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  1. Hey everyone, Hope everyone's wedding went as good as mine, i was wondering if Anyone has had any problems changing their names when they got backto Canada, I have my wedding vendor saying no but other people tellling me that it shoudl be translated, I 'm soo confused please help. Thanks
  2. Thaqat's too bad i won't be able to make it i will be in Mexico getting married and i don't come back till the 9th
  3. Hi everyone, I bought these dresses for my bridesmaids and we decided to go with another one. They are brand new, never worn. I paid $40 for them but i'm willing to sell them for $30 + shipping or best offer! I just want to get rid of them and get at least some of the money back that o spent on it PM me for more details Thanks!
  4. Hey Guys, square one is right down the street from my branch and would love to meet up if it's ok. I would love to hear everyone plans
  5. hey Everyone, So i just wanted ecveryone to know about the most Fabulous weekend EVER! i had my bachlorette Party on Saturday and the theme was hot me baby one last time. Everyone dressed up like Britney spears, we went on a Pink Fuzzy Karoke bus. It was the funnest and funniest night of my life. Sorry i just had to tell everyone about my wonderful surprise. Hope everyone's plans are going as planned! less than a month to go for me. I 'm soo excited! Counting down the minutes!
  6. Ok so I have a question to all you ladies that i 'm hoping you can help me with. I have 16 people coming to wedding and i'm not quite sure what to do. I was thinking of getting a long table to seat everyone at the reception. Is that weird?
  7. Hey everyone!! I havn't been on here for soolong, I've been going crazy with planning. It's sooo close to the date, i can't express how excited i am!! How is everyone doing?
  8. I know how you feel, I got the thank you cards from Vista which i later turned into luggage tags i got my welcome brochures which look amazing and i my door hangers from Vista. I can't tell you how much i 've saved with Vista print and how easy it was for me.
  9. i"m using caribe as well and i can only hop ethat pictures come out like the ones 2 pages ago!! they are stunning!
  10. You look amazing! looking at yoour pictures get's me sooo excited for our wedding
  11. I'm soo sorry to hear that, I could imagine what you're going through! I did have a family member that went to a wedding there and they said that the resort is fabulous. The food was great and the service was good. Just remember that everything happens for a reason and it always works out in the end. Just stay positive and make the best of the situation.
  12. I 'm having a private reception but i have to pay extra for the bows on my chairs. I 'm getting scared becaus ei don't think they have sheers or bows that match my wedding colours.
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