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  1. I haven't heard anything either...sorry. Trying to be patient..... I think the paper lanterns would look nice, but I am not sure if it is worth the effort. Since my cocktail hour will be after sunset, I would feel the need to put the LED lights in the paper lanterns and that seems like it may not be worth it..... What are you thinking? Your wedding is getting close
  2. We did a group rate (which requires a minimum of 10 rooms booked) for the rooms and airport transfers only. We did not include flights in the price because different airports would be used and guests would be staying different lengths of time. Here are the details (minus the price because at different times of year I am sure they vary widely): - the cost was presented as a price for a 3-night stay plus a per night price for any additional nights - this came in handy as one of the couples is only staying 3 nights, the rest are staying 4, 5, and 6 nights (fiance and I are staying 8 nights) -
  3. JBean - Hardly anyone RSVP'd to us. We basically knew who was going to come based on who would talk to us about the trip versus those that would avoid the topic. I considered a plane ticket/room reservation as the only true RSVP for an event like this. Our group rate closed on August 15th and there are still 3-4 people that may come. However, I am assuming that if they let the group rate close then they aren't going to come but they just have a hard time telling us they aren't coming. However, if people book at the last minute, then I will do my best to have enough OOT bag items, progra
  4. We only have 3 nieces (3 yr, 2 yr, 12 mo - and all have the some mother/father!!!), so we will have 2 flower girls and 1 ring bearer. The two older girls will be the flower girls and they will hopefully walk down the aisle on their own - I am hoping the fact that their father will be standing at the end of the aisle as a GM will help. For the flower girls I bought metal pails at Michaels and will tie starfish to where the handle meets the pail with thin ribbon in one of our wedding colors. One of the reasons I chose this path is because the metal pails should survive the flight quite well a
  5. I know I complain about my finace not helping out - but he really isn't that bad. For some reason the addresses have just been a problem area. The cute thing is he is really excited about getting married - not so sure about the wedding part - but definitely the married part. Can't wait until tomorrow when it is September - just sounds so much closer to November....
  6. They do take quite a while to get back to you. Often you can get a slightly quicker response through your travel agent (especially if they have had previous Dreams Cancun brides) - but even then it still isn't a quick response.
  7. I am in complete agreement with all of the other ladies - I would be offended if asked to pay for my meal at any wedding. I would be even more offended if I were asked to do so after spending so much money to travel to a DW wedding. Hopefully you can show your fiance all of our replies and convince him that the tradition he and his family are accustomed to is not the norm and could offend some of the guests attending - especially your parents!! It sounds as if you have not sent out your invitations yet - so I would seriously take into account how many people you invite based on t
  8. Guys just don't feel the pressure with this wedding stuff because they know we will take care of it. And we feel the stress because we know they won't! Tonight I literally took the remote and muted the TV in an effort to get him to send facebook messages for the last of the addresses. I still couldn't get his complete attention (the pretty pictures were still flashing in the box ) so I had to turn it off completely. He gave me a "look" to which I replied, "It isn't my fault you have so many friends...you could always cut them from the list if you don't want to get the addresses." Tha
  9. Another example of how in love my fiance is with his dog....here are the post cards we ordered from Vistaprint:
  10. Ours is almost 4 years old and he still won't behave. But that is part of the fun...our legal ceremony is going to be very informal. I plan on everyone meeting in the parking lot of the park and walking to the site together - there will be no walking down an aisle or father giving me away or readings or anything for this ceremony. I want to save all of the good stuff for the wedding in Mexico. So I am almost hoping that our dog (Presley) acts up in some way so we can get some cute pictures. It would be perfect if he decided to jump up on one of us to be held the whole ceremony.... As lon
  11. Joanne - Your projects look really good. Now you have me reconsidering about doing a menu card....hmmmm. I guess it would be nice for it to not just be a surprise to see what the waiter drops off next. One day's notice for an international business trip? Wow...glad your family is there so you can get excited about it. My company just made a decision to pull up a very large project due date from March of next year to the end of this year. So later this week they will announce a "no vacation" rule through the end of the year...luckily my boss talked to our Senior VP yesterday ab
  12. I think I will probably try and get a group together for CocoBongo on another night of the trip. (I vacationed in Cancun back in 2004 and loved CocoBongo) The day after our wedding we are offering everyone an excursion and we will need to leave around 7:30am...so I think we may have to stick to Desires for after the reception. Did you visit any other clubs/bars while you were in Cancun that you recommend? (I bet most of the ones from when I first went are not longer open...)
  13. Ladies - Who is getting legally married before they leave for the DW? I am getting married at a park on Sunday October 9th - so that is now less than 6 weeks away :-) I am excited because our photographer will be there taking pictures - and I think the pictures are what I am most excited about for the whole process (other than actually being married of course). I started thinking how close we are to the legal wedding this weekend when the bow tie for the dog came in the mail (he will be the ring bearer). Those pictures will just be too adorable. OH - a couple of weeks ago I snuck aro
  14. We may be using chinese take-out boxes as cake boxes. Our resort includes another dessert with the reception meal, so it would ne nice to offer guests a way to take the cake with them back to their room. My fiance is Chinese-American, so I think it would be a cute touch.
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