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  1. For those of you who sent me a PM, I got them. The maracas are all ORANGE. I am trying to find time to count them all to see how many of you I can accomidate. Please bear with me... Good Luck planning!!! Ashley*
  2. Ashley*


  3. about 75-100 Maracas for sale $0.75 a piece. I purchased too many, and not enough people took them home from our AHR. I will be off the site until Tuesday (July5th), let me know if you want them!!!
  4. mine is square and I love it, I never have to adjust it because it's spinning. It's great!
  5. she has since backed out...I'm both relieved and hurt. Relieved because I know she would have been more of a problem when we were down there. And hurt because she's my sister and all my life I've dreamed of this day with her beside me. Thank you everyone for your support
  6. Oops, should have paid closer attention to the dates. Sorry!
  7. I did the same package, and was wondering the same thing?! Hopefully someone responds
  8. Ugh oh, I just came upon this thread. Most of our group has booked with the exception of a few and I'm getting married the night before you are! I hope this doesn't mean we're getting "bumped" I would hate for some of our guests to be moved to Zoetry and others to be at Dreams. And, how many can they move? We're booked for 4/20-4/29 at Dreams. How far is Zoetry away? Will we need to take a cab to our own wedding? OR is it within walking distance?
  9. I had the same confusion, as I'm getting married the 23rd of April. You guys are right about the rates, I also questioned Yarai about the address. Seems like if we all had the confusion, maybe they could make it somewhat easier.  As for the room blocks, I don't want to, but I found quite a bit cheaper online. I'm hoping this doesn't backfire, but I've heard that if Dreams bumps guests to another hotel, they aren't charged the $89/person rather the $70. Because they are the ones who overbooked.  Hope you guys are having a great time planning   Â
  10. great review, and you've got me EXTREAMLY jealous & mad! Prices for our trip are quoted at $467/person! I would love to have $175/night!
  11. thanks ladies, for your support, and advice. It's appreciated, and noted. IslandBride~I too, keep holding out, hoping she'll snap out of it and become the way she once used to be. Well at least 2 years ago...before she got married. I'm wondering if she's resentful because I have a great relationship with my FI, and her's she continuously yells at. Rachel~We have dogs, so I don't see a reason for her to not bring him along! Lucy~she's an RN, and her husband has a great job. They have the $$ and my parents have offered to help. I get the feeling that she's really just scared to travel to Mexico without or with her kids & husband. I'm getting resentful & thinking the same as "IslandBride," I wouldn't put up with a friend to treat me this way, how can I be friends with my sister?!
  12. My sister has been a problem since the day of the engagement... We got engaged on New Years Eve, prior to the proposal my FI contacted my sister and brother-in-law to see if they could come out with us that night (along with all of our other closest friends) my mom even volunteered to bbsit. They declined (which they do all the time lately). After I got engaged, I texted my family, since it was midnight, she replied, "and I found this out by a text?!" No congratulations, no I'm happy for you, nothing. So in March, her son turned 1, we attend everything possible for him and treat him to everything we can. She also recently got a puppy, thus her reasoning for NEVER coming to our house anymore. FYI-we live 1 hour away, same distance each way! We attend everything for her, her family, and her husbands family. So my story continues, after we got engaged she dropped hints like, "we'd really like if you'd get married in this state etc. Since she's never been out of the country. After numerous "hints" I finally told her, "It's my wedding, and this is what we want to do." She told me to not call her, etc. She's my SISTER! WTF. So recently, her husband came and visited us for a local concert. She stayed home. My brother in law had no answers for me other than, you need to talk to her. Why the heck do I need to talk to her? Since then I have emailed her numerous times, ideas for dresses, etc. I've asked her to come up and pick out her dress, with no answer and rude emails. She should be happy for me, and be excited to plan. Should I just drop her? It seems to me she doesn't want to go... Oh and one more thing, she just informed us...she prego, due in December. UGH!
  13. here is one of mine for the TTD: I can't wait to wear it!
  14. Be careful, some C-clips are not allowed on planes. Just thought I'd give you a heads up, I got mine taken away at security once.
  15. I can't believe you stayed apart, that must have been crazy hard. Congrats on your countdown and I hope the reunion is wonderful for you both!
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