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  1. Here are the pictures of the water bottle labels and then 2 wine bottle labels I ordered from Etsy as well:
  2. Pictures of the Inside of the Welcome Book: Plus many more pages of guests! Then the Schedule of Events, Wedding Info:
  3. I bought the welcome books at Hobby Lobby for $2 a piece when the Scrapbooking Items were 50% off (they are quite a bit of the time) then I just started a new Word document that was the dimensions of the album and then printed a copy off, took it to Kinko's and made color copies and then attached the pages to the book. I had a couple bridesmaids help me so it only took a couple hours to attach all 24 pages to each of the books. Studiokgraphicdesign was the Etsy vendor that made the starfish graphic design for our bags. Here are the other pictures:
  4. As soon as we finish celebrating the holidays, we are heading on a 7 day cruise on the Norwegian Epic for our destination wedding! We will be getting off in St. Thomas to get married on the beach. Just finished our OOT bags and Welcome Books 2 days ago - - the Welcome Books were a much bigger project than I realized but I think the guests will really like them. For the OOT bags, I ordered the 99 cent bags from cheaptotes and then had a graphic designer from Etsy create the graphic that I had printed on the bags. I got the Sudoku books and pens/pencils from the Dollar Tree, the cards from Sam's, the magnets for everyone's room doors on the cruise from Vistaprint, the contents of the "In Sickness and In Health" bags from Minimus.biz, and the Words of Wisdom postcards made from a seller on Etsy. We are going to bind the postcards to use as our guest book once everyone has filled them out. The Welcome Books start off with a letter to the guests. Then there are the guest pages that include their names, pictures, relation to the bride or groom, room # on the ship, and then a short message about each of them. This is followed by the week's itinerary, information about our wedding day and other events, and "insider" tips and tricks about our cruise ship. In the back there are a word search, crossword puzzle and logic puzzle that I created that have to do with us or the wedding. The OOT bags will also have water bottles with a customized label - - I am just waiting until we arrive in Miami to buy the water bottles and then stick the labels on, but I attached a picture of the labels that I ordered from Etsy. I also ordered wine labels from Etsy (picture attached) for the wine we are carrying on board. We also got a special bottle of my parent's favorite wine to bring with us as part of a surprise wedding gift and had another label made for that. Feel free to ask any questions, I would be happy to answer them. This site was so helpful in my planning for my OOT bags!
  5. epicbride16

    Norwegian Epic Wedding Jan 2011

    Hello everyone! Just signed up for the site - currently planning our wedding on St. Thomas as a part of our wedding cruise on the Norwegian Epic during January 2011. Would love any help or advice from other cruiseship brides about OOT bags and any other tips on having a cruise wedding with a group.