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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by wisconsinbride2010 MaR you wedding was absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures!! It makes me more at ease and excited about having our wedding in October thank you!!! and don't worry everything will turn out perfect for you, just remember to do a list of all the things you want, because with all the excitement you forget!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by cinny726 MaR- Your pics are beautiful. We were at Dreams July 2nd for a site inspection. Your pics really made the idea of a wedding on the pool deck come to life. You look like you had such a great time! Congrats!! I was wondering what time you had your ceremony and reception? I loved how you had a perfect mix of daylight photos and night time photos. Also...to any brides with more than 20 guests: Our guest list is growing and I am really worried about how high the bill is going to be if almost all of our 75 guests happen to decide to come. Is there a rate for groups larger than 50 or anything? Or is it the cost of the wedding plus roughly $100 per person after 20 guests Eeeek! Thank you!!!!! Our ceremony was supposed to start at 5 but at the end started around 6 and we had the reception at 8.... everything was on mexican time!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jennyandmatt Your pics are beautiful! I am also having fuschia and orange as my wedding colors. Where did you get the sashes for the chairs? Do you still have them? I would love to purchase them from you if you don't have any use for them! Thank you!!! I got the sashes, table runners and napkins online from tableoverlays.com, I ordered for 50 people and i paid $125. Unfortunately I don't have them anymore I just kept the napkins, I gave the rest of the things to Ana including the fabric for the arch, so other brides can use them for free. Sorry!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by latinive Your wedding was beautiful. And you looked amazing. Congratulations on becoming a Mrs. Thank you for your kind words!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsRobart Awww they came out lovely and it looks like it was quite the party! Did you have a DJ who gave the swirly tube thingies that everyone is using on the dancefloor out? LOVE it! Congrats and thanks so much for sharing. I stalk the boards after a wedding anxious to see the latest pic lol so thanks for posting them. Your wedding looked gr8!! Thank you! Yes we had the DJ (Doremixx) and they gave us the twist balloons. We had a lot of fun!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by sammy2882 Mar- Everything looked great! What location did you have your reception at? Thank you so much!! We had our reception at the pool deck.
  7. Hello ladies! I know you love pictures... so here is my wedding slideshow. We got married on July 4th and it was amazing! Ana was great, she works really hard to please you, so dont worry! everything will be taken care of once you get there... 04072010DRERC_SYED - SYED
  8. Maybe she said no because it was too late (I was told that reception has to finish at 11pm or at 1am if it is indoors) For the extra hours of open bar they charge you $15+tax per hour per person and if you reception finishes late you also have to pay the cabs for the employees!!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by tsgnatko Jennifer & Michael - 5/7/2010 Jessica & Robbie - 5/15/2010 Margaret & Matthew - 5/15/2010 Alison & Mike - 5/20/2010 Megan & Jason - 5/21/2010 LeAnn and Matt- 5/24/2010 Ashley & ? - 5/30/2010 Rachelle & Randal - 6/3/2010 Nancy & Bruce - 6/11/2010 aperkins7- 6/12/2010 Diana & David- 6/13/2010 Erica & John – 6/19/2010 carlychristine - 6/22/2010 Evelilna & Phil - 6/25/2010 Aleka & Maka- 7/7/2010 Leah & Chris- 7/9/2010 Allison & ? – 7/24/2010 Cathy & Chin – 7/29/2010 Kelvin & Leydi – 7/30/2010 John & Lili – 8/1/2010 Alison & Jimmy 8/8/2010 Thao & Triet: 9/3/2010 Nikki & Tyler- 9/17/2010 Casey & Ron - 9/18/2010 Sarah & Joe – 9/18/2010 Mindy & Joe - /10/4/2010 Toni & Jake – 10/8/2010 Vix1383 – 10/16/2010 Adrian & Peter 10/17/2010 Kym & Brian – 10/19/2010 Emma & ? - 10/23/2010 Robyn and Chris- 10/24/2010 Reagan & Brent – 10/26/2010 wisconsionbride - 10/28/2010 Rachael & Alex - 10/31/2010 Chelsey & Travis- 11/5/2010 April & Reggie – 11/6/2010 Jannine & Pete- 11/11/2010 Ashley & Mark- 11/15/2010 Kate and Cam - 11/19/2010 Tracy & ? -11/26/2010 lnf_munchkin - 11/27/2010 Lori and Jason- 11/29/2010 t1219 – 11/30/2010 Heather & Braden- 12/6/2010 Angela & Craig - 12/8/2010 allegraapple – 12/12/2010 majimart – 12/17/2010 volosikj-1/15/2011 Tara & Andy 2/10/2011 rscherle- 2/19/2011 saymyname74- 3/5/2011 Melissa & Nathanael 5/8/11 Leanne & Adam 5/14/2011 Ashley & Jeremy 5/16/2011 Mariana & Shan 7/4/2010
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Laura22610 Megan...I am sorry you feel like things aren't working out Just from personal experience...you really won't miss the people that aren't coming. We had a member of our wedding party back out 2 weeks before the wedding! It was really a downer when it happened but in the end, we didn't really miss them because we had so much fun with the people that did come. When you do get to Mexico, and you are at the swing bar with a Mango Tango (which are sooo good!), you probably won't care as much about the things you are worried about now! I didn't have one worry once I got there even though I was majorly stressed before I left. It is so beautiful there...your wedding will be amazing!!! That sounds really good!! Laura did you get the complimentary room the night before your wedding and what is the honeymoon package??
  11. Laura!!! Thank you for taking the time to do the review and answer all the questions..... I have another question, how much did you pay the videographer for the extra hour?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by lstaff does anyone have a pdf document of the resort map by chance? i plan on having it as part of my oot bags/ welcome gifts I just saw that your wedding is the 9th mine is the 4th!!!! When are you arriving to the resort?? maybe you will be there to see my wedding!! btw i posted the map. Good luck!!
  13. Hey!! I do have a map of the hotel, i dont even know from where i got it. I hope quality is good. Happy planing!!! drerc-map.pdf
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by carinagirl Hi Everyone - I am back from the most fanatastic wedding at Dreams. I don't have much time to write about it in detail, so I thought I would share with you the pictures from the resort photgraphers who were fabulous. We had our own photographers too, but I really loved the pictures the resort photgraphers took. The videographer was great too! I didn't even think I cared about a video, but they did such an amazing job and I cherish it. One more important thing I must mention. Ana was the best! She works very hard and she went above and beyond to make it the most special day. More on that later. But remember, with a destination wedding, you may not be able to finalize a lot of details until you get there. But once you are there, she will sit with you and take care of it. Ana was terrific! Enjoy the slideshow... Ari & Carina Your pictures are beautiful!.... Im getting so excited!!! I hope you could write a full review. Thank you for sharing with us.
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