely do the beach for reception! It was beautiful and we were able to ave our own hut cooking the jerk chicken!
  2. Val, congrats the riu was the best time of my life!!! I definitely have a few tips. Don't use the spa, they really did not do a very good job and did not have a good selection of makeup. You can do a better job on your own. I strongy recommend using grande garden for the floral. They made my wedding everything I could have dreamt of. The wedding was on the beach and it turned out perfect. I was concerned about privacy but the beach worked out fine and way prettier then planned. Good luck and let me know if you ave any other questions! Congrats again on your big day!!!
  3. i just wanted to give a shout out to Charmine Phang and her team for all that she did for my wedding. It was everything I could have wanted and more. With every phone call and email leading up to the trip and then three separate vists at the resort to finalize details, Charmaine was the consoling drug every bride needs to relax her. Any questions regarding this floral vender PM me.. I have the utmost gratitude for all that they were able to do. Pictures coming soon!
  4. Photography was done by Misha Earle. I really loved working with Misha, the only change I would make would be on me and to not be afraid to pose as many times as you want. She catches the moment but there's a few shots of family I would have liked more of. Unfortunately i was also running late so I feel like I could have gotten more pics of DH and I. B+ TIp- be on time ladies!! Tip check if photographers book on their own before going thru Sungold Associates.. you may spend more money with a middleman. GRande Garden was my floral. This was the absolute best decision i could h
  5. Well this is a bit overdue so my aplogies ladies!! Overall I had the best time at my wedding. The only changes I would make would be to worry a bit more about myself and less about everything else. I truly can not believe its over! I know everyone says that but is surreal how quickly it all flys by. I will do my best to give you all that I still remember but feel free to ask any questions. I want all the brides-2-be to feel as well informed as they could ever want. I will be quite frank with my thoughts below but they are my opinion and remember opinions are like a pair of silver hoops.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by EmmaGaussoin Paperandmore.com has a ton of cheap cardstock, envelopes, and pockets to DIY for cheaply. I just wanted to encourage those of you brides still making this decision to go with paperandmore. I ended up with custom made invitations which was way to much $$$, and had DIY programs which matched perfectly. I bought paper stock from paperandmore, needless to say my programs and invites were the same exact color and quality!! Paperandmore has samples for you to purchase, a ton of options and GREAT quality!!
  7. Yes the Renova Spa was not the greatest. I would suggest doing your own makeup. I use Bare Escentials and they were pretty clueless. My bridesmaids did there own makeup, but they did do all of our hair. I had fake eyelashes which I had the spa do and they did a terrible job. I know its your wedding and you think leave it to the pros but they are not at all like the states. Sharika and Nikki were great though. Although Sharika is 8 months prego right now. I used Grande Garden and she was the absolute best!!!! She made my entire wedding by far. I also used Misha Earle photograhy who was fantasti
  8. I started a new thread and the pics acutally show....how do I delete this one?
  9. I had a blast!! the people at RMB, GRande Garden, and of course Misha Earle made my day more then I could have ever imagined. Review, planning board and pro-pics soon to come!!
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