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  1. I think your plan sounds great. In terms of Carnival vs Princess I am deciding this too for my honeymoon. It really depends what you are looking for. Princess is more high class and beautiful where Carnival is younger and a slightly more "fun" ship. So depends what kind of guests you are having and what type of vacation you would want I would say.
  2. gorgeous photos! I love how they are so natural and everyday feeling. Also I love your shoes.
  3. One suggestion I would have is try to pick your resort and get your date asap. I noticed you want 11/11/11 which is going to be one of the most popular wedding dates next year.
  4. I suggest going somewhere different. If you don't want to spend time travelling then pick a different resort. Maybe an adults only or more luxurious one that you couldn't afford to have your wedding at but could splurge for you honeymoon. Or if you are up for a day of travelling then go somewhere else. Its always nice to experience a completely new place.
  5. If money was no object I would be getting married in Greece
  6. Hey Sascolo I finally found out the spring dresses come out this winter and they should be online right away. I was told this by someone at a bridal store. If you are signed up on maggie's website you will get a sneak preview of the dresses before they go online.
  7. friends! American or British version of the The Office
  8. It would work this way the judge would come either at the beginning or end of the ceremony to do the legal stuff, depending on what time he is available. In terms of what he says I'm not too sure. I think he will say a small bit but nothing much.
  9. Thats interesting. I never really thought about it. I did see one bride said the had a list of all items they had in their OOT bags and amounts. The customs officer asked about the items in the bag and she showed the list and they let them go no problem. So probably definitely worth making a list.
  10. I would show him a bunch of pictures. Once he sees what its all about and how awesome the photos can be im sure he will come around.
  11. I haven't heard any brides having problems with customs for hangover kits. The packets if you know someone who works at a doctors office or something you can get samples from them if not there are some websites brides on here have talked about: http://www.firstaidmonster.com/product_info.php/personal-first-aid-kits/j-j-disposable-first-aid-kit-for-cuts-and-scrapes/cPath/15_233/products_id/4500 http://www.first-aid-product.com/industrial/tablets1.htm I haven't bought any yet but I will check out these websites when the time comes.
  12. Essentially yes, a judge just performs the legal duties of the marriage. The ceremony is only 5-10 minutes long. I think there are many reasons why many of us brides are planning on using pastor Rick York such as: -incorporate a religious ceremony into their marriage -The ceremony will be in English -Longer ceremony, can write own script, include readings, vows, etc. -Don't need a judge if not getting legally married in DR I hope this helps!
  13. Thats very similar to what I was thinking. I was gonna do groom in gray suit and groomsmen in gray pants, white shirt. But I really like the vest idea!
  14. Welcome to the forum Roxies! There are tons of threads on here about peoples OOT bags I would recommend checking those out. I am giving one bag per couple or one per single person. I have a long ways to go to my wedding so I don't have any OOT bag items yet but a rough idea of what im including is a welcome book, hangover kit, travel mugs, postcards and supplies like aloe/bandaids,etc.
  15. WOW WOW WOW! What a great thread. Everything looks so fantastic. You put so much work and effort into this wedding it is going to be spectacular. Congratulations and enjoy your big day! Looking forward to pictures when you return.
  16. I apologize if this is already out there somewhere but I couldn't find it. I was wondering what everyone plans on using for their wedding day sunscreen. I've heard wearing sunscreen under makeup or even makeup with sunscreen is really not good for pictures. However I don't really wanna go without sunscreen and burn my face. Any suggestions?
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