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  1. Ok, I think I’ll need a large flat rate box which is $18.90, but if you don’t necessarily need all of them, I can try to fit as many as I can into the medium which is $13.65.
  2. Ok, awesome. I originally listed at $35 plus shipping for all of them. Does that work for you?
  3. Also, 6 Fuchsia table runners - approximately 104inx12in For prices, I was thinking: Spanish for Dummies : $35 for all (plus shipping) OOT Bags: $35 for all (plus shipping) Table Runners: $10 for all (plus shipping) Or $75 for everything (plus shipping)
  4. Hi Everyone, So, I was cleaning out my closet and realized that I never sold off my extra wedding OOT bag stuff from our wonderful DW. 46 Daily Spanish for Dummies 30 Pool colored OOT fabric bags - approximately 13in x 13in. They lay flat. I used them for our wedding and they were perfect for everything we needed to fit in each bag. There’s a slight shade variation in the group; I’m guessing some were cut from a different bolt of fabric. They are also a little wrinkled from storage and will probably be wrinkled from shipping. I have three additional ones, but they somehow got something on them (likely toddler related). If needed, I can try to wash it out and send those as well.
  5. Oh my goodness! This is a very tough one. I think if you explain to your friend exactly what you told us, she should understand. Be sure to reiterate that you would change your trip if you could do so without severe financial penalties, and explain to her that you already tried to change your trip. Tell her that although you really want to support her on her big day that you fully understand if she has it when you can't attend. Just be honest and upfront, and hopefully everything will work out!
  6. I used Rose of Sharon as my WC. Claire-Anne was WONDERFUL and they made a beautiful wedding that came in under budget!
  7. Hey ladies, I know I haven't posted in forever, but I recently got my Trash the Dress photos done in Bermuda for our 1 year anniversary! I thought you'd like to see. http://beckyspencerblog.com/you-go-girl/
  8. What's even better is that she used to be super obsessed with designer labels....
  9. So, we just had our AHR. One of my mom's friends who I have never liked (and who showed up in a t-shirt and sweat pants) gave us an expired Chia Pet. I mean... it's not just a Chia Pet. It's one that I can't even use because it expired last year!! Can anyone say obvious regift?
  10. I talked to her last night, and I was able to explain more where I was coming from and she apologized for being insensitive. So, it seems like things are good for now, and we'll see how future situations end up.
  11. You know, before you even posted that comment, I was thinking about that. I feel like now-a-days there's so much pressure on brides to not get upset or angry over anything because if we do, then we're automatically a bridezilla. Having feelings DOES NOT a bridezilla make!!
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