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  1. There was definitely room for dancing at the Calabash. Originally we were not going to privatize the restaurant because my parents insisted on having the disco for dancing as we are all avid dancers, and wouldn't have needed the restaurant that long. It was only after that my parents decided to make the restaurant private, but since we only needed our seating private, not the whole night, we worked out a deal with Nicole to have it from 6:30-8:00 for $400. At 8:00, other people started coming in for the next seating. Hope that makes sense! Jenn
  2. Hi Camilla, Glad I could help! Here are the answers to your questions: 1. We were able to choose from all 3, as long as we let Nicole know who was having what before the day of the wedding. I gave her a list of names, what tables they were at, and what they were eating. There were no place cards, but the servers just asked who ordered what and they were given their proper meals. 2. The DJ just used our cd at our request. We had our cocktail reception on the beach with drinks and nibblies. The DJ probably would have kept on playing music the whole hour, but we asked him to stop it
  3. Hey all, I finally posted my review. I will post the link here. I hope you enjoy, and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I will post pictures soon! Jenn http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/iberostar-rose-hall-suites-all-inclusive-montego-bay-jamaica/reviews#3973
  4. Thanks! Same to you! No problem about posting the pic of our wedding. We watched yours from off to the side and I LOVED your dress and shoes! Still waiting on the professional shots from our photographer before I post my review. Hopefully I can figure out how to post pictures!
  5. Hi ladies, I have been married 2 weeks as of yesterday (at the Suites), and I promise my review is coming soon! I have just been so busy with work and moving that I haven't had a chance to sit down and write anything. I will also try to post pictures. Jenn
  6. Good luck Wendy, see you there in a few days! Hopefully the weather holds up for us both! 2 more sleeps until I leave!
  7. Hey Wendy - when do you leave? Must be any day now! Is your wedding on the Sunday or Monday?
  8. Thank you - my FI voted for dinner too since the best man is super nervous and wants to get it out of the way. We leave in 4 days!
  9. Totally agree - the journey of the dress was my whole family's favourite aspect of the video. Wish my photographer was a videographer and could do that for us. What a nice memory to have and to share with those who couldn't make it!
  10. I am about to, but that is the Canadian Thanksgiving, not the American one. Ours is on October 11th this year. We leave for Jamaica on October 9th, and get married on the 14th. No turkey for us this year! LOL
  11. The major things get figured out easily, its near the end when you are doing all the details and if you are anything like me, add lots of extra details (LOL) and make more work for yourself, that you feel a little stressed. Write everything down - make a list of the things you feel like you have to do, and just cross them off as you do them. Then you know you won't forget anything! Â
  12. Oh wow that sounds beautiful! I will suggest it to my FI who is still a bit sensitive (since it is so new) and seems to be totally closed off to the idea of doing anything for his uncle as it would be too emotional. Once we get a little further from the hurt and a little closer to the happy, I will bring it up with him. I like this idea very much. Wendy you must be getting so excited!! We are so close now! Thanks for your condolences by the way. We should meet up at the bar one of our days there for a drink! Â Jenn
  13. Certainly could! I have been watching the forecast lately and it is nothing but rain rain rain (and thunderstorms). I am not too worried though as I know the rain is usually quick and the sun comes out after. Only 12 days until we leave! Â
  14. Ok - weird question - speeches during dinner (which is not private) or at the disco after (which is booked and private)? Please list your vote!
  15. Hey there, Â I wouldn't worry too much about what you haven't done. At this stage, the main thing is to make sure you get your dress, as most dress places take anywhere from 4-8 months to get your dress in. Other than that, start looking at mens beach wedding attire - depending on where you live (if it is Manitoba), the stores might not have beach wedding attire like linen and such in until the summer. You might have to order online so it would be worth looking into at this point. At the 6 month mark, I had bought my dress, booked the resort and the group rate, sent out invites (to give g
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