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  1. Hey girls! I was out of town for 2 weeks, so Im just now checking up on the ASP thread. Figured I chime in and give my 2 cents. For my cocktail party and sweetheart table during the reception, Wilma allowed us to use the resorts vases with candles as decoration. Theyre just small hurricane glasses, nothing fancy. If you want, you can ask your WC to use those and maybe bring some extra stuff to add to them. We purchased tall vases from Hobby Lobby for the guests tables and ordered the flowers through Wilma. As far as your concerns with people booking, girl, been there, done that! My wedding was in November and the majority of people didnt start booking until the end of September. Some people even waited until mid-october. We used a TA and he gave everyone a deadline and basically everyone waited for that deadline. People are gonna book when theyre ready and no matter how much you fuss and complain, people are just gonna do what they want. I complained on FB, emailed, texted, called and no one budged. Its really just added stress that is not needed. They will book, but unfortunately its when its convenient for them, not you. It really sucks! There are no "less windy" outdoor areas. Its really a gamble, My cocktail party felt like it was during a hurricane. Glasses were flying everywhere and no girl could keep her dress from flying up. The next day, our ceremony and reception were calm. (thank goodness!) The resort is right by the ocean, so its gonna be windy unfortunately. I think I got the most of the big concerns. Good luck with your planning ladies! Remember to not sweat the small stuff. Youll look back at it later and realize it soo wasnt worth the stress!
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    Im sorry. I didnt notice your comment. The resort photographer wasnt very creative. He basically just followed along with the photog I hired. The resort photog gave us a small album and it wasnt of good quality at all. The quality of the pictures was good, but I didnt see nothing special of the pics he took. The video of the ceremony wasnt of the best quality either. They edited it so the whole ceremony isnt on the video. You can hear the microphone going in and out as we were reading our vows. It was windy, so maybe thats why it sounded scratchy, but it still took away from that moment. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns
  3. The technician made the announcements for us. I was on the same boat as you. I was so concerned with announcements and flow and good music. I was so stressed out when they came back with that ridiculous request. Even the DJ was shocked. If you go through JSAV talk to Michell, he is in charge of everything. Once we got to ASP, we talked to him in person and requested the tech to make the announcements, but supposedly because we requested it late, he only had a Spanish speaking tech available. That was fine for us b/c we speak Spanish, but if you dont, speak with him early so you can get an English speaking tech.
  4. I tried getting a DJ and was close to signing a contract with DJ Mania (i believe thats his name) and he cancelled his contract because ASP wouldnt allow it. I contacted my WC and she said that they only way they would allow an outside DJ is if he is willing to purchase an $100,000 insurance policy. I never understood why they required that. Music was extremely important to us, so naturally I was furious. But, in the end it worked out because we just rented out the docking station with speakers and hubby made a playlist for us. And not to sound full of myself, but my wedding was the best wedding Ive been to..ever. Everyone literally danced the whole time and I didnt once complain about the music. Hope this helps.
  5. I didnt do anything with my dress. I actually had it wrapped up in 3 dress bags while traveling just to make sure it didnt get messed up. My dress was all chiffon at the bottom so it didnt even wrinkle. Hubbys suit was the only thing that needed steaming. Definitely as the shop, Im sure they can give you extra bags and stuff to protect your dress while traveling.
  6. My hubby sent his suit to get steamed and dry cleaned and they got it back to him the next day. I think they just say 2 days to be safe.
  7. We had a free cocktail party because we had more than 75 room nights booked. But, im sure your guests would be fine with just going to the main lobby and hanging out until the wedding. Drinks are free and the lobby is absolutely gorgeous! Most of my guests didnt even stay for the entire cocktail hour. Some of them went back to their rooms to freshen up. I think youll be fine without the cocktail hour.
  8. Senior Frogs is right next door to the Playacar Palace, which is about 15min from ASP.
  9. My wedding was at 4pm also. I had cocktail hour from 4:30-6 so my guests will have something to do while we were taking pics. They serve food and alcohol right away so youre guests will be pretty entertained while youre off with hubby and your photog
  10. We had our reception at the Solarium and we had no issues with bugs. It got a bit windy at one point, but the night was absolutely perfect. I didnt notice any bugs throughout our whole vacation.
  11. We went to Chichen Itza. It was literally an ALL day trip. Its really far from the resort. With that said, we had all of fun. If youre into history, this is a perfect trip. If you go, try to plan it on a cloudy day because there is little shade and you will be walking around quite a bit.
  12. We did the caribbean buffet for the reception and the italian for the welcome dinner. Both were really good. I had no complaints whatsoever.
  13. You really just plan the details on your own. We had our rehearsal/welcome dinner at the Spa Terrace. I told Wilma how I wanted it set up and I picked out the menu. Everything else was planned by hubby and me.
  14. Ziplining was worth it because it was free. When we went, it was my first time so I was excited. If we would have paid for it, I probably would have been disappointed. The park is all the way by the airport, which makes it about an hour or so ride. To be honest, ziplining was kinda boring compared to the other activities the park offers. Once you get on the bus they guy will let you know that after ziplining, you can also go horse riding, ATV riding and go on a boat ride that is super fast (i forgot the name of it). We chose to do ATV riding for like $40 or $60. I cant remember the price. The trail is pretty long and we had more fun on the quads then the lines. If you really wanna offer your guests great ziplining or even if you wanna experience it, I would recommend Xplor. Its not very far from the hotel and you pay $100 for the day and you get an all you can eat buffet, rafting and swimming in the cenotes, AWESOME ziplining and amphibian riding. It was well worth the money and one of the best times we had in Mexico. The hotel even offers transportation.
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