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  1. The beef tenderlion was soooo good! I'm a pretty picky eater so it seemed like the most basic thing and everyone said it was great.
  2. The time we'd been given for the judge was 7pm and we wanted pictures before so we did the symbolic ceremony at 5 which gave us just enough time to get all our pictures done. I think it should be enough depending on what you want to do, we got a few shots of our entire group so it took a few minutes just to find everyone and get them to pay attention. Plus when we were doing out beach pictures it started raining so we had to wait it out for a little. It was gettting dark by the end but we got all the pictures we wanted. While we were doing our wedding party pictures we had my brother in
  3. 1 - We got our hair and makeup done in the salon and it turned out pretty much like the picture I brought for mine. 2 - I made menus and put them on the back of the table numbers, they don't do it for you 3 - nope, sorry! 4 - I used HDC for the photography, video and TTD and it turned out great. Especially the video, I'd recommend it to anyone... it all goes by so quickly it's nice to have to remember, and for people who weren't there. you can see the pictures on www.hdcphoto.com then customer access. username is: adamandlyndsay password: dreams
  4. Sherri I got my hair, makeup and nails done at the spa and it looked pretty good. I can't remember the name of the girl... someone had mentioned her name recently in a review too. But I brought pictures for my hair and makeup and both were pretty close to what I wanted. The only thing I was concerned about was how much hairspray was used to make curls, I thought it'd be really stiff instead of more natural what was what I wanted but then when I realized how windy it was outside (even around the gazebo) I figured they must know what they're doing.
  5. Aww I love the paper lanterns! That's what I was hoping for ours to look like but we got moved to inside the Bordeaux because of weather, so they got placed kind of on walls and covering a few decorationy things on the walls. But we got them from www.justartifacts.net/roblpala.html and they shipped to Canada, and I made led throwies to put inside them. Actually the throwies came in handy, I had extra and the power for the entire resort went out for almost 2 hours on our bachelor/bachelorette party night so I carried one around to see where I was going. www.instructables.com/id/LED-Throwies
  6. I ended up using sephora's make up forever foundation, concealer, and liquid liner, and l'oreal volume shocking waterproof mascara. They stayed on pretty well for the beating we took from the waves. My skin is not great so I was happy to have something, and if it wasn't perfect it's nothing a little editing can't fix! I used both the waterproof liquid eyeliner and the aqua eyes eyeliner during the week neither of them really survived a day of swimming. The foundation was good but felt pretty heavy for daily use, I was happy not to worry so much about what I looked like for our honeymoon
  7. We had 37 people, with 7 of us standing in the gazebo. So there were people in the chairs you can see in the picture, but there were also seats you cant see in a half circle around the gazebo for our closest family (parents, grandma). You could put the people there that you would definitely want to be able to see and hear. And I just realized the fountains were on, something I didn't notice at all that day.
  8. We used DJ Mannia and they did a great job. We'd given him a cd with a few songs on it that we wanted to hear but it wouldn't work for him (my laptop has issues so it was probably not his fault) but he tried to find all the songs and got most of them, or at least a version of them. Everyone was up and dancing all night. Though an ipod might have worked just as well... my friends probably would have danced to the radio.
  9. Erm not sure why it posted all that instead of what I actually wrote but I'll try again... it says "I take you to carry my key and tip money, for poolside or barstool, for soused or for sober, in heat and in humidity, until I depart." Another BDW bride came up with it and I thought it was cute.
  10. Quote:Originally Posted by sarcrook Also..what does it say on the tags that are on your bags & your keycard/tip holders? Trip Info - letter.doc LT - Front.doc LT - Back.doc Brochure front.bmp Brochure inside.bmp OOT Bag - Welcome Letter.doc OOT Bag - Spanish Translation.doc OOT Bag - The Big Day.doc
  11. The woman who took my bd pictures has a little tutorial on her blog about how to take your own. It seems pretty basic as long as you have a timer on your camera! http://marlenjames.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-to-do-your-own-boudoir-photography.html
  12. They can provide chair bows and napkins but I'm pretty sure the price is $3 each... it was way cheaper for us to bring our own.
  13. I think that's plenty of time as long as your wc is fine with it. We picked everything but the flowers ahead of time, then when we met with Yessica (took about 1/2 an hour) we just went over everything and explained what we brought to decorate for the reception and how we wanted it. The morning of the wedding we met quickly to do a run through of how it'd go at the gazebo, since it was pouring rain it was just a 5 minute explaination to the wedding party what would happen. Your clothes can be steamed in that one day so that shouldn't be a problem. It could be nice to do the wedding early i
  14. http://www.caribbeanboatrestaurant.com/en/TheBoat.htm La Barcaza would be an awesome way to start of your vacation! The guy in charge of the boat was a lot of fun and even had my 86 year old grandma up dancing. And a good idea to do it earlier in your trip... we asked what would happen if the weather was bad and they said they'd reschedule it for another day, but since we planned it on our second-last day it would have been a mess if it had been stormy. Quote: Originally Posted by DRwedgal2011 Lyndsay, can you send me the booking information and pricin
  15. Thanks! Starfish wasn't our theme but we used them for place settings (bought from http://www.hansonellis.com/beach-starfish-favor-of-love.html )) )) ) and there was one a pin on my flowers that my mom got for my something blue, but I don't know where it came from. One of the dresses was Mori Lee 735 and the other was 767. I told them to pick whatever dress they liked and those two ended up pretty similar. We each had to pay $10 to get in and $20 to leave. I'd put our $40 aside so I wouldn't spend it and found that half of it had been stolen from my bag in my room th
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