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  1. We are leaving for Dreams today!!! We are so excited about our wedding on Saturday!!!
  2. All I have heard is amazing things too but I just want to make sure I come prepared with everything! Hopefully she will contact me too!
  3. Hi girls! I'm getting so anxious. My wedding is in 2 weeks and Claudia won't respond to my emails! Basically I need help with ceremony music. I am totally clueless and would love any input from past brides. Thank you!
  4. Hi Ladies! I'm getting married at Dreams Cancun on July 9th. You girls have been so helpful as I have been planning my big day. I read that some of you bought your own chair sashes. How did that work with Dreams? Do you just have to pay a set up fee or what? Any advice would help! Thanks, Amber
  5. I can't believe you got all that stuff for free. I've been looking for deals at vistaprint, but I haven't found anything that good!
  6. That is so cute!!! Where did you buy your maracas? I'm going back and fourth of I should buy them here or once I get to Mexico. Hmmm...
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