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  1. How about images of.... Wedding Favors Bouquets Cakes Reception Tables Cakes Invitations
  2. The Mini Wedding Salvatore Mini and Jessica Snyder were wed on June 25, 2011. Jessica, username Jszy10, used the BDW Community to bring her destination wedding to life. Jessica gives back to the BDW Community as she kindly shares the details of her perfect day in an interview below. The Mini’s Wedding Profile The Bride Jessica Snyder / BDW member: Jszy10 The Groom Salvatore Mini Hometown Philadelphia, PA Wedding Date 6/25/2011 Wedding Location Aventura Spa Palace, Riviera Maya, Mexico Why did you choose to ha
  3. Thank you so much for sharing these very helpful details with our community- and the pictures. Pictures are always appreciated.
  4. You can check out DJ Mannia's BDW Page here, under wedding vendors: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/mannia-audio-video-illumination-punta-cana If you have any new pictures, videos, or insight, share it on his review page. Thanks!
  5. This message is brought to you by Luxe Destination Weddings. The Discount: Luxe is offering 20% Off of the Opulence Package for any BDW bride who sees and clicks on the Luxe ad show below and inquires about services. The Luxe ad will be rotating throughout our BDW Pages, so keep an eye out for it! This is a great deal. The Opulence Package builds upon the Bliss Package. Below is the explanation of both. To learn more about Luxe Destination Wedding Services send a Private Message to Jessica4Luxe on BDW or go to http://www.luxedestinationweddings.com/SERVICES/.
  6. This information is brought to you by Blue Petal Destination Weddings. Blue Petal is comprised of a team of Professional Wedding Coordinators and Expert Travel Agents focussed on taking the stress out of your day. Announcement: Blue Petal's Senior Wedding Designer, Keine Dennis recently visited the Riviera Maya to personally meet up with the On-Site Wedding Coordinators for her brides. She witnessed several mock weddings and blogged about all of it on the Blue Petal Facebook page. Blue Petal Manager, Ginger Blum will be doing the same thing in mid October 2011. This month can expec
  7. Jessica4Luxe, Thanks! This is very helpful information. -C
  8. Win a Free Photo Enlargement with Smile Market: To participate and win, you will need to follow these 4 steps: How to Enter Join BestDestinationWedding.com Go to Smile Market's Vendor Page and select "Add to Your List" then "Want to Book." Become a Fan of Smile Market on Facebook Log into BDW with your new account and send SMPhotography a Private Message. Please include the following information in your PM to us: Name of the Bride & Groom Date of your wedding Hotel/Resort you are staying at Your Username on BestDestinationWedding (BDW) Your
  9. Congratulations to our First Place Winner: Melissa727 And Congratulations to Ginamb our Second Place Winner!!! We hope to see you in pics of your party flops. Thanks to everyone for participating. Getting Married on the Beach???? It’s your wedding. It’s your day. Everything is personalized to your event, and your shoes shouldn’t be any different. If it’s a wedding on the beach you’ll need some Party Flops. Party Flops specializes in personalized flip-flops for the bride, groom and bridal party. These flip-flops are a popular hit with everyone! Party Flops is
  10. Party Flops Giveaway for Your Special Day
  11. We are pleased to announce that Jamieirene is the winner of this contest! How did we determine the winner? BDW created a list of all our entries (one entry per member) in the order of the which they were submitted. We used Random.org's List Randomizer to randomize our list. The first name in the randomized list is our winner. Hello BDW Brides, We are pleased to announce the Gonzalo Nunez Engagement Shoot Contest! Win a free engagement photo shoot in New York by Gonzalo Nunez. Gonzalo is a professional wedding photographer with an impressive portfolio and
  12. Dream Weddings Mexico Dream Weddings Mexico is the premiere destination wedding consultancy specializing in beach weddings in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Tulum. We love to plan, coordinate and execute luxurious and stylish weddings, and we will be so happy to work with you. You have just stepped into wedding planning heaven! Our philosophy: Dream it, live it, love it!! Vendor Contact Information: info@dreamweddingsmexico.com www.dreamweddingsmexico.com Phone: 011 52 998 914 01 01 Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/dreamweddingsmx/ Our Work:
  13. The Nonconformist's Bouquet Floral bouquets are gorgeous, timeless, and traditional, but sometimes the occasion and our personality beg for something a little more avant-garde. Today, there are a myriad of alternatives to the floral bouquet that serve as beautiful and unique options to the traditional. The first and most recently publicized is the gorgeous broach bouquet, followed by feather, fabric and even paper bouquets that will satisfy that nonconformist in you. Country star, Miranda Lambert walked down the aisle toward country star, Blake Shelton carrying a beautiful
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