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  1. Hello Ladies! Sorry I haven't posted in a loooong time. I've been so busy since the wedding I haven't even gotten around to posting my review and planning thread. I promise those will be up VERY soon. Our wedding was absolutely amazing and our family and friends are still talking about it and how much fun they had. Picking the Palace and Playa Azul for our ceremony and reception was probably one of the best decisions we made. We would relive that day (actually the whole week!) over and over again if we could. As promised, I'll post the review soon, but here is the link to our photographer's blog site in the meantime. They launched our blog yesterday and thought I'd share with you ladies. They did an amazing job capturing our day. I'll post more pictures once I get our completed package. Enjoy! And please feel free to ask any questions regarding the resort, wedding, etc. Rowena + Tak | Riviera Maya, Mexico Verve Photo Co.
  2. Our wedding blog was just launched last night!!! We've been eagerly waiting since our wedding last April 22nd. We were married at the Barcelo Maya Palace and had our ceremony and reception at Playa Azul. We used Verve Photo Co. and absolutely loved and recommend them. I've been so busy that I haven't been able to post my review and planning journal. I promise those are coming soon! ) Here's the link to the wedding blog as well as the engagement shoot we did in Mexico before the wedding. Enjoy! Rowena + Tak | Riviera Maya, Mexico Verve Photo Co. Rowena + Tak | Engagement, Mexico Verve Photo Co.
  3. Hi everyone!!! I've been missing in action for so long now. I have been so busy the last month trying to get all the details down for our wedding. I'm happy to say that we are now finally married and absolutely loved the experience! We are still here in Mexico in a different resort for our honeymoon, but thought I'd drop a quick note to update everyone. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our ceremony and reception and can't wait to post our review. I will definitely get on that along with my planning thread when we get back. Everything was absolutely perfect except for our co-ordinator. I don't want anyone to panic as almost everyone on this forum has had great experiences with them. We were just unforutnate to have had such a crappy experience which we are still dealing with right now ( I'm sure it will all turn out and I will update everyone when we get back. Again, don't panic, from what I've heard from others, they do an amazing job. Ours was probably just a one-off. Congratulations to all the other recent brides. I saw a bunch of people getting married during our stay and wasn't sure who was who (haha), but all the other weddings were beautiful and I'm sure everyone had just as great a time as we did. I'll talk to you ladies soon!!! )
  4. Here's the full 90sec trailer!!! I can't wait for June! I kinda feel bad 'cause I have my two countdowns going...wedding and eclipse! haha Enjoy ladies! Eclipse Movie
  5. I just saw that this morning too! They're apparently coming out with the 90-second trailer tomorrow morning at 9am! Can't wait!!!
  6. I loved your engagement story! So original and cute. Congratulations!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Calgrl Hi....I'm looking for some feedback on Barcelo in Riviera Maya. Planning a wedding there in Nov. Thanks! I'm a Barcelo Palace Bride myself. I know quite a bit about the resort and weddings there and I've also gone down for a site visit last April so let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to know. There's a ton of information on the forum about the Barcelo Resorts so I would suggest you do some searches to help you with your decision. Here's one thread that I find extremely helpful. Just a warning that it is pretty LONG, but read through it and I'm pretty sure it'll have the answer to about 95% of your questions: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-here-d-21746/ Here is another website that you should also check out: UNOFFICIAL BARCELO MAYA | Unofficial guide to Beach | Caribe | Tropical | Colonial | Palace They have information, photos as well as a discussion board/forum that's really helpful (the forum has a section dedicated to weddings at the Barcelo). Hope this helps! -row-
  8. I've been busy during the other get-together...I'm hoping I can make it for this one!
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