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  1. I got married in July and wasn't sure about make-up. I decided to go ahead and get both hair and makeup done at their salon. I am SOOOOO glad I did this and wish my wedding party would've also. The favorite thing about my pictures is that I didn't look the same as I look every other day and they made my makeup look so glamerous! I really thought they took my hair and makeup and made me look like a bride. It was a great decision.
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    These are pictures from my DW at the Grand Palladium Resorts in Punta Cana, DR.
  3. I just wanted to quickly leave a note. Paul and I just got back 3 days ago from the Grand Palladium Royal Suites Turquesa. This was such a fabulous trip, wedding, honeymoon and everything. The resort is top notch, if you are staying in the Royal, you are treated as so. Hair and makeup for the ceremony was beautiful, however I wouldn't recommend the spa for massages, if so, not the couples massage. The food was for the most part very good as long as you keep in mind that it isn't going to taste like food from home. Many of my guests are still having stomach issues though and that wasn't expected. Carolina did an excellent job, and the ceremony was beautiful. We had Caribbean Emotions as photographer and love their work. I will post some pics also. I haven't written a full review yet, but wanted to just throw some info out there.
  4. I ordered the henkaa dresses for my two bridesmaids. Both of my sisters are very different in shapes, but I find that the dresses look great on them.
  5. I think FI and GM will be in light khakis... then FI will wear a white shirt and GM will wear hot pink shirts (wedding color). I wish I could see it all put together before I decide.
  6. I've ordered mine from www.bloombridal.com They were wonderful to work with! I'm getting stargazer lillies, orchids, and calla lillies. I've ordered a bridal bouquet, 2 bridesmaid bouquets, 4 boutineer, 2 corsages, and 3 hair pins for less than $300.00. I think that's an excellend deal and cannot wait until they get here!
  7. We had the same issue. My TA gave us a price in July for a year out promising that it will go down. Well it never went down, and instead it went up. My guests were not happy, plus many aren't going to be joining us due to her misinformation. My TA is horrible and if I would've known, I would NEVER have gone through her. I'm encouraging potential guests to not use her.
  8. I'm hoping that when I get home from my extended weekend today, my pashminas and sunglasses will be waiting at my doorstep! I've ordered free business cards from vistaprint that just say "thank you for joining us" I've backed them and laminated them. I'll post pictures later. I'm so excited!
  9. I'm waiting on an email from pioneer group, then I'm ordering. 2 dz pashminas and 1 dz sunglasses (for the guys). I'm so excited to get this done and over with. When they email you, and you ask for a price list, they send one that is so hard to figure out! The pashmina one was okay/understandable... the sunglass one... impossible.
  10. My fiance and I went ring shopping together. We shopped for about 3-4 months before we found the one. It wasn't really a matter of "oh that is nice, and this is nice". When I saw what ended up being my ring, we were just about to leave. The jeweler says, "have you taken a look at separate pieces?" So she puts a .75 caret setting with 11 small princess diamonds in a channel setting on either side of the center, takes a .75 marquise, places it in the middle and..... I start bawling! It was so beautiful I cried like a baby. My fiance knew we were done looking. I was looking for all 4 c's, who isn't? But I didn't want to make him broke over this, so I compromised with color, and don't regret it. Unless I show someone the card, or a jeweler has my ring to inspect, no one can tell. I get the most amazing compliments on my ring and I am so in love with it!!!!
  11. SeeFlowers, That is one of the most frusterating parts of the destination wedding. When people can't make it, who you really want there. We are in a similar boat, and it makes me feel insignificant to the family! Keep smiling, it is all about you and your FI... no one else! One of my students was doing a count down today to my wedding and he says "Are you having a great big party, or just a couple people?" so I tell him a small number and he replies with "you should just have it be you and your fiance"... HAHAHA... out of the mouth of a 12 year old... he's right sometimes!
  12. I think I may check out www.bloombridal.com they seem to have all of the colors and flowers that I'm looking for. It says to order custom orders 3 months in advance.... will they send out individual flowers quicker and then I can make the bouquets myself??
  13. Wow, this is exactly what I want to do! How did you know how many flowers to order per bouquet? How much did the flowers cost you through www.afloral.com? Are they ALL real touch, or a mixture?
  14. oh my goodness! those dresses are so great. I went round and round trying to find them for less money and finally I knew that if I wanted them a certain way, I'd just have to pay for the quality. I can't wait until they come in! I think when the wedding comes, I'll be so proud of the abilities and creativity I've come up with by doing this alone. So what if I'm not going to be the bride who has wine and wedding craft parties... I guess that isn't how it is for everyone!
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