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  1. I definitely recommend La Sibila the gourmet restaraunt. It's not outside like the others but it's the nicest restaraunt and even though it's a lobster place, you can get steak there. The other's are more "picnic-y" Also, they don't really know how to cook steak there, it was usually over-cooked. I was not impressed with the steakhouse.
  2. In case Yoselina hasn't gotten back to you yet, I've attached the package she sent me. I'm doing the same thing in the same place in January! Keep your eye open for pictures later! RENEWAL OF VOWS PACKAGE 2009.doc
  3. pujbride19, Whew! That makes me feel SOOO much better! You don't happen to have any pictures or anything, do you?
  4. Soooo...I'm less than a month away from departure day! Yay! (and, holy crap!) I'm incredibly excited but I feel like I should be doing more to prepare. My wedding coordinator at the resort (Iberostar Dominicana) isn't doing much to help me plan anything. I expressed my concern to my TA, she talked to the wedding coordinator and the WC told her that we would plan everything when I got there. I HATE not knowing what to expect and having NOTHING planned. When I first decided that's where I wanted my wedding, she sent me a form to fill out my preferences but nothing has happened since then.
  5. I bought these shoes but now that my dress is finished being hemmed, I want to wear a small heel so I bought a different pair. They're brand new, I never wore them, just tried them on. The fabric is really pretty. It's not satin, it's kind of a matte finish but a little shimmery. They're a size 8 and true to size. I'm asking $30 plus $5 for shipping. Paypal would be ideal. Let me know if you're interested! jessica.pdf
  6. HAHAHA!!!! I literally laughed out loud at many of those. I liked the one about swerving not to hit a banana peel!
  7. Ok, so I know that the purpose of a bridal shower is to "shower" the bride with gifts and that this is basically a big party for me but is there anything that I need to do? Should I bring food? A gift for the hostess? Is there anything I'm in charge of?
  8. I'm in the same situation and thanks to the lovely ladies here on BDW, my extra groomsman (who happens to be my brother) will be walking my mother down. I'm not worried about pictures or anything looking funny. After all, I was an art student and I know that designs look better in odd numbers! We'll make it work!
  9. I know that this doesn't work for everybody but I went shopping with my bridesmaids at department stores and we found great dresses from JCPenney that were on sale plus a 15% off coupon. They ended up being $40 each. I only have 3 bridesmaids so I bought the dresses for them. I didn't tell them that I was buying them though, until we were at the register (so they would keep cost in mind)! Everybody was happy! If you're absolutely in love with the $200 dresses, I like the idea of only having them pay a certain amount, or you paying a certain amount. You might say, "I'll pay for $50-100 of
  10. My fiance works at a law firm and knows someone who can legally marry us so we're doing it over a fancy dinner with two witnesses before our DW. I didn't like the idea of doing it at the ugly courthouse so this is perfect for us.
  11. Hmmm, that's tough. I never thought of that. So far, none of the people I invited are bringing guests. (Well, my sister might bring a friend but that's only one person!) Personally, I think that if you allow guests to come to Jamaica, they should be "invited" to the AHR. I put invited in quotes because technically they're someone's guest and whether or not that person decides to ask them to be their guest to the AHR is up to that person. Also, it's kind of hard to control. How would you tell those people they aren't invited? That might get kind of messy. I say don't send them a separate
  12. onlinebridalstore.com has super cute shoes and they come quickly once you order them. I bought the "Carmen"s. They look really really cute but I haven't worn them around the house yet to find out if they're comfy!
  13. Wow. You ladies are great. These are all great ideas! I'm soooooo appreciative of your help! Thank you!
  14. We have a wedding party of 6. 3 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen. FI chose his best friend and two brothers. I really wanted my brother to be part of our wedding but I don't know how! We're not really having an usher or anything and I definitely do not want to add a fourth bridesmaid. Does anyone know what I can do to include my brother without making it seem like a pity inclusion? Any help/idea is welcomed! Thank you!!!!
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