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  1. Hi Ladies, It's been a while since I've been on here. Allyzouz- You have to contact them to get availability for weddings. They basically block out the whole year for people want to just stay at PF for a vacation. Obviously they want to leave it open if someone wants to do a full takeover and they have only one room booked for outside guests. Just email them and they will get back to you quickly. Good luck! PF is amazing! Lunnsu- I got married 11/06/09 and I had cala lillies for my centerpieces. They were my second choice because the mini cala lillies I originally wanted were way out of my budget. But they ended up being absolutely beautiful and I got tons of compliments. If you look at my slideshow (Jennie & Reggie) you can see them. Abruno - We did a welcome dinner the second night because most people were there by then (we did 5 nights total) and then the night before did our rehearsal dinner. We just had a schedule that each person got in their welcome bags to let them know when to be where. If people chose to not participate that was ok too. We wanted to leave some free time so people could do their own thing. However, you've probably figured it out by now. Jennie
  2. Hi jmred, I don't check the forums too often so sorry for the late response. Michetta is correct. That is Playa Fiesta Beachclub & Hotel. Absolutely loved having that as my wedding location and just went back this last December for another visit. Jennie
  3. Hi Sarah, I ended up doing a little bit of both. I bought bags, koozies, games, first aid kits, etc at home. Then I bought snacks and such in PV to add to the pages. However, one tip for you: we went to Walmart to get snacks and they didn't have anything we really wanted. I heard Costco has a better selection. So if you have a Costco card I would just head over there. Good luck! Jennie
  4. Sorry that you're dealing with this. I think it's normal for anyone who chooses a DW to get guilt somewhere along the way. But like everyone else said, it's your day. I had a lot of people I thought would be there, and was sad they couldn't make it. But in the end it was okay. And for people who make you feel guilty that's there problem. They have no right to be selfish about the most important day of your life. Good luck and try not to stress too much!
  5. Magalie - I hope you have a wonderful wedding week. Try not to stress to much, everything will come together. It's going to be one of the best weeks of your life! Can't wait to hear how it went once you're back!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by sabbott Question for past PF brides - Many of you had fun drinks lined up for the cocktail reception after the ceremony that matched your colors (i.e. Kate's blue drinks, etc). Did you ask for a signature drink and was that included in your open bar price? Or did you have to pay extra to have a signature drink? We're trying to pass on the extra charges like Mojito bar, etc. Thanks! We had one case of champagne that went oh so fast (extra charge) and everything else was included in the open bar. I considered having a specialty drink as well, but it's hard to predict what your guests really want. By your wedding day, the bartenders will know the drinks your guests like so they'll be getting pretty much whatever they want anyways! Twice during the reception, we asked the bar to make a 'mixed shot' for people to grab, all included. Everyone loved it!
  7. Magalie- Sorry to hear about your dress. I went through something similar when the sales girl told me we could easily put in a sweetheart neckline (I even showed her pictures of exactly what I wanted). However, when I got to my first fitting, the seamstress was adamant that the neckline I wanted wouldn't work. She was able to suggest a different style sweetheart and I loved the way it turned out although I was definitely not what I had been picturing in my mind in the 6 months between purchasing the dress and my first fitting. I'm sure you'll look beautiful in the dress re-poofed and all. And don't feel too bridezilla. It's your dress! You have a right to want it a certain way. Good luck!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by kate.com Ok so I know that Lindsay and Blaire are the best WCs in the world... but I am going to Playa Fiesta in the morning and was wondering if you girls needed anything? I hope you and Bill have a blast! I'm so jealous!!
  9. Welcome Vanessa and Traci. IMO you can never start planning too early! Congrats Crystal! Hope your day was as amazing as you've dreamed of.
  10. Congrats ives on booking! Location seems to be the hardest (and most important decision). You're going to love PF. Did you do a site visit?
  11. You look fabulous in your dress Crystal! Your menus, placecards/candles and table numbers turned out great. I love the turquoise/brown combo. So simple and elegant. That's so exciting that you leave in 1 week. You are going to have the best time. Yay!
  12. My website is still up, but not sure for how much longer: jennieandreggie.com I updated it right before the wedding so it doesn't have our original welcome message. But the info on PF seemed to be helpful to our guests. (Thanks again Kate for letting me borrow). I ordered simple invites from weddingpaperdivas.com which I loved. Here's a link to the exact invitation. Signature White Wedding Invitations - Floral Patterned by Wedding Paper Divas We weren't able to fit a ton of information on there so we too directed everyone to our site. We didn't have anyone who wasn't able to get online to view. However, some people contacted my parents with additional questions. sabbott - have you set a date yet?
  13. I was originally determined to get legally married in PV, but after speaking with Lindsay I changed our/my mind. I didn't want to do two ceremonies, but after I realized that we would be married by a judge in Mexico that would preform the ceremony in spanish, I knew it had to be done. I speak conversational spanish, but DH does not and it seemed ridiculous to make those sort of promises to each other if we're not understanding what we're saying. We got married the day before we left for PV in our local church with just my parents. So it actually worked out great because I still got to have a church wedding and it only cost $95 for the marriage license and a $200 donation to our church. Good luck. Either way you'll find a way that works best for you two!
  14. Agreed. We went to Walmart and I was disappointed I couldn't find the items I wanted. Mostly they didn't have any of the drink mix you can add to a water bottle. But we did get some Oreos and little chip bags which our guests loved. We made due with what was available. We didn't make it to Costco but I had a feeling it would be more in line with what we were expecting.
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