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  1. Hi! It's $50 for a day pass for your suppliers, photographer, make up artist, etc. They do not charge for a Pastor to come in and perform your religious ceremony.
  2. I have the details on the Cigar Roller, if you send me your email I can send them to you.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I am also put at ease by your review!
  4. Hi the email address for Yinette Peña, the wedding coordinator is bodas.hobs@oceanhotels.net. Good luck!
  5. Hi Emives, We are using Phil Steingard on February 11, 2011. You should check him out, he is absolutely amazing!!! http://www.steingardstudios.com/#home/ When are you getting married?
  6. Hi Morgan, I do. You can PM me your email and I will send it to you.
  7. Hey Aumuller, I have gone with other girlfriends who are engaged but have yet to try anything on. I will probably go March 2011. Have you or anyone else begun?
  8. I don't know what your wedding colours are but...I think a nice, inexpensive alternative is the vase's with lemons and limes. I also found a helpful blog post for centerpieces under $20 click here . Â Good luck, let us know how you've fared out.
  9. Hi NJ0511, Â I found this synagogue in the capital city, Santo Domingo it's called Adath Yeshurun Synagogue. Another place that might be able to help you is call the Israeli Embassy in Santo Domingo, Tel. 1 (809) 542-1635, they should be able to help you find a Rabbi. Â Best of luck!
  10. We have been working with Weddings By Oceans for a few months now- our experience has been hit and miss. I have been working with Ashley and although she is super nice, she's made the same mistake repeatedly. The staff their do not really seem to be on the ball. Â Our credit card got charged for the deposit, without them even calling to tell us they would be putting the cost through. A few weeks later I saw this charge from a vendor I did not know(was not from WBO) and had to piece 2 and 2 together to figure out it was them. When I called to ask why they didn't even check if it was ok for them to charge us, they didn't even apologize for not letting us know. Â On another note they are pretty good at getting us quotes and don't mind doing this a number of times. Â My biggest pet peeve with them is the lack of attention to detail. Â Having said all that, based on my experience with other travel agencies it's not much better elsewhere. Â Hope this helps. Â Q: Who have all of you booked with?
  11. OMG! Really? That is scary, not knowing who will be taking over Ada's job while she is on maternity.
  12. Hi everyone, Has anyone had a private reception after the wedding diner? We would like to have a completely private area for our first dance and our guests are huge dancers so it would be a bonus. How did most of you do it? Did you just go to the club or did you have a private area. Feedback would be very helpful. Â Thanks in advance!
  13. FYI- For any 2012 Ocean brides I received an email from Ada (wedding coord at Ocean) letting me know that they are not taking reservations for 2012. For those of you like me who wanted to be ahead of the game, know that they will start accepting 2012 booking in January 2011. Just thought I would share.
  14. Welcome to 2012! Great month you choose We are getting married on February 11, 2012- what resort have you chosen?
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