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  1. Hey ladies, I just wanted to say thank you for all the words of encouragement and advice along the way. We leave from Atlanta for the Grand on Tuesday the 6th and return on the 16th. I will be sure to post pictures and a review when I return. ~LaToya
  2. Hey ladies, Just wanted to say thank you ladies for all your words of encouragement along the way. We will be leaving for Iberostar Jamaica on Tuesday the 6th and coming back the 16th just like "Soon2BNJersey". I will probably do a planning thread when I come back! Happy planning ladies. LaToya
  3. Is everyone going to Negril for the honeymoon? Did I miss the memo? lol If I did not have everything paid for I would totally head to Negril for the Honeymoon. Maybe I would just have to tell fiance we have to make up for it by going next year. lol
  4. 45 sold so far ladies! Still have plenty more left!
  5. Hey Tropical Love, I am not sure what package they sent you but in August 2010 my package information stated: "Our wedding package is from up to 2 to10 people. When the group is larger than 10 persons, there is an additional charge of US $20 per person." I had to really take this into consideration before booking because $20 can really add up. Reading post from other ladies the $20 seems to pay for cake, champagne and extra labor for setting up. I am sorry the resort is putting extra stress on you, hope everything works out well.
  6. For some reason I can not edit the listing but I have provided a link below. http://tags.idcardgroup.com/productdetails.aspx?item=1840-620
  7. 100 CLEAR Molded Rigid Plastic Luggage Tag Holders I accidently ordered 2 packs of 100. I paid $56.00 for them. If you do not need all 100 I do not mine splinting the orders. I used business cards from vista print as inserts for my luggage tags!
  8. Caboose, I was feeling the same way you were a few days ago. Just due as much as you can a day and the rest will fall into place. We just picked up my FI shoes, best man outfit, and wedding bands this past weekend. We still have to get bridesmaid, best man, parents gifts and FI pants himmed, I need to find another TTD dress because the one I ordered was to small. Still have to finalize programs, key card holder inserts and other items with Rebecca with Allurements by Rebecca. Oh my how you can just start venting on this blog and get carried away. We are almost there and everything will be perfect!! Happy Planning
  9. Hey ladies, I guess I am the next Grand bride up. I only have 36 days until the wedding and 32 days until we leave. I fell like we still have so much to do but I have been planning things for more than a year now. Everybody's asking me am I nervous about getting married. No, I know what I am getting into. What I am worried about is that everything will not go smoothly like I plan and our credit cards are almost at their max lol! Happy planning everyone, LaToya
  10. Hey TropicalLove , Are you sure you have the right email for Godfrey guy because he responded to me within minutes and emails about once per week to keep up to date. The email I have for him is godfreyguy1@yahoo.com I never have a problem with him responding. Hope this helps!
  11. Past or Future Brides, Has anyone purchased cigar from the Cigar Bar before? If so, are the prices about the same as here in the US? Has anyone brought cigars to the resort or plan on doing so? Thanks in advance
  12. Hey My photographer is Ivan Luckie. Have you heard from RG lately? I emailed him to get his assistant names to give to WC but he did not respond.
  13. Good luck!! Everything is going to be great!!! Can not wait to see your pics when you get back!
  14. Thanks so much for sharing, even though I can not stop my tears from flowing!
  15. Islandgirl I will be right after you! where has the time went?
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