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  1. HELP!!!! just found out my photographer isnt going.. and its 13 days untill the wedding. anyone getting married around this date and willing to share a photographer? Thanks
  2. Hey Ladies, Im looking for a site to order my flowers from ... any tips or good sites out there. Because I cant seem to find much Iv been googleing like crazy about flowers . Thanks
  3. My shoes gonna be hot in them but I dont care! I just fell in love with them as soon as I seen them, off ebay got them for a great price
  4. so fun i love this thread love halloween as well ... this year me and FI are gonna be beetle juice and lydia
  5. Hey DWBride615 I didnt just mean your wedding alone... Iv noticed that some brides are spending alot of money on a wedding down south, more power to um if they can do it. But for me that much, is crazy on a wedding down south. Â As I said good for them if they want to
  6. Were hoping to stay under $6000.00 to $6500.00, which includes everything,,, travel/resort, wedding dress and FI clothes, OOT bags(filled), Rings, flowers, Hair done for wedding day, photographer, ect, I cant even think about spending anymore. For me going down south I think of simple and beautiful, and not over the top. Â Id like to see pic's as well, of the wedding with all the big $$ spent im sure its really nice. But for me, that much for a wedding south is a waste.
  7. Exciting confirmed date and time (Valentine_Baby ) I was supper excited when mine was confirmed.
  8. Im very excited! she does great work,, Iv got to correct myself... I think she has two websites, ones a bit older and theres a new one as well, The newer website is awsome,
  9. Hey Ladies myself and another bride will be sharing a photographer, Genevieve Albert. She does really nice work for a great price. Just thought Id let you ladies who are getting married in Melia Las Dunas during April 16th - April 30th 2011, that she will be there. You can find her on Facebook, and she also have a fan page on facebook of her work. she also has her own website, but its not very updated, her work on FB is much better. Its worth the price  Cassandra<3
  10. yup we are book for April 26th 2011 @ 1:30pm. So Excited cant wait. Thanks For the comment mrsaiello2b, im glad your day was everything you wanted it to be.
  11. Nope never been befor to this resort. But it looks and sounds good to me. I read some good and some bad reviews for this resort but thats with every resort you read about down south. Its just personal intrest I guess, But im supper excited about this resort and cant wait to go.
  12. was at this resort last year for a wedding. I loved every minute of it. Couldnt ask for any better.
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