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  1. During my wedding, Nicole and her assistant guarded the beach so people wouldn't walk through my ceremony. The photo/video people were working no time to sit.
  2. Beyonce revealed her pregnancy yesterday on the VMA's and I'm really happy for her and Jay but for some reason and I'm also a tad bit jealous. Maybe because I wouldn't mind being pregnant lol. In due time.... As far Beyonce, it took long enough!
  3. If money was no object, (I know this is blasphemy) I wouldn't have had a DW. My wedding would have been in an all-white loft in midtown manhattan with 250 guests with royal blue decorations. I would have John Legend sing me down the aisle ( I had someone sing his song instead) and my reception would be more of an all star concert. Just saying.... BTW, I loved my wedding and the price in JA!!
  4. Dislike, too old to Trick or treat. Chihuahuas?
  5. I'm 27 and behind my schedule, my goal was pregnant at 26 but then we pushed the wedding back and now we are going on vacation to Dubai next year. I think after New Year, no more BC. If it happens, it happens. I really didn't want to be pregnant on such a big vacay, but I'm tired of waiting. If we weren't going I'd start now.
  6. The sand was fine, I purchased wedges but the sand was getting in my shoe and getting irritating so I took them off after the ceremony for the pictures. I didnt even notice the sand, so it was not hot at all.
  7. No it was just me, everyone else was too cheap lol. They are allowed, my godsister came and she is 12.
  8. NO TTD Hubby wasn't willing to get his clothes wet lol I did pay the vendor fee for 3 people (i also did videographer) Yes they were artificial they were included I think this is the smallest, i never saw it but it was booked anyway so it couldn't be privatized for my wedding.
  9. No down payment, just touch base with her before you leave if you don't hear from her. She contacted me about a week or 2 beforehand.
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