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  1. Yes it is much different in the evening. It really looks amazing with all the lights! Our guests are still talking about how great it was. I thought the bathrooms were okay. Lots of stalls and seemed clean. Nothing special, but not gross. I thought I would freshen up, but ended up dancing and not caring I think I went into the bathroom twice. It was more expensive to use Kool compared to the resort, but I think it was worth it to have a private location and dedicated service. You will be the only bride, this was important to me. Also the food was really good. I also liked that you
  2. My apologies,my internet has been down at home the last couple of days. I will reply to everyone tonight.
  3. Just wanted to let the Toronto/GTA ladies know that I listed a bunch of post wedding items. Help save you some shipping costs http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/74461/calling-gta-torontobrides-post-wedding-sale#post_1633444 Planning OOT Bags was so much fun, kind of sad it's all over
  4. Found the image button, here are some pictures.. Travel Mugs Hair Piece Beach Bags Favor boxes
  5. Multiple items for sale. I prefer pick up, I live in Toronto East York (Danforth & Woodbine) area. Also I work in the yonge & bloor area, if that is easier. Post here so others know you've spoken for the item. Then PM me and we can sort out the details Having trouble attaching the pictures, hopefully the links are okay. 20 Travel Mugs - $2.50 http://i853.photobucket.com/albums/ab92/PaperbagPrincessAK/travelmug.jpg 15 Beach Bags - $1.00 25 String Cinch Bags - $2.00 (gave these to the guys they loved them) Pictures shows everything in my OOT Bags. Brown bag
  6. This will be quick, I am at work But wanted to get this up until I write my full wedding review. My wedding was on May 21st. We had the Mexician menu. It was awesome! Everyone is still talking about the soup, I believe it was called Poblana. Salads were great. We chose the chicken fajitas, I don't remember which beef and the fish in coriander sauce. I can't eat tomatoes and they has a salad waiting for me, how nice is that? They prepared us a signature drink which we had waiting for everyone when they arrived. When we asked to create one, they must have made 7-10 for u
  7. http://pinterest.com OMG I love this site! They describe themselves as a virtual pin board. Basically you add this little "pin it" to your browser. From there whenever you see an image you like you can add it to various inspiration type boards you have created. You can use your facebook login. You can follow people. See what other people are posting. Finally all my craft ideas in one place, no more sorting through my 1000 bookmarks. I can see all the pictures for my future DIY, baking, decorating, etc. So excited! I may love this site more than etsy? Is that poss
  8. I am using teal, aqua and orange. So I have some range in the blues, which makes it easier with finding things. Here are some of my items so far.... TABLE NUMBERS TRAVEL PILLOWS for OOT Bags LUGGAGE TAGS Magnet from STD That's all I have for pictures right now But more to come in 9 weeks when I complete my planning thread!!!
  9. This is my fave DIY to date. When I saw these mini easels at the art store I fell in love!. Which lead me to the back of the store to find 4x5 canvas boards (cheaper than the mini stretched canvas). Also picked up some stencils, style I wanted wasn't something I'd normally paint. Overall took me a couple hours to paint them and to stick a little bling on I had left over from my centerpieces. Very happy with how they turned out. But also tempted to try some more as it was pretty fun. For those intimidated by the art store or painting like I use to be, these are some tips I got that
  10. So awesome! If I didn't have 10 other DIYs to finish in the next 9 weeks, these would be on the list for sure. Great template as well!
  11. I attended a wedding here in January and it was great. The couple really liked their wedding planner and were very happy with their special day. If you want to see pictures>>>> www.yogile.com/kimandtodd pw wedding enjoy!
  12. I like the Jai dress. Looks like the combo of the two dresses. The ruffles and the rouching (sp?) of dress number 2 (which I love and looks so good on you) and then the little details of the 1st dress. Is this one out just because of the pictures?
  13. Hey Mrs. LowUFO I was just looking at minimus and thinking of ordering. I am also in Toronto maybe we could split on an order? I am more than happy to place an order for both of us. Then we can meet up exchange goods On my $80 order there is an additonal $40 for shipping. I am in the woodbine & danforth area and work near yonge & bloor. PM me if you are interested.
  14. Did you like the Yucatan menu? is it what you are going to get? Thanks!
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