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  1. You have got to check out the message boards on cruisecritic.com. They have everything you need to know about cruising, cruise lines, ports of call, etc. I personally prefer the longer cruises, 3 day cruises just seem too short to me. My dad went on his first cruise this spring for my wedding. He was never really interested in cruising before, but he was hooked after my wedding cruise. I think your husband will have a great time. Just a little bit of advice, don't over-schedule your trip with shore excursions, make sure you take some time to just relax. My hubby and I got the couples massage (his first professional massage ever) during our wedding cruise, which was extremely relaxing!
  2. Hi Tracy. I check in every now and then, but haven't seen much from the other 2010 April Brides on the forum except for Michelle. Â Congratulations on the new house! I know it is keeping you busy! Â The hubby and I are doing pretty well and adjusting well to living together. You can send me a friend request on Facebook to keep in touch (Natasha Childs). Â
  3. Thanks Michelle! Dueling pianos was fun, it was my first time going to a place like that. Our day did turn out to be pretty special even with all of the "issues"... I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!
  4. I'm glad you were able to get them fixed. Looks like things turned out for the best after all... you found a place closer to your house to get them done in the future!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by stephanie03 I was looking into doing this and had similar questions. The only thing I know is that I want a 8x10 frame. What size were you going with? I had an 11 x 14 engraveable photo frame that fit a 5 x 7 photo. You could fit it into a carry-on bag. However, we did not fly, we were married on a cruise and were within driving distance to the cruise port, so we just carried it onto the cruise in the original shipping box and made a carrying strap for the box out of duct tape... lol. We just had the frame set out on a table. We were able to keep up with the pen suprisingly, but we didn't attach it to the frame in any way. The frame came with a 5x7 instruction card for the guests that we put into a double photo frame and set up next to the signature frame. On one side of the double frame we had the instruction card, on the other side, we had a 5X7 photo of our two dogs dressed up in wedding clothes with a note on the photo that said "Don't forget to sign the guestbook".
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by jerseykitten The problem is that her shop is an hour from my office and 20 minutes from home so I definitely can't go at lunch - I'll have to see if they have anyone that can do them at night - I just don't like the uncomfortability of it all. I'll call there tomorrow and see what they can do for me. I agree with the others, I would definitely go back and see if someone else at the shop can fix them. 3-weeks is a long time to wait, especially if they are not looking how you want now. The longest I wait to get my gels filled is 3-weeks, but I usually need fills at two-weeks since my nails grow so fast. I hope things work out!
  7. Great review and beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by AishaB Amazing! Congratulations. So happy you guys had a wonderful day! Quote: Originally Posted by luchdiamond Beautiful wedding. Your pictures came out really nice. You were so beautiful. Quote: Originally Posted by AshleyW Just stumbled upon your thread - I'm planning on a Carnival wedding too, and your review is definitely reassuring! I've been a little nervous about how nice it would be, but yours looks GREAT! I'm really impressed with the "around the ship" pictures your photographer did. A little late, but - congratulations! Quote: Originally Posted by msglave Sorry to hear about your crappy WC, but I'm glad everything turned out great. Your pics are beautiful! i esp. love your siggy pic! Thanks for the compliments ladies!! Ashley, Hope you have a great wedding with Carnival and that you end up with a photographer as good as mine was!
  9. They look great! Your cruising guests will definitely get a lot of use out of them. Out of all the OOT bag items that I gave my cruising guests, the mugs were the most used item.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by sasse75 I wanted to share some great news......although it is still very early, we found out last weekend (on Father's Day) that I am pregnant! We are both so excited Congratulations!!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Mslisa789 Hello All, I will be getting Married on the Carnival Liberty September 25th 2010 the day of embarkation in Miami. Anyone who can give me tips would be great. I would love to see pictures too. The link to my wedding review w/ pictures is in my signature below. I was married on the Carnival Glory in Miami on embarkation day 4/25/10.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by hoyt75 Hello, anyone out there A long time ago I remember us talking about websites and vendors that will create actual albums out of wedding photos. Does anyone remember this conversation or could give a good recommendation on where to go/who to use? Glad to hear you got the love box up and runnin!! As for photo books. We purchased a coffee table book from the Wedding Photographer, but that did not include all of our 250+ wedding photos. So, we also purchased a photo book from shutterfly.com using our favorite digital photos we got from the photographer. It was pretty good quality in my opinion. I think I may have shared this before, but here is a link to the digital copy of the photobook. Shutterfly | View share Quote: Originally Posted by taylorwd My AHR is this Saturday and I can't wait! Both for the fun and for all this to be OVER! Tomorrow is my big Sam's Club trip and I'm spending Thursday and Friday cooking for it. I just have to keep telling myself, "I think I can. I think I can!" Have fun at your AHR, but don't wear yourself out before then with all of that cooking! Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo my surgery went super well (just the minor hiccup of ending back in the hospital hours after they released me. I had a bad reaction to the anastasia) but I went back, they gave me morphine which stabilizes me, and sent me back home later on that afternoon (the day after my surgery) I'm not sure how many of you are aware of endometriosis, but you can be diagnosed unless they do this surgery (the surgery is actually explore, if you get a good doct.. they will burn/cut away the cell if they see them right away, as suppose to some doc who want to go back in later the burn them away) I had a good doctor who burned them as he saw them. I went into this surgery not exactly knowing if I had it or not (I just knew I did tho) In fact I have a serve case of endo, so bad the cells pushed my ovary to the wall of my intestines (hence the reason we didn't get pregnant on our honeymoon, yup we tried) So he was able to clear all the cells (I'm currently endo free) he was also able to push the ovary back to normal. His very confident that I should have at least a few pain free periods (the more menstrual cycles the more they come back) and I should have 0 problems conceiving now (not that we want to try right now, with the whole house....in a perfect world we'll still trying again next year) however with waiting another year I may have to go back to do the surgery to clean all the cells that grew over the past year. I was scared to go in the surgery basically for the recovery.. I hate just sitting around I need to move. It was nothing like I thought it'd be... I was back on my feet the very next day. So I wold have no problems doing the surgery again if I needed to. The only annoying part is the stitches that fall out on their own... WHEN!!!!? the are very itchy now (better then hurting like before though) Thank you all so much for being so caring, and asking how it went. I appreciate it soo much!!!! Now maybe I can move on for awhile,get on with my life and enjoy!!! even maybe get a job!!! What is everyone else been up to? How is everything Nat with the hubby living in your space? Hope it's all going well. I'm so glad your surgery went well! Things are going just fine with the hubby and I. Haven't had any big issues yet.
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