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  1. RyGuysBride - We also had a clay cake topper in which we paid $200 plus an extra $20 for a rush charge. Our lady on etsy (http://www.etsy.com/people/annacrafts) did an AMAZING job and our cake topper is probably one of our most treasured details. I'm attaching a few pictures of our cake topper. It included myself, my (now) husband, his camera (he's a photographer), my bouquet, and our two pups. We LOVED it and it still means so much to us. BTW - anna was amazing and we received our topper about 3-4 days (from S. Korea) after getting it. She was super responsive and hit every s
  2. Hi, I've tried to post a new thread under the Classifieds section of the board but keep running into an issue. I keep getting an error message saying that I must close some of my classifieds ads (I only have one open) in order to post more. I would appreciate it if someone could help me with this issue. Thank you! Natalia
  3. Hi Ladies!! Well, it's been almost 2 months already since we've been married!! Our wedding at Aventura Cove Palace was absolutely unforgettable -- despite all the bumps!! RESORT: The resort grounds and pools are absolutely beautiful! We very much enjoyed the pools - and the little pizza huts near them are definitely great as well! They were clean, big, and when we were there, not packed at all! Let's not forget the drinks, drinks and more drinks that were readily available for those who were busy sunbathing and working on their tan! RESTAURANTS: Although the resta
  4. Well, it's almost that time ladies!! We are all packed and ready to go! We leave tomorrow morning so I wanted to check in before all the craziness starts! LOL... I cannot believe how quickly it came! I am so looking forward to getting down to beautiful Mexico and marrying the love of my life!! Thanks for all the advice and ideas along the way! I'll try my hardest to post a review upon return asap!!! I'M OFF TO GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yup, that's what we're doing - Best Man + Hubby + Bridesmaid/Me or FIL... We also have 12 people flying with us so I'm assigning luggage to them to take as well! I didn't know you could check in rubbermaid bins!! That's awesome, I would've done that had I known you could do that.. what airline are you flying?
  6. Worst case scenario, I'll just hand off my carry-on to someone else although I do not plan on taking a purse... Tommy will probably hold all of the important stuff we'll need with us... but I guess I should think about that, hmmm, my father in law won't mind rolling around a pink carry-on, right? Thank you so much hun!!! Trust me, time is going to fly!! Your turn will be here soon enough!!
  7. OMGGG I Can't either!! Officially at single digits!!! I am getting so excited, last night we packed everything, and thankfully, although I'm bringing so much, I was able to pack most of it into 3 carry ons and 1 extra suit case... LOL.. we are having my parents help us with other stuff, and I actually decided I am going to pack the flowers (3 bouquets, 5 bouts, 2 small bouts and 4 blossom heads, ayi ayi ayi!! LOL) in my carry-on. I told Tommy that if TSA makes me pull everything out for inspection I'm just going to have to do it! I know that everything will fall into place and everything
  8. I wanted to add that I almost feel like bringing my bridesmaid bouquets with me as well because I'm just so nervous that due to the wiring there will be issues, so I prefer having to deal with it myself....
  9. I'm sure this has been asked before but how are you ladies transporting your bouquets? I was thinking of putting my flowers in an oversized tote bag and bringing it on the plane with me, thoughts?
  10. Thank you! I can't believe it's almost that time... I can't wait until we are down there!!!
  11. Still available! Dropping price to $25 including shipping within the US! Also attaching better picture of the fans...
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