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  1. Hi everyone! I know that I haven't been on in forever, so first of all congrats to all the new PF brides! To everyone who is getting married there soon, you will have a great time! And to anyone who is still in the decision process: I have zero regrets about choosing PF. Our wedding anniversary is in two days, and still we talk about the food and still we feel that we made the best decision ever. I will be posting on our wedding blog more pictures about each day of our wedding long weekend at PF. I thought I'd share it with you ladies - more photos never hurt! My apologies though, we did
  2. Ours will be in two days! No firm plans yet, but we will be celebrating in Istanbul. We are still on our honeymoon, but since it's such a long one it means no fancy dinners and no nice hotel rooms. Oh well!
  3. Willing to negotiate on the price - I really need to sell this!
  4. I didn't do the Mexican cookies (I thought about it), but they had them (for free) with the "Sunday" brunch (day after the wedding). They were OK. I only tried the traditional ones.
  5. Kelli, there wasn't a problem with everyone eating at the same time. I did find the meal was a little early for us, but we were able to push it back after talking to Lindsay. They are very flexible. I also found that some people showed up a little later than others, since it's buffet-style it doesn't matter if they aren't exactly on time!
  6. I'm selling my stunning Pronovias lace and tulle dress. Structured bodice with zipper and button back. Sweetheart neckline, A-line / ball gown dress. Fabric puff adds interest. French bustle. Â * Originally purchased from: Bello Bridal, for $1957 with alterations. Dry cleaning was an additional $180. * Asking $900 + shipping to your location. Â Alterations done: loosely sown-in cups (can be removed without any damage), dress length, train length, puff size. Bodice was not altered at all. Â Size: Size 6 (same as sample at the store). Fits street size 4-6. Lenght: Floor-lengt
  7. First of all, congrats to everyone who is booking! You will not regret it. The biggest stress was booking the rooms, but it was worth it. And although it's not an all-inclusive, it almost is so it works great. Â Â Hi Sarah, there are two officiants associated with the resort. This is one of the planning step that you go through with Lindsay. Otherwise you can have a friend / relative / whoever you want do the ceremony. We used Lucie, one of the ones associated with the resort. She was lovely and speaks French, which was perfect for us. But because I wrote the entire ceremony, I did f
  8. Vanessa, it's absolutely crazy! It's a full-time job, so I'm happy that I'm not working anymore. There's just so much to do, organize, plan - and we're selling pretty much everything we own so that's super time consuming on top of everything! It will all be worth it though. We leave in less than a month! I'm so excited
  9. Glad that we can help Jenny Lee! PF is just absolutely perfect and stunning, it was better than I could have ever imagined.
  10. Bizzyangel, I'm sending you a PM about the shipping.
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