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  1. I really like the whiteboard idea! I wonder if the message on the whiteboard will be large enough in the pictures to be able to read it clearly. I agree I would love to see the finished product.
  2. Are those just address labels that you used and cut them? They look awesome!!
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  9. Here is what we are using for our invitation. They are somewhat casual but I liked how it encorporated the destination wedding. We flew away to a far away isle In a far away land, Puerto Vallarta Mexico And were joyfully wed On the twenty-second of April Under the swaying palms And now we would like to Celebrate with you! Please join us for cocktails and hors d oeuvres Friday the twenty first of May At seven o’clock LOCATION CITY COUPLES NAME
  10. Hi fellow RIU brides! I am getting married in April at the RIU Palace. I do have pictures of the resort that the WC sent me. They are photos of the gazebo, beach ceremony setup and the restaurants. I don't know how to post pics on here so pm me if you would like them emailed to you. Also, for the photographer we hired Nathan Cordova to come take pics. He is from the US but lived there for a few years so he is very familiar with the area and very affordable compared to some of the others I checked into. The WC said it would be $100 for him to be on the resort for the day. Hope this helps! Taryn
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  12. I am planning on giving our guests the personalized canvas totes. Has anyone regretted spending the money and time on these? I am just wondering if they will get used after the wedding or if they will just be tossed aside. Any opinions?? Thanks
  13. I have not made any mugs but I did read that another DWB made some. She used the clear weatherproof mailing labels to print their logo on. Then she applied some sort of clear sealant over the label so the ink would not run when it got wet. I know this is pretty vague but you may be able to search for her post or give it a shot. Hope this helps!