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  1. Hello ladies! I am back on the site and checking in because I have gotten a few questions about the resort and certain specific things. I was married at HRH on May 7th this year and had at the time the largest wedding they have ever had on the property (I am sure some of you will surpass my 104 soon). Because of our size we qualified for the free unlimited events and our 7 night stay being free as well. The way that works is when you book your group travel through the Miami office you are charged the 7 nights up front. If you spend any money while onsite and charge it to your room (spa services outside of the promo, casino stuff, the gift shop, etc) that is deducted from your total credit. The remaining amount is what is refunded to your credit card after your wedding is over. Nancy and the onsite accountant will meet with you after the wedding to tell you what will be credited back. The chairs ARE included in your events as well as the linens but if you want anything upgraded you have to pay. We did our Cinco de Mayo Welcome Reception on the Eclipse Terrace so we upgraded the linens and decor and FYI the Mexican buffet was the BEST food the entire weekend. As for the restaurants you can host something in there if there isn't something already. Our farewell Mother's Day brunch was in the Mexican restaurant and was a private event for just my guests. I did a site visit prior to getting engaged because we were already on vacation in DR so I met Nancy and the WC I would work with that day so once I signed my contract I started emailing them. They are usually on top of everything but will have a few delays in emailing back. The best way in communicating with them so all your questions are answered is in bullets so that your WC will respond in another color to everything. What else, I HIGHLY recommend staying on top of your charges because I had a 5 month battle to get money refunded back to my card for my mother's room but it was resolved so I am happy again. My pictures aren't active on HDC anymore but there are few on the website below if you want to check them out. http://blackbridalbliss.com/2011/10/18/tie-the-knot-tuesday-yaasmeen-richard/ Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck! Y~
  2. Hi Ladies, I had my wedding at the Hard Rock on May 7th. I did qualify for unlimited events and I had a private reception in one of the ballrooms because I had 102 guests. I had a beautiful ceremony and reception but I want everyone to pay close attention to your bills. I am still dealing with charges being moved to my bill from some of my guests rooms seven weeks after the event. My group coordinator was Marlyn Tobon and she is AWFUL! She hasn't returned emails from not only me, but some of her colleagues who are on-site trying to handle these issues for me. If I don't hear anything from them before the end of the month I will be filing a suit against them. On the other hand, Nancy and her team in the wedding department are great and I love them! It just sucks that accounting drama and how they don't even care that I am out $1,000 after spending 30 times that isn't a concern for them. Good luck to you all and if you have Marlyn, request someone else! I will post pictures of my wedding in the planning thread. Y~
  3. The problem isn't just the mugs because my OOT bags are paper suitcases so they are large as well. I'm trying not to obsess about it for another ten days when I have my final count. My genius bridal mule plan may not work because the airlines that normally don't charge baggage fees for International travel have just changed their rules. Thanks American! I will make sure to tell you how it turns out.
  4. LovesJakeyPoo, My wedding is there in May so PM me with any questions you may have. I will say that we did a tour before booking as well and loved it and that was before it became Hard Rock! I think you will be satisfied.
  5. Since I am in the posting mood here are the cards I sent to my bridesmaids and hostesses!
  6. Gmac I did get the envelopes with them and the best part is that it was regular postage! Ana, is Ana de Roux and she is on here as a vendor. PM me if you have any other questions about her work. I am putting up my invitations tomorrow.
  7. Lesley_Mexico I am using the paper suitcases as my OOT bags! How funny! Granted I now have almost 100 guests so I am freaking out about how I am getting them all to DR. Great minds though...
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