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  1. Got the fans and starfish from oriental trading and my mom made these for the ceremony. Hanger is from an etsy seller, but i apologize i can't remember who... Ceremony shoes, shoes for after ceremony (DIY'd by my mom), and WVU garter Honeymoon outfits and bathing suits: Well i believe that's about it! THANK YOU sooo much to Tammy and everyone for this amazing site! my wedding wouldn't have been half as amazing without you. thank you to everyone on here for all of your awesome ideas and honest feedback. i'm definately going to be in bdw wit
  2. Jewerly: I’m wearing my Mom’s pearl necklace as my something borrowed. I got my earrings from ebay, they are pearl and larimar. Larimar is found only in the Dominican, so I really wanted to incorporate it somewhere in my jewelry. I also have a 3 strand pearl bracelet from JCPenny. My bouquet will be ivory and fuchsia roses, boutonnieres are ivory roses and MOH bouquet is a mini version of mine. Our ceremony is at 1pm (booo) and we are having a cocktail hour at 2:30. We are doing the included dinner at the steakhouse at 6:30. We will go back to the gazebo after dinn
  3. Welcome dinner Dress: Found this gem at Macy’s. Love love love it J Something borrowed, blue, old and new: For my something borrowed I will wear my Mom’s pearls. My Mom is my best friend and an amazing role model. I feel honored to wear her pearls when I marry my best friend, sort of like a hug that will last all day! For my something blue I have a WVU garter belt (blue and gold)- Go Mountaineers! I’m really excited about my something old. It’s a magic hankie that my Mom received at her baby shower for me. I wore it home from the hospital when I was born
  4. I wrote most of this before our wedding, but since i can only post to bdw from my parents computer it took a while for me to post. My fiance and I were married on June 29, 2011 at the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana. Here's our story: How we met: Billy and I met when I was 16. I had just gotten over being really sick with mono and hadn’t been out of the house in over a month, even for school. My best friend was spending the night and her boyfriend was going to come see her. We decided that I needed to get out of the house too, so she had her man bring his friend along. I should
  5. Take a deep breath and know that you are not alone! we choose to have a DW for the exact same reason and find ourselves a week away from our big day wondering what happened to everyone! initially when we decided to have a DW we knew my family would be onboard (it was actually their idea), but weren't sure about his. we talked to key family members and everyone said "i wouldn't miss it for the world!" we actually changed our resort to accomodate FSIL's daughter she said was definately coming. we even asked her to be our flower girl and that was met with excitement and everything seemed per
  6. i love love love the beach gazebo! it looks secluded and perfect! it's really up to you and what you like though. good luck and no matter which you choose they are all gorgeous!
  7. Has anyone heard from Susanna? starting to get a lil nervous
  8. I liked you on FB! such an awesome idea! i have never heard of shot clip before, but i'm in love now! my cousin/MOH would be my top photographer choice. She's an AMAZING photographer and works out of LA. Would love love love to win an account!
  9. At this point I'm convinced that if you have a smaller party, a TA isn't worth it. i didn't want a TA, but several guests were asking me if i had one and that it would be easier if i did, ect. finally i broke down and got one. her prices were higher than expedia or apple, although she did offer price matching. the reason i say it's not worth it is b/c they don't do anything extra except book the trip (atleast not mine). but that is all i expected, so i'm not sure what else they would do. if you do decide to get one, i would talk to them before booking about when to expect your travel doc
  10. We did book the cocktail hour with the WC. you can have it at the lobby bar or Sea & See restaurant terrace, and you just pay for any appetizers you want. my cousin is doing our photography, she is a photog for Hot Topic in LA and since she's family, they won't charge us the $300.
  11. I got my something old yesterday at my shower. it's the bonnet i wore home from the hospital when i was born! it was made so that after it's worn as a baby bonnet, you take out a couple of stitches and it turns into a hanky for your wedding day. it even came with a poem that i couldn't even read i was crying too much So, my "something old" is 28 years old. i guess these things used to be pretty popular, b/c every bridal shower i go to in my family the bride-to-be gets one from her mom. i think anything that connects you to your past works and you can use it anytime throughout the day o
  12. Getting married June 29 at ME and we have 12 people including bride and groom. Our ceremony is at the gazebo at 1pm (boo, wish i could have a later time), cocktail hour at lobby bar at 2:30, dinner at steakhouse at 6:30. those are the only "planned" events we have. after the cocktail hour i want us to get some group pictures, so that'll prob take some time. oh, i almost forgot... after dinner we are going to go back to the gazebo with our Ipod and speakers for our first dance and father/daughter dance. not sure where the night will lead us at that point. i'm just going to go with the flo
  13. It's a set time at 6:30, and you aren't allowed to change it
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